Wickiup Shelter Solo Overnighter
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Wickiup Shelter Solo Overnighter


  • weasel never sleep

    good thing I have previewed believe me I think I am older to you, but I have not had a chance to spend overnight under stars like you just did. if you don't mind, can I ask you this. I think I don't spend overnight, but presumably I can say this how about end of body keep'em warm over night? extra gloves or socks might work? oh!~~ your dessert quick and sublimate to female I will defy your recipe when I make a good time.

  • Ex-Law Enforcement

    Thank You for sharing this video with all of us. I sure enjoyed it. your little desert with the banana and chocolate looked real good to me also.

  • Jacques Godbout

    I always appreciated your outdoor – survival- nature video. You do a sincere and honest job plus i learn a lot watching you ( i'm a novice over 50 ). I saw some videos about the " long fire"( not sure about the name) which last all night but look pretty technic and not sure if it's working in real life. In your case, would have been possible to do one or your shelter was not adequate for that kind of fire ? I don't know if my question is clear……
    Continue your good job………. but please be careful with the sound ( high and low not stable).

  • Adventure Time Outdoors

    Looks like a great knight out! Awesome shelter man looks like my kind of vacation spot. Did you do any hunting while you were out? Dude that banana thing looked awesome. I have another overnighter planned on the 28th. Hopefully the plans stick. Have a good weekend

  • Brian Spencer

    Thanks Nomad: I'm impressed with the way you handled setting up after dark. I also learned that even if you have a fire going; we should have a spare set of starting materials on stand bye. Thanks for a great video. Thanks Brian 77

  • Yankees Outdoor Adventures

    Great video bro I'm glad you found me, and gave me the opportunity to follow you back where you came from👍 keep up the great work I have the Bell turned on I'll be back!

  • Teacher SBD

    Avec le sapinage et les quenouilles bien sèches, faut pas être nerveux pour entretenir un feu. Sois prudent, quand même, je veux continuer de voir tes videos1

  • mushercdn

    Sounds like a fox to me. Female black bears make a similar sound when calling their cubs. Ferro rods are cool but lighters are better in the middle of the night.! Between the marshmellow fingers and the boughs your sleeping bag must have been a sticky mess. Delicous dessert idea. Going to try that. Thanks for the video. It is as authentic as possible unless we were there with you.

  • Nature Boréale

    Excellente vidéo, merci de partager ces bons moments. Ce qu'on entend à 21:05 ressemble à des cris de renard, si me fie à ta vidéo ''Red fox barking'' publiée l'an dernier, mais ils me paraissent un peu moins aigus dans cette vidéo. Ça doit vraiment être chaud et confortable dans l'abri avec un tel feu, même à des températures beaucoup plus froides, mais je ne sais pas quelle option je choisirais, entretenir le feu toute la nuit ou éteindre le feu avant d'aller me coucher…dans mon sleeping d'hiver!! Qu'en est-il de la fumée dans l'abri, est-ce que c'était incommodant?

  • potatothorn

    fun trip.. lot of work to camp like this it looks like, but pretty cool sleeping in a shelter you built… boy that is a weird sound… could be barking or some type of bird… im clueless..

  • FloridaBoy Survival

    So jealous of your weather. We still have mid 80s here, but it is gonna get down to lows in the mid 50s this week for a day or two…I see the Mors bush pot in action….

  • Jesse J

    Superb video!! No obnoxious music… no mindless chatter… just pure experience with a little commentary. Outstanding! Great gear segment as well! I'm with ya!

  • Haggard Wilderness

    Definitely going to try that Banana trick

    I am just starting filming my own Bush videos. Please take a look at my channel. Thanks!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhcHEi7xicM&t=1076s

  • Christine Davis

    Thank you for reminding me about the banana, chocolate and marshmallows. I had forgotten about them and how good they are!!!!!!!!!

  • Marc Count

    It will be, for sure, better if you built a Fire Reflector as the heat will radiate back to your Hut and keep you warm while you sleep…. Try it next time !

  • Marc Count

    For your Hut, there are so many gaps for the wind to sