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WHY IS CAMPING FUN? | We Are The Davises

– [Kayla] Oh, geez. (Shawn laughs) – [Connie] There’s the fire. – [Shawn] That’s how it’s done. – [Connie] Are you ready
for some marshmallows? – [Tyler] I’m scared. It’s too big. – We need to find our hanger. That’s such a beautiful fire. I love it. (upbeat rock music) Hi, everybody. We’re working on a barbecue. We decided we’re gonna do
a practice run on camping, our camp-out tonight. So we’re gonna set up
a tent in the backyard, and Shawn’s working on
the barbecue right now. – Barbecue. (laughs) – So we’re doing a little
barbecue, and we’re just gonna put some charcoal in it and cook some hotdogs. And then we’re gonna
put some firewood in it, and then we’re gonna do
marshmallows and make smores. – [Shawn] It’s gonna be so much fun. – And then if it all goes well, maybe we’ll hear a couple
of good ghost stories. And yeah, it should be a fun little camping excursion for the evening. – Tents nowadays are so
cool, because I remember the very first time I went
camping, my grandpa gave us this, it was like an army tent
from World War II or Korea or something, wherever he got it from. And I gotta tell you, you
needed an engineering degree to put this tent together. These ones here, no problem. Can you remember when
we did this in Texas? Grab a side. Well, you gotta trip over it first. If you don’t trip over
it, it won’t work right. See how they slide? – [Connie] Kayla wants to help. That looks like more than
a two-man tent to me. – It’s a four-man tent. – [Connie] Oh, it is? – Yeah, but that means it
can sleep two comfortably. – [Connie] Oh. Well, that’s a pretty
decent sized tent there. – You can probably fit
eight people in here if you really want to. – [Connie] They just have to sit up. Everybody has to sleep
sitting up, that’s all. Wow, that was pretty easy. I was thinking it was just
gonna be a half an hour. – You thought that was gonna
be 20 minutes of footage right there, didn’t you? – [Connie] I thought it was gonna be a hilarious footage too. – [Shawn] Like us not knowing what to do. – [Connie] Like how many men does it take to screw in a light bulb
kind of footage. (laughs) – I don’t know. I’ve never done one before. How many does it take? That’s basically it. We have our tent. We’re ready. – [Connie] Let’s see. – No! – [Connie] We need to see. – [Tyler] No! – [Connie] Well, now I know what to do when we wanna get rid of the kids. – [Shawn] Yeah, give them a tent. – [Connie] Give them a tent. – [Shawn] Now they know
how to put it together. – [Connie] And it’s a done deal. I think it’s supposed to rain tonight too. – Oh, I thought they were dead. – [Shawn] That’s why I
was showing you that. No, here, look at the
dead flower, ha ha ha. – [Connie] Look at the
babies, baby oranges. We didn’t see that. All those little nubbins. – [Shawn] Or nectarines or something like there’s three different, here, right here. We have a Persian lime and a– – [Kayla] It’s a hybrid tree. – [Tyler] There’s a rat in the tent. – [Shawn] Tangelo, it’s
a honeybell tangelo. – [Connie] There’s three
or four ties on there. It’s a cocktail tree. Cocktail tree. Oh, no, there’s probably three, okay. – [Shawn] Navel orange and tangello and then whatever this one was. This is some kind of a Persian lime. – [Connie] Lemon line. – [Shawn] And Meyers lemon. – [Connie] Oh, my, you’ve got– – Guys, there’s a rat in the tent. – [Connie] You just got out of the tent. – I know. – [Shawn] So the rat’s
not in the tent anymore. It got out. – No, it is in the tent. – [Shawn] There’s a rat in the tent? – [Connie] Shawn’s survival
skills here, survivor skills. – You guys will see that in another day. If there’s one thing I know
