Why you need take a vacation?
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Why you need take a vacation?

Perhaps this is my first video in a
t-shirt and shorts but that is the point of this video so I’m here on a vacation
with my family I realized that my thought process- and the kind of
work that will requires a lot of thinking. That my thought process was coming at a standstill. Was becoming stagnant perhaps because I was doing the same
thing over and over again. But when I decided to come on this vacation in the
last three days there are so many new ideas that have come to me.
So the point of today’s video is to let you know that vacations are important
and while we already know that it’s not just because it is a good break but it
gives us an opportunity to learn so many new things. Number 1 is it disrupts our
daily pattern. So every single day we are doing the same thing meeting the same
people taking the same route to our offices. When you come on vacation your
body and your mind undergoes that disruption of pattern that is absolutely
necessary to bring any new ideas. The second thing is when we go on vacations
we have the opportunity to speak to people that we don’t ordinarily speak to
today I spoke to the waiter in a restaurant trying to understand how
waste food is taken care of. I spoke to security guard trying to understand his
life around this area. It gives me so much insight into how people think and
live and finally, through a vacation you get to understand and explore a new
place. Just looking at this vast expanse of greenery around me opens my
brain to so many ideas that I cannot explain how to refreshed I feel and I’m
waiting to go back to work. So if you have deprived yourself of that vacation
for a very long time, I want to tell you right now that’s not just for a break
but for your personal and your professional upliftment that you need to
take that long due occasion right now. I’ll see you in the next video.

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