Why White Water Rafting & Camping is the Ultimate Team Building

G,day. In this blog we showcase why rafting & camping is the ultimate team building experience. Team building that actually works does not always come from the top or the organisation that it ultimately benefits. The leadership that Stuart shows through organising these out of hours work experiences provide an opportunity for the team to make and share their own unique stories and that is an excellent foundation for cohesive teamwork Because of people like Stuart companies like J K Thomson are awarded SME employer of the year. So watch on and make sure to click the link to the blog in the video description below to read the real life story of truly effective team building. Interview after Rafting trip We have Stuart and Tam from Edinburgh and it is a work do from J K Thomson Premier Seafood Family, come and get your fillets! {laughter} You have been rafting before in a few different locations? Excellent, what an experience, great. And you have been Tam? No its my first time. That is checked off the bucket list {Stuart} I have been a few times and this has been the best one I have done Awesome. Tremendous. How did you guys go did you enjoy? Yeah definitely, yaaaay, brilliant

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