how to do, it’s make a fire. So there you go. – [Connie] Nice, that looks perfect for marshmallows already. What do you wanna do? – I wanna make a fire on the grill. – [Connie] And cook what? – S’mores. – [Connie] Cook smores. – This is camping. This is what I love. You can just go into the
house, grab the food. It’s not covered in dirt, doesn’t smell. I could do this any time. Oh, yeah, look at that. – [Connie] Oh, they’re beautiful. – [Shawn] Those are beautiful. – [Connie] Nothing like
a good old camp fire. – [Shawn] Oh, yeah. – [Connie] Actually, that’s
not even a camp fire, is it? Nothing like a good old char-becue. – [Shawn] What makes
that chair special, baby? – It’s different. It’s special, and it’s magical. – [Tyler] Kayla, tell us a scary story. – I’m not ready. – [Connie] It’s not dark yet. – Yeah. – [Shawn] Plus we gotta get, ah, just spilled my soda. – Don’t you dare do that. – [Kayla] Can I have some kombucha? – [Connie] Yeah. – We don’t have any more bottles
left, the little bottles. – [Connie] Someday we’ll
explain what kombucha is. I’m sure they don’t know what it is. – [Kayla] We tried to
make a video on it once, but it didn’t really work out. – Hey, got my hotdogs and
french fries and tater tots. I mean no better camping
than home style camping. That’s what I’m talking about. Let’s see what Connie’s got here. – I got my bun free hotdogs. – [Shawn] Bun free hotdogs, mmm. – Yes, and my campfire fries. – [Shawn] Campfire fries, mmm. – [Tyler] Can I have some
soda or the drink thing? – [Shawn] Kombucha? – No. – [Shawn] Why are you raising your hand? Are you in class right now? – Yes. – [Shawn] Okay, Tyler. – Yeah. (laughs) Can I have some root beer? – [Shawn] I have the
last of it right here. There wasn’t that much left. If you want to grab a small
cup, I’ll share it with you. Go grab a small cup. I’ll have some with you. – [Tyler] We have to give a cheers. We have to give a cheers. – ‘Cause I’m cool like that. – [Kayla] Oh, sorry, I
won’t close the door– – Yummy. – [Kayla] Mommy. – I wouldn’t even wanna ruin
these hotdogs with a bun. They are so perfect.
– I need help. I need help. – [Shawn] Uh-oh. – I shook it a little bit. – [Shawn] Okay, then
we’re gonna have to watch, yeah, this is gonna be fun here. Watch this. – We do these homemade kombucha. – [Kayla] Quickly, before it goes flat. – It is a healthy soda. – [Kayla] (screams) Oh, my gosh! – That wasn’t too bad. – [Tyler] I thought the lid flew off. – [Shawn] That’s it? How disappointing. Normally, that shoots up like a volcano. – Yeah, it builds up carbonation. So we’ll have to show
you guys how we do that. This is homemade soda. – [Shawn] I’m so disappointed. – It’s actually really good for you. – It’s better than normal soda. – Yeah, it’s got probiotics in it. – Mom, more. – More. And Kayla loves it. – I love it. It’s the best. – We all love it. It tastes like pineapple and peach.
– Except for one. – Or lemons sometimes. – I like the lemon ones the best. Lemons are the best. ♫ Everything is awesome ♫ Everything is cool Did you get some root beer? ♫ Part of a team ♫ Everything is awesome ♫ When you’re living the dream – Everything is awesome like a possum. – Daddy, tell ’em the story when we were driving to Florida and we
were watching the Lego Movie, and you were laughing even
though you couldn’t see it. You were just listening to the dialogue. – [Shawn] Yeah, I had never
seen the movie before, but Kayla was in the back
seat watching it on her iPad while we were driving, and it
was making me laugh so much. It’s one of my favorite
movies, the Lego Movie. It is so funny. – I thought Guardians of the Galaxy was. – [Shawn] That’s another
one of my favorite movies, but that one’s only kind of funny. The Lego Movie’s hilarious. – Yeah, but the Guardians of the Galaxy is more action packed. – [Shawn] It is. So can I turn this off while I eat. – Yes.
