Why I DON’T Want a Vacation
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Why I DON’T Want a Vacation

Hi it’s Jamie from Guildbrook Farm and
welcome to The Dirt. Today I want to talk a little bit about homesteading and
vacations and why I don’t want one. So think of The Dirt as a “getting to know you” session, and today I want to talk a little bit about
homesteading and vacations, and just kind of discuss with you guys the thoughts
behind why I don’t want a vacation. So a couple weeks ago I was talking to a girl
who was interested in getting into chickens and we were just talking about
their care and different breeds and so on and so forth and she said so what do
you do when you go on vacation? And I said I don’t. And she said “Don’t
you ever want to go on vacation? What are you going to do with all your animals?”
I said, “I have no desire to go on vacation.” And she was just completely
baffled by that and of course I went on to tell her how she could hire someone to watch the chickens, that they are pretty easy to take care of, but it just
kind of got me thinking. I was so solid in my answer and so instantaneous in my
answer that it kind of got me thinking about vacations in general, and of course
I had to do a little research on it. I was just curious as to the history of
vacations in general and it seems like, at least vacations as we know them
today, are really a fairly new concept within like the past century
or so. People really didn’t take vacations prior to the mid-1800s really.
Now there are people that say that vacations started around the Roman era
when soldiers would would come back home and they would take two years off. Some
people say during the Renaissance era when you have merchants traveling from
town to town or you have kings and queens visiting the different towns in
their realms, that that was considered a vacation. You also have the Tudor era where you have people traveling from place to place trying to find land to settle in.
That’s really not what I would consider a vacation. At least not how we know it
today. It really wasn’t until after the Tudor era that you see people in Europe
that were taking more of what we know of as a vacation today and it was
basically for the elite only. So for the upper-class people who would actually
leave their homes and vacate to a country home for
some relaxation or reprieve or parties. And as far as in the United States vacations really didn’t get started until around 1869. Apparently there was a
preacher from Boston and he published a book saying how wonderful the
Adirondacks were and how it would be a nice place just to kind of get away from your
city life and to relax, and that kind of started vacations in America. Now
apparently the Puritans didn’t like that so much so they came up with their own
version of what a vacation was and that kind of started retreats. I guess some of
the original retreats being in Martha’s Vineyard off Boston, and then after that
they just kind of transitioned into basically a way of getting away from the
rat race. So you look at the origin of the word vacation, which is vacate, and it
means to occupy or to leave, and it’s people who are trying to get away from
their everyday life. People who are trying to escape their everyday life and
get a break. Whether it be for a physical break or a mental break or a
spiritual break. And I would say that up until I started homesteading, my whole
life revolved around vacation. I worked super hard all year long to save up money
for a vacation so that I could travel or take my kids to Disneyworld.
So that I could go to the islands for a week. So that I could go scuba diving or
skydiving or do some adventurous thing to just kind of get me away from the life that I was living. Basically to sum it all up, vacations
were my way of one spending time with my family because I wasn’t spending
enough time with them at home, and two to escape a life that I wasn’t very
happy with. So I guess when you think of it that way, vacations kind of
are almost kind of sad in a sense, because it’s kind of an indicator that
people aren’t really happy with the life that they’re living, and so when I gave
that answer to that girl and I said “I have no desire to go on vacation”, and I
started thinking about like why don’t I have a desire to go on vacation, because
I was like the queen of vacations. I mean my most recent vacation was to Nepal
where I mean that was like the ultimate vacation, earthquake and everything. If you guys haven’t seen that one I’m going to link to that. But I don’t have any desire
to do it anymore and I have to honestly say that the reason I don’t have any
interest in vacationing is because I am completely and totally 100% content with
the life that I’m living right here. I’m not stressed out about it. I’m not stressed
out about having to wake up on Monday mornings. Oh my god I hated Monday
mornings. I’m not worried about clocking in and clocking out at a certain time.
I’m not worried about missing out on any events with my kids. I’m not worried
about how much time I’m spending with my family because I’m able to do all that.
And for me, that is the ultimate in fulfillment. I don’t need to vacate that
life. I don’t need to go seek entertainment elsewhere.
God knows these creatures are entertainment enough for sure
and keep me busy enough as far as excitement and coming up with solutions
to problems that that we’re facing around here. So I’m not saying anything
against people who want to take vacations. I absolutely understand it. I
completely get it. I’m just saying that for me I don’t really need it. Now some
of you guys are going to wonder, “What about Jeremy? What about the kids?” Well, the kids take a lot of vacations. Ilaria just came back from a vacation
with one of her girlfriends and both the girls are off vacationing in Virginia
with their dad right now. And as far as Jeremy, if he wants to take a vacation he
will. He’ll just go wherever he wants to go, usually to his favorite place in the
islands. But as for me, I don’t need a vacation and I don’t want a vacation, and
from a financial standpoint at this point in my life, I can see where
vacations are just not worth the money. I can see where vacations are just not worth the money. If there is someone
that is stressed out and they need relaxation or they need a change of pace,
I would rather invest the several hundred dollars or thousand dollars that
I would spend on a vacation into something that would entertain them long
term around here. So let’s just say for example, a four wheeler. That’s something that would most definitely entertain Jeremy and the kids and even myself, and
it would be a useful tool around the homestead. So rather than going and buying plane tickets and food and all that kind of stuff for one week-long vacation
that honestly most people that come home from vacations need a vacation from
their vacation, because they’re so stressed out from running around and
doing everything at such a hard and heavy pace that they come back all
frazzled from their vacation. So rather than spending several thousand dollars
on something like that, I’d rather invest it into something here that everyone
would enjoy more long term. So I’d like to hear from you guys. Do you guys feel
like you guys need vacations? When you go on vacation do you feel like you need a
vacation from your vacation? Do you feel like you’re all stressed out running
around trying to cram so much stuff in to like a one or two week vacation that
you come home and you’re all frazzled from your vacation? Do you guys feel like
maybe vacations are just an indicator that you need a change of pace in your
regular everyday life? I’d love to hear from you guys. Leave your comments and
questions down below, and if you like this kind of stuff, like and subscribe.
Make sure you hit the bell so you’re notified of every new video and we’ll
see you next time. Thanks for watching. So when you think of it that way…
Temmie… Seriously? You can’t drink my tea. Really? Bless you… *sigh Chickens.