– Yup. – [Shawn] Yay. – [Tyler] No. – Cheers. – No, no. – [Connie] And when you
start seeing it turn brown, then you know. Well, you’re catching it on fire. – [Kayla] Hey, Tyler,
you’re touching mine. – [Connie] That’s gonna make it melt. – [Kayla] Tyler, you
need to keep it steady. – [Connie] Yeah, you gotta
just put it over the top and roast it so it turns golden brown. And then it’s nice and soft in the inside, and that’s what makes it squish so easy. – [Tyler] Is mine good? – [Connie] Nope, keep going. – [Kayla] It’s still raw. – [Tyler] Kayla’s taking all the room. – [Connie] What? There’s plenty of fire there. – [Shawn] Oh, Kayla’s got it now. LooK at that. See how it’s starting to bubble up? – [Connie] Kayla’s already changing it. – [Kayla] Oh, no, it’s falling off. It’s like not rotating. It’s just slipping off. – [Connie] Oh, my gosh. It’s already getting hot. Maybe it’s good. – [Tyler] But it doesn’t
look golden brown. – [Connie] Tyler’s is getting brown ’cause it’s touching the wood. (Shawn and Connie laugh) – [Shawn] Not because it’s cooking. It’s just dirty. (laughs) – [Connie] It’s just dirty. – [Kayla] That is the ugliest
s’more I’ve ever seen. It’s so beautiful though. – [Connie] There you go. – [Shawn] Well, you don’t have to eat it if you don’t want to. – No, it’s beautiful but it’s hideous. You know what I’m saying? – [Shawn] What’s it taste like? Tell us. – It’s still hot. – [Connie] Hey, Ty, are you ready? – [Kayla] I ate the marshmallow. The marshmallow’s good. – [Connie] We gotta catch a s’more here. – [Tyler] Oh, it’s a big one. We got it! – [Shawn] Ooh, that smashed pretty good. – [Connie] That’s a good one. – [Tyler] We got it. – The crackers are stale. – [Shawn] What do you mean they’re stale? We’ve only had them in the
cupboard for like six months. – [Connie] They are. Good going. What is that? – It’s rabies. I got bit by something
while You guys went inside. I don’t feel so good. (growls) Sorry, I can’t control myself there. – [Connie] That’s what smores do. – Hey, Tyler, come here. Why don’t you come here for a second? – No. – [Shawn] I wanna show you something. – [Tyler] No, thank you. – Are you sure? – [Tyler] What is it? What is it? What is it? What is it? – Let me see your hand real quick. (Shawn growls) – You can turn the
light off on that thing. – [Shawn] I can’t figure
out how to get in here. – We got our flashlight, and
we are ready for story time. – Story time, wooh! – Story time in the tent. (kids cheer) (Connie and Shawn laugh) – [Kayla] I’m going to bed now. Good night. – Okay, so it was about 20 years ago. – [Tyler] It’s already scary. – Me and a group of friends
decided we were gonna go to the American River Inn
in Georgetown, California. So we went in there and they told us that this hotel was haunted. We’re like, “Yeah, right,
whatever, this hotel’s haunted. “Okay, well, let’s just go spend the night “and see how it goes.” Old furniture everywhere, it was just like it came from the late 1800s. So we decided well, let’s
walk around the house, and then we’ll get ready
and we’ll go out to the spa. And then as we were
walking around the house, we were laughing and joking and looking at all these
creepy pictures and stuff. And we started to hear weird noises, and we were thinking,
“Oh, this isn’t anything. “It’s just like creepy,
old, creepy house,” so we ignored it. And then we decided, well,
let’s take some pictures. This will be fun. So we took a bunch of
pictures, and we joked around. We walked all over the
house and all set in. There was like this crazy booming sound. We were thinking, “What
is that, like thunder? “Is it raining?” And we’re like, “Wait a minute, no. “This is like the middle of summertime. “It’s not gonna be raining.” So we just said, “Well, that’s crazy. “It must be like a ghost or
something,” but we never saw it. So anyways, we just went
to bed and went to sleep. And then the next day, we
went home and we looked at our pictures, and there
was all these crazy orbs. If you’ve never heard of an
orb, it’s like these little glowing things that float
around in the sky and stuff. And so those were all in the pictures. So we were thinking, “Wow, so there really were
ghosts in this house.” And then in one of the
pictures, I was standing and they were taking a picture
of me, and there was this big black figure, and it was just
covering half the picture. Like it was standing
in front of the camera and it was blocking part of the view. And this is a true story. This is totally true. And so we thought, “Wow, that’s crazy. “This really was a haunted house.” And then when we looked