  • Jennifer Stith

    Thanks for the great video! We vacation several times a year. Once a year we rent a cabin and enjoy having our adult children and their friends join us in the middle of nowhere Kentucky for hiking and campfires and good food and games. Several other times Hubby and I traipse around the globe seeing sites we've never seen and tasting treats we've never tasted and meeting people we'd never meet otherwise. We love it and we don't feel as though we are escaping necessarily, but it is fun to be someplace where nobody knows anything about you.

  • shakescan

    I like to move around geographically, currently living on big island hawaii. Lived in hawaii over ten years all together. Have lived years in Alaska Colorado and Wyoming. Im from Adirondacks and Maine. British Columbia is beautiful. Wish I could see more.
    I love WWOOFing (world wide opportunities on organic farms) living with families in Ireland and Scotland and organic farming for meals and a place to stay. I learn a lot that way. Lots of really great farming. I like camping. Travelling. I don't call it vacation, it's often the hardest thing I do in my life. But I like to go somewhere and pitch my small tent and read books. Exploring. I love it they most.
    It's hard though. It costs money, difficult to work (illegal actually) internationally. Visas are a concern.
    If I could roam around indefinitely just gardening cooking and camping I would. For sure <3

  • Brent Eamer

    New subscriber from Prince Edward Island, Canada. I only take Friday's off work during summer and then I tend to my 22 raised beds, two greenhouses and myriad container plants. I'm partially off grid on the North Shore here (Brackley Beach) 2.4kw solar. Heat with wood, and own 4 acres, great introduction to your channel for a first vid, Thanks

  • Sarah HEWLETT

    I like staycations and travel. I love to see history and experience different cultures. I’ve traveled through the US, and Europe and my home, Canada. I love, love, love being home.