at the pictures outside when we were by the spa, all
these orbs are shooting off of the ground and coming
back up into the sky. So you could see these big lights streaking up and down
all over in the pictures. And yeah, so that was
our haunted experience. – April Fool’s! – [Kayla] I don’t like the
part with the black figure. – If you guys are gonna be age
appropriate for this or not because last time I told this story, anybody under the age of 13 peed and pooped their
pants at the same time. And it was pretty nasty,
and it smelled horrible. They made me clean it
up because I was the one that told the story,
so that totally sucked. – [Tyler] Put it in the fire. – [Connie] ‘Cause you were the one that pooped and peed. (laughs) – And it scared me so much that I pooped and peed my own pants. It was horrible. – [Tyler] Just get on with the story. – There is this family,
very similar to ours, younger husband and
wife, a couple of kids. – [Tyler] It’s already scary. – I know. Pretty scary, huh? And they decided to go camping. It’s just this part of the woods. No stories or background to
it or anything like that. They never really thought much of it. They were just gonna go
on a little camping trip. And they brought a bunch
of wood to have a fire. And they brought their tent. So they were kind of doing
what we’re doing right now. They cooked smores, and
they cooked hotdogs, and they were just having a good old time. And then all of a sudden, you can hear some noise
in the background there. People were like, “What the heck is that?” They’re not in their tent yet. You hear just like walking. “What is that?” And it’s going around them. And they’re like, “Oh, my gosh. “What is that? “Is that like an animal or
something that are taking,” and all of a sudden, it stops. And so they look around and
shined a flashlight over there, and shined it over there. What was it? They can’t see anything so they’re like, “Okay, well, maybe it was
just a raccoon or something. “No big deal.” So they started singing their
corny little camp songs. ♫ Here we go, round and round What’s that one? ♫ Jack and Jill ran up the hill ♫ Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah Whatever, yeah, they’re singing
all these goofy camp songs because they were goofy. (laughs) – [Connie] Ring around the
rosy, pocket full of posey. – Yeah, that’s the one. They were starting to talk
again, and all of a sudden, they start hearing this stuff
and then also (clears throat). “Oh, my god, what is that? “It sounded like a person.” They weren’t sure what it was, but it definitely wasn’t an animal. Because they can tell if it was an animal. It’s be like (growls),
or (meows). (laughs) It was a very domesticated
part of the woods that they were in, so there
was a lot of kitty cats. But anyway, so they were like really starting to get worried. They don’t have any weapons or anything. These were just the family. They got a couple of
sticks and rocks near ’em in case something happens. So anyways, they look around
and can’t see anything. It’s getting kinda late. They’re telling their stories. They’re having fun. And so they go to bed,
and it’s probably about, I don’t know, maybe one or two
o’clock in the morning now. And everybody is sleeping. Dad’s snoring, like always. I’m surprised everyone else is sleeping, but dad wakes himself up. (grunts) And then all of a sudden, he hears this. So it sounds like
something is running away. And so he’s like, “Honey,
honey, look at that.” And he looks over, and
his wife isn’t there. He was like, “What the
heck, maybe she went out “to go to the bathroom. “Maybe that’s what it is.” So he like waits a couple of minutes and doesn’t hear anything. He still doesn’t hear anything. Man, she should be done by now. I wonder where she’s at. Honey? Honey? Are you there? Nothing happens, and now he’s really
starting to get worried. Now he’s like starting to
freak out a little bit. All of a sudden, he starts
hearing it’s coming closer. It’s coming closer. – [Kayla] I don’t want to hear. – [Shawn] And then all of a sudden– (Tyler laughs) – [Kayla] He’s gonna jump scare me. He’s gonna jump scare me. – [Shawn] What are you talking about? I’m telling a story here. I’m not jumping anything. – [Connie] Keep talking. – Anyways, they hear the footsteps. He’s like, “Honey, is that you? “Honey, is that you?” Then all of a sudden, the mom goes, “Where is the dang toilet paper?” (family laughs) – Where is the dang toilet paper? – Where is the dang toilet paper? – So that was my ghost story, and that’s actually a