  • michelle schweizer

    I've been fortunate enough to live in and travel to some amazing places and had a great time. Now that I live alone on a farm w just my horses and dogs, I love learning about gardening and composting. It is a bit irritating that some people think I don't have better options. I am perfectly content having a whole weekend to work on yard skills and learn home improvement projects. I am currently buying more land to increase my little operation!

  • Sky Everlasting

    I live in a rural location 10 mins drive from loads of beaches and am happy being at home with no current desire to go anywhere. I have 2 indoor cats (lots of venomous snakes in the warm months like right now) and provide water and fruit for several families of very dear lizards and the many varieties of birds who live here. My last holiday was an around the world trip which included 8 days in New York which I loved plus 6 weeks in England (my family is English) and several days in Turkey. The most tiring part is the long haul flight home and the time in airports and then driving home so we get home exhausted from that part of it however being in those countries was such a great time. The hens you have are so pretty. We call chickens chooks in Australia, btw.

  • Jonnie Williams

    When I worked a 9-5 job I took “StayCations”. I worked very hard to buy the perfect house and the only time I really got to enjoy it was during my annual vacation. Staying at home was a treat! Now….I am selling my business and my very nice house and I am looking for a couple acres in the country!

  • escabrosa1

    Never thought of it that way, but yeah, you're right. I quit my job and went on adventures. I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail and walked the Camino de Santiago. While they were great experiences, they are over before you know it and you end up looking for the next one. I think you've got the right idea.

  • Sandee Gragert

    I love my life in the country at 74 and I agree with your statements which give me an understanding of why I do not vacation. Vacations do leave you tired. I have thought of seeing things but for some reason, I do not make the commitment to go. We do leave for a night or weekend to visit family or friends and that is all. Love your video's.

  • Sally Kaley

    Unless it had to do with a funeral or work, I have never been on a vacation. We always had animals and gardens and my Dad was also a truck driver. Who wants to go when that's what your job is. (Driving) And who has that much money just to get away from daily life. If you don't like it, your in the wrong job. Just my thought.

  • Sarah Phaneuf

    As a kid I did go to summer camp a few times and think that for children it is good for them to experience new things without their parents always there to help them learn some independence but, as far as a vacation for adults or as a normal thing I think that it is a wast of money. If you are someone who need to go to a normal shift type of job where you get vacation time. I say use it to do something constructive around the house that the kids can join in on, or maybe some fun educational expedition.

  • liberty liberty

    Agreed 100% . with you. No more vacation for us, since more than 7 years.
    Since we realize where our society is going socially and economically, we rather spend our money in prepping and find no use for vacation anymore. Each year we were going in vacation 2 times or more skiing, and other places and today I realize it's no use.
    We are happy this way and have so much to do.
    Better be prepare and inform people that we are headed in hyperinflation etc… People most stop believing in all those propaganda, manipulation because we are headed for a very bumpy road. Like Peter Shiff always said: "1929 would be a walk in a park compare to what's going to happen"
    Thank you again for all your video.

    Best regards

  • Lisa Vanvalkenburgh

    I TOTALLY AGREE! You said exactly what my thoughts have jumbled around without formulating! Lol, who needs a vacation from those chick's?

  • Happy Small Homestead

    I don’t take vacation now, since one of the elder in my family passed.. I used to take vacation to take care of my elders, which requires me to travel 2 days flight to South East Asia to reach the destination .. now, am tired of flying and everytime someone took care of my chickens, the chickens died or gone once I returned.. my home is my vacation.. 😉

  • Anabela Maia De Pablos

    sometimes a vacation is a need to broaden our vision by meeting other cultures, learning and seeing other ways of life; to that, I call enrichment. If we do it with an open mind (and an open heart), it can even increase our respect for the 'other'. The 'other' that is different from us. It also helps us being less selfish by being how others are happier with less. In the end, it is a cultural improvement even if when it is done to escape, to vacate.

  • Amanda Soberano

    I like to go on cheap vacations and visit places around my home state of Missouri (mostly free places). We had vacationed down in Florida a couple years in a row, but it really did not end up being that wonderful. I have fonder memories of things we do as a family closer to home, so I can definitely see your point.

  • JS Badger

    I was going to ask if you guys have a group on Facebook, but then I thought "who has time for that with all you are doing?" Lol. Really though, the more I get into even just your "The Dirt" videos, it reinforces the goals I am aiming for with my own family. Your information, insight, and openness is both refreshing and very helpful. Thank you again!

  • Juli A

    I love vacations! I travel as much as I can afford. It's the best thing where you can invest money. I would rather spend my last money on another trip than on some random stuff.

  • K Mundwiller

    I totally get your point and everyone has their own preference. I think you've already done so much, and with your kids, that slowing the pace is a relief. (IOW, you're just "getting old" lol jk jk)

    But, another perspective is that we'd been poor for so long, and our only travel was to family. Which was nice, but that's not a "vacation". My DH had gotten hired and started making TWICE what he had been. I knew we needed to pay off our debt, but we decided to take $35/week to save for a *real vacation*. We didn't go far, just 1.5 hrs from home, and took the kids to The Great Wolf Lodge. We went against the next year too. The kids LOVED it!

    But, I think once we get our homestead together, I'll be just like you. Enjoy the time home. We've been working on our house 3 hrs away every weekend at this point. It'll be nice to have our animals, and just CHILL.


    Such a fantastic attitude and place to be.. life's pleasures can be so basic, why hurt yourself when there's just no need.. take care guildbrook

  • cstar6

    I love my life too. Vacations for me are about experiencing a new place and learning about other cultures. It is amazing how a week away can change your perspective and help you grow as a person.

  • Genesis K

    I agree with you. My husband and I bought a house with an acre of land two years ago and are tuning it into a little safe sanctuary; we honestly never want to leave because we are always so happy to be at home. It really feels like a little oasis to us. In the beginning of our marriage we were constantly vacationing and never just stopped, we were always moving. We were  constantly bored and looking for something to make us feel better, and now that we have our dream home, family and huge backyard filled with wonderful projects to do, our home is like a vacation! I wouldn't mind planning a trip to visit loved ones/family out of state for a few days — buts thats about it. 🙂

  • Loving Life Fam

    It is not sad if you travel for education, history and homeschooling/world schooling, new experiences and a new cultures to explore.

  • Tabitha Shockley

    I feel the same way… although I do have some things on my bucket list of places I want to see like Hawaii and Jamaica

  • Carol Dorsett

    So enjoy your videos! Make your life the vacation. That said do have a bucket list which may or may not include a trip to see another culture or special place. Make everyday life so enjoyable that you have no desire to leave.

  • tara paul

    We are building our homestead in a vacation town. We have 5 acres back in the hills. I feel like we are on vacation all the time now And people come to stay with us on their vacations.

  • Tami Lewis

    When I talk to others about stress and worry, I realize my whole life is a vacation! Feeding my chickens is my stress reliever! And everyone is jealous of me!! And who needs TV….I have goats!

  • Sooyeon Lee

    I agree with you completely. I travelled a lot when I was in college (a very poor backpacker). But for now air travelling to me means more stress than relaxation. Being at home is my vacation.

  • deanna roberson

    Yep I get it! Yes I love to travel but I also love Tennessee. Went to Europe for a month saw wonderful places but by the end I missed Tennessee. Dorothy said it best "there's no place like home ".

  • Ulf Carl Finnes

    Now I have been retired, but have had a job break in 14 days job with subsequent 28 days free. But it should be said that the holidays I have had have brighten up everyday and gave me a lot of inspiration. But I also thought it was vacation enough to come home to my family. But I understand your philosophy and I have probably not taken a vacation if I was in your situation.

  • Cindy Hamlin

    I feel the way you do about vacation s I don't need them. Im living in the mountain s living off grid raising chickens. I do a lot of craft s. We are very content living our lives off grid I do enjoy your videos.

  • trdi

    I don't think that you need to be "not satisfied" with your life to appreciate visiting foreign countries and getting to know different cultures.

  • Rev. Connie Foreback

    I love cultures, nature, and new life experiences… and to share/make those memories with my family. I also use vacations to educate my children. Better to experience things than to just read it in a book or see it in a picture. Although I love my life, I like to see and experience more than just my limited surroundings.

  • Ecohoneybear

    I think it's easier to say "I have no desire to take a vacation" when you live in a temperate climate like North Carolina. I live in North Dakota and around January/February………it's time for a vacation. 😀

  • Lisa Clairemont

    I love this video. For us personally I do need to vacate my life occasionally with a day off but I am not a huge fan of vacations. like you said, it actually stresses me out. mostly because I am the one in my family that has to plan, budget, and prepare. What I do enjoy is traveling to see family living all over the country. Not often but it I have no family near me so it is worth it.

  • Sumyounguy Gaming

    I don't either!! I am like you said, content with my home, my life. I'm raising my own backyard chickens which I love. Living my dream!!
    Thank you for all your videos. I absolutely love watching and learning from them.

  • Dee Vila

    your chickens 🤣 ! You absolutely right. VACATION AFTER A VACATION. You have a passion for what you do so why fix what’s not broken.

  • Pono 9

    Tammy z so lovely. She deserves her own video lols…she virtually chats to you adoreable. Good for you that you do not feel the need nor the desire to "go on vacation". Some people do however if I cld do it all over again with my kids I wld have taken them to many more places for them to experience new & different things…& myself with them also…

  • Deborah Crutchfield

    I agree with I don’t care anything about vacations , I retired last year and I am so happy , I work in my garden and flower beds . Love canning and put up vegetables in the freezer I go see my grandkids and go to church. I was a factory worker and dealt with plant closings lay offs meet a lot of nice people see them in my hometown store s we alway hug each other and talk. Go out to eat once in a great while but love cooking good home cook meals . I enjoy your videos .

  • Hollyhock

    Ed and Temmee both seemed to listen and talk to you. I think they were showing you how happy they are you don't need a vacation.

  • thatoldschoolgirl Prepper

    My idea of a vacation for the last 20 years was taking time off my corporate job to stay home and either garden or do canning.

  • michelle schweizer

    Agree! I have been fortunate enough to live and travel to some amazing places but I really am happiest being busy on my little farmstead! People always ask what I do for fun, and I tell them I have fun everyday! They will never get it BC they never have fun if you think about it.

  • Leslie Jacobs

    I agree with you on vacations..probably cause I already have had those experiences.as far as the evolution of vacations…in the last 50 years many are impart to adult children and parents living in different parts of the country and families trying to still connect. I sure wish my 3 children even lived in the same state…sure would cut down on vacations…visitations.

  • Build Something

    I’m the same Jaime, having been my own boss for ten years, I never feel the need to get away from my every day life! I think perhaps if someone needs a vacation (holiday here in the uk) then they should change what they do every day of their life!

  • Kathy Jenkins

    You are absolutely right. I am 62 years old and I just had my first vacation in my life I was able to save for in NC in June. It was a chance to see all the land and mountains and life I missed because I was never able to move there from Florida. I took my grown daughter because I was never able to take her in vacation as a child. Her husband watched the kids and my husband watched my pets and grown autistic son and we took off. I didn’t want to go anywhere just be one with nature and feel like the cabin was mine. Just one week to imagine what a life off grid on my own land would have felt like. We ate fresh eggs from the chicken s at our cabin and I painted the scenes around me. Your life is a dream to me. I totally understand why you don’t need a vacation. I know you work hard but you are rejuvenated every day breathing in the fresh air and the peace and quiet and the peace of mind. Sometimes I watch your you tube videos and just let the tears run. I’m so happy for you and your family.