true story too, so yeah. I was the little kid, and that was my mom. (family laughs) – The lights are burning me. – [Kayla] Don’t shine it
directly in your eyes. Okay, what’s your ghost story, Tyler? – [Shawn] Do you have
to go to the bathroom, or are you going to tell a story? – [Connie] You have long eyelashes. (Tyler laughs) – [Kayla] He’s getting
his vocal cords ready. Tell the story already. – Once, the end. (family laughs) – I need to find my story. (family laughs) – [Tyler] Ah, great story. – Okay. Okay, a man was driving one night and got caught in a snowstorm so bad that he couldn’t even think
about driving another mile. He saw a hotel sign off to his left and immediately turned
into the small parking lot. “How lucky,” he thought
to himself while grabbing his suitcase out of the trunk
and walking up to the hotel. But immediately after
opening the front door, his heart sank a little. – [Tyler] Good story. – Tactics. And instead, that he was
going to keep bothering her until she gave him a place
to stay for the night. After quite a while of arguing
with him, the lady gave in. “Okay,” she said. “There’s a room in a part of the hotel “we don’t usually rent out. “You can stay there tonight “but only if you promise me one thing. “Near your room, there will be a door “with the number 113 on it. “Do not, no matter what happens,
open the door marked 113.” The door was very worn and had
some unusual looking gashes on it but otherwise didn’t seem different than the door to his own room. What could be so great about this room that it would be forbidden? Or maybe the lady at the front desk was just playing a trick on him. Well, there was only one way to be sure. He’d have to look and see for himself. So he walks quietly up to the door handle. He put his hand on it and was about to turn it
when he heard mumbling. It was an eerie low
mumbling, almost a whisper, and it seemed to echo around
him in a very unnatural way. The man’s heart started
beating really fast. Well, it was pretty scary after all, but despite that, his mind
was more curious than ever. He leaned down to the old
fashioned keyhole and looked in, hoping to get some clue
to help solve the mystery. But what he saw through the keyhole was even more mysterious
than the mumbling. Inside the room was a woman
with long stringy hair that was so blond it looked white. She had her back turned to the door and was just standing there
right next to the window, with her pale arms hanging by her side and mumbling to herself. Was the woman insane or what? And what was she mumbling
to herself about? Not taking his gaze off
the keyhole he leaned in and pressed his ear
closer to the door to try and hear better, but suddenly
the mumbling died away. There was a moment of
silence, and then the woman raised her hands to the sides of her face and let out a horrifying
soul piercing scream. The bucket of ice dropped from
his hands with a loud crash, but the screaming didn’t even waiver. It just kept going on and on. Terrified, he ran to his
room, shutting the door firmly behind him and locking all extra locks. And just like that, the screaming stopped. When he got downstairs he
insisted the frowning lady at the front desk tell him about what was really happening with room 113. “You fool,” she snapped, “You
disturbed the room didn’t you? “There was a woman who
was murdered in that room “many years ago and she’s
stayed there ever since, “looking for the one that killed her “so that she can take her revenge.” The man didn’t believe
her and just laughed, “Okay, fine, you don’t have to tell me “the real story if you don’t want.” He didn’t say anything else,
just ran out of the hotel into the drifting snow
and didn’t look back. But if he had looked
back he would have seen in a dark window high
above, two angry red eyes peering out onto the sidewalk. This story is a good
reminder to be careful when looking into mysterious
things, because you might be inviting something mysterious
to look at you instead. That was a really long story. – [Connie] Yeah. – [Shawn] I’m not sure I
can really go to sleep now. – That was our camping adventure. – Yay, I hope you guys liked it. We had fun telling ghost stories.
– Good night. Good night. – I don’t know about
you, but I got scared. – Well, hopefully, you guys don’t have too much trouble sleeping
tonight if we scared you. We’ll be haunting your
dreams forever. (laughs) – I’m tired. I wanna go to bed. – Thanks for watching. We love you guys. – Bye. – Bye. – Remember, subscribe, like, and share to all your friends about how cool we are. And we love you. Bye- bye. (upbeat music)

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