  • Sandy Allen

    I agree with your well thought out points. I don’t need or want vacations any more. I am extremely content and happy to get back to voluntary simplicity and basic living. I no longer have to work and my stress levels are minimal…usually related to world events rather than anything in my own back yard. Life is really good. Thank you for another interesting and thoughtful video.

  • Lynn Cozad

    I agree that a vacation away from home isn't worth the money. I may never get to completely homestead, but I am working on simplifying my life. More canning and creating a working pantry is my goal right now. Your videos are inspiring me!

  • Brian B

    I like to take vacations and travel to see new places.  I don't necessarily need to go.  My job is pretty much stress free for the most part, and I absolutely love where I live.  I just like to see new places, learn new cultures, and experience the areas I travel to.  I'm going to West Virginia this weekend, just to see the waterfalls, and see the mountains.  I plan to camp.  I don't need to go for mental or physical relaxation, I'm just going to experience it.  So I see where you're coming from on not needing a vacation, but I choose to take time away for other reasons like I mentioned above.

  • Boxer Rescuer

    I have traveled the globe for work and personal vacation. My work is stressful however my vacations are to learn about other cultures, even within our own country. I think people didn't take vacation decades ago when flying was for the elite. If you have family that all live apart, my vacations are spent going to see them and enjoying making memories. I think it's healthy to take our children outside of their state/country to educate them about our small world.

  • Beecozz7

    When I go on "vacation", it's to experience another place or culture. Like you, I'm content to be home. One day I hope to live in my favorite vacation area!

  • donna holmes

    I understand what you're saying I was once like you now I'm on my little tiny Homestead it's not much right now but I rather put the money into the homestead I'm not working right now I did at the Grand Canyon and believe me I seen stressed-out people and then I wanted to get a vacation to get away from the stressed-out people but now this is my vacation I love it don't want to vacate at all thank you love your programs take care

  • Korn Akopia

    3:54 Duck walks up, says "Can I go to Florida?"…"Please"…..no response, walks away. "She said no guys!" "Get out of my way chicken!" Great video.

  • Stacey Coates

    I was just thinking about this the other week. Right now I hate going on vaction because our vacations or going to stay with my in-laws, and because they work nights (and therefore sleep days) my work ends up getting doubled becasue I am trying to keep my young children (2 and 6) occupied without waking up their grandparents while my husband sleeps because he stayed up with his folks until the wee hours. I HATE vacationing because for the moment that is what vacationing means. However I really want to plan a trip to Flordia. To visit my grandmother and my uncle and my grandmother's sister, and my husband's dad, and my husband's brother, and get my girls to meet their only first cousin. And while we are down there I think I would like to spend a day or two in Magic Kingdom or Epcot because we will be down there. Though honestly I would like to wait about four more years for Disney until my youngest is really able to enjoy and appreciate it.

  • Gerry Garcia

    I take vacations because I enjoy them and have been doing so since as long as I can remember.. Retired at 54 years old and am now 61. While still able to do the physical stuff I intend to continue with vacations mostly Europe. We did the 10 acre thing many years ago but quickly realized that old age can come fast and furious so planned more for old age financial stability. But honestly, I enjoyed my career way more than the chores around the house. lol And that is why we enjoy your videos as it reminds us of back then without all the work. Great job guys.

  • Tom K

    Watched your vlog where you took a vacation and ended up in a survival mode. I can fully understand you not wanting to take a vacation. lol Never knew that chickens could be so attached to a
    human, maybe you need to give them more show time.

  • Dustpuuppy

    Everybody needs a break sometimes but it doesn't have to be anyregimented two week ordeal. Sometimes you just need to say screw it, for a couple of days.

  • zzzzHUHzzzz

    My dad grew-up a farmer's kid. They couldn't take vacations because of the animals, and I think Dad needed the escape. He didn't choose that life. So when he grew-up, he took a job that had him travelling all over the world. We lived my young years in the Philippines (big cities and remote areas that only a boat and a carabao could get to), and I was born there. Japan, Korea (where I first saw snow), Taiwan… then every state in the US in multiplicity, looped around and around. I've lived from coast to coast, and when first coming to America, I found nothing special about Hawaii during our 1-week stay there. It was just another place. What I didn't have were roots. Friends who were always friends, a room that was mine for more than a few months to a couple of years, or a bag that was fully unpacked. We were always on the go, right up until college. So, years ago, when I told Dad I wanted cows and chickens and a goat, and a cabin the mountains, he says, "but you'll never be able to take a vacation." I stopped and wondered if that's a loss to me. Then I realized I haven't taken a vacation in 17 years, and before that, 12 years, and that when I do happen to dream about a vacation, it's in a cabin in the mountains. Instead of "vacationing," I've been building my roots, spending "vacation" money on the things that make home so wonderful I never need to go anywhere… not even out to dinner or movies. We're planning for our cabin in the mountains, with our goats, our chickens, and our cow. The notion of a "vacation" seems pointless and exhausting to me, and I cringe at it. There's truly no place like home… especially when I get that cabin in the mountains. So, I'm with you. Every time a loaf of bread is in the oven, that's a vacation enough for me. I swear, every time you guys speak your minds, I feel more and more like we're on the same page. At the least, we're in the same chapter of life.

  • Hanneke Teunissen

    I'm like you. And I only have two hamsters to take care of. Vacations (the travel kind) make people unhappy, stressed and angry. Traditionally the elite were riddled with mental health problems.

  • Elsbith Rumble

    I like a mini weekend vacay every now and again. I hate fast pace vacations where you have to see everything. I have u-tube for that…lol I'm a homebody and a 24/7 caregiver to my older sister who has early onset dementia. So, getting away just by myself for a weekend is fine. I usually stay in a great hotel with room service, spa and massage service…;)

  • Cherokee Purple

    Wow, I was just having this vacation with my husband this weekend when I found this video. He’s always talking about needing a vacation to get away from the 9 to 5 lifestyle. I told him to let’s just move to the country instead! I’m content with no vacations and would prefer more land instead. I think city and town life are unnatural and that our subconscious longs to be at one with nature thus some people’s constant need to get away. A very expensive need at that…

  • Beverly Hitchcock

    Thank you for this my husband and I haven't taken a vacation in years. When asked why my answer was I love my life. We do however, take daycations. We'll grab our bikes and find a trail and bike ride for hours. Our best bike ride took 8 hrs and we peddled 29 miles! Occasionally we'll take a weekend to go see our son who lives 4 hrs away. But to spend thousands of dollars for a week of getting away is just something we don't do. We've been married almost 33 yrs and I can with all honesty say we are best friends. We laugh we fuss we love each other. I almost lost my husband 14 yrs ago to cancer but God in his mercy spared his life. We don't take our lives together for granted. He's helping me with my garden this year and anything within our power we do for each other. We have amazing grandchildren who bring us so much joy that we don't need to go looking anywhere else for it. God bless you and your family for keeping life real. 🌻

  • Dustin Eward

    Vacation is an ignorant notion. I pay more for gas in the car when I'm "home" in the US, than I do for my entire life overseas. Superior healthcare included. Everybody thinks I'm taking massive extravagant vacations, but I'm actually saving tons of money, living healthier, and paying for basic services that only the stupidly rich can afford in the US. It costs me more to come "home" to the US for a few weeks a year than the rest of my entire annual budget… No country hates it's own citizens more than the US.

  • Douglas Michaud

    I hardly ever take a true vacation. I take time off of work but I don't leave town. I even hang out at work because I get bored when I am away from work. I do enjoy my job, but i also just enjoy working.

  • The Killer Polar Bear

    I definitely agree that for a lot of people, vacations are a way to get away from a life they're not completely happy with. I personally know that that's part of the reason that I want vacations. But I also think that many people (maybe most?) don't really have the opportunity to change their life to something they'd be 100% happy with to the point where they wouldn't desire vacations. I also see vacations as a way to experience new things, cultures, or whatever. I have plans to live a life I really want to (similar to this one), however, there are still things that I'd want to do outside of that life, or family I want to visit etc. I don't personally see the point in a vacation where you're constantly running around and come back more stressed, because to me the point of a vacation is to, as you said, get a break from a life you don't like, or to experience something interesting.

  • Tanya Johnston

    Hello I'm new to your chanel. I think you are correct about vacations but I think wanting to travel is different from vacations since it is seeing the world and a different place.

  • Focus Bonheur Mollie Davidson

    Before, I had only 3 Days Inn a row a year with my boyfriend that we could do something together out of the house so when we go away I would Côme back so exausted to try to "live" 3 Days a year… But now I changes m'y life slowly and implement elements at a slower pace and I just don't wanna vacantion. Monday mornings are amazing, I set m'y goals for the week and start Working on it! You can live the life you want if you are willing to plan ahead and sacrifice some thing you don't want, often, forba life you really want.

  • William Lillibridge

    I'm 62 years old now, I left home at 18 and joined the Army for 20 years. Every vacation I ever took was to go back home and visit family. As far as site seeing it's never has happened, other then where the Army has taken me.

  • Annette Rutherford

    Love this! Vacationing is an oxy-moron. I say this because when you go anywhere, you're still with you. First be happy with you then you're always on vacation

  • Ngoni Griffith

    Love the animals photo bombing your video! I am right where you are at. I have no desire to go on a vacation. I am pretty content with my life, and while there are many places I would still love to visit, I am happy with my life right now. I haven't been on a vacation in five years and before that it was ten years in 2009 which wasn't a vacation. I left out of the country for my grandmother's funeral. I would much rather use my resources elsewhere.

  • ArgentCaliGirl Go

    I have a small homestead with a few chickens and gardens.  I take a vacation for a few days, 4 days max.  I've gone for weddings, camping or to a theme park.  I do take my dog with me.  Vacations to me are for doing things with family, experience life and learn things.  You be surprised, I learn more from people than on the computer or books.  talking, meeting folks and learning stuff out there, cultures, foods, lifestyle can teach us like in the old days….that's how we used to learn by going out there.  I can leave my homestead with extra food, water, security….it is possible.  Staying inside a bubble or my "home" world teaches me to not have fun with life.

  • Rethinker167

    my vacation is going to my cottage every weekend may-oct. its my quiet time. play some golf, fish, camp fires. if i wanted i could travel anywhere cheap as im an airline pilot. but i dont want to. im happy with the cottage

  • Erika

    I absolutely love to "vacate" I love seeing new things, trying new things, going to new places. I love my life too, yes it does get stressful and Id rather do more homesteading…. but the ocean is something thats deep in my heart and I just cant stop going.

  • Teri Savage

    I am kind of like you…So much money can be spent on vacations and there is so much to do before going on vacation (mowing, weedeating, watering, cleaning, packing, errands, getting animals taken care of, that it makes it difficult to go and rest, then come back and do it all over again . LOL We have a great single girl in her 30s that comes and house sits and takes care of all the animals for us. We have a son and daughter in law in Canada, that we go visit twice a year. I think of the money spent and would love to get something instead for the house/homestead, but my husband wants to go and I really do too once I am there, I love it! Just the change of pace is good for a couple of weeks a couple of times a year.

  • Tech Queen

    Yes…LOL…sorry we do not eat out…we scrimp, save, live very frugally….and since I work a high tech job that is 24/7 for on call, it's stressful….and we have a disabled son, so we need a break once in awhile….so we save up for vacations for hubby and I every year. Now, one day we wont do them at all, but for almost 15 years we never took any, so we really want and like to travel so we do…to each their own. 🙂 …we save up and make sure that the one vacation we do is within budget. 🙂 Cheers!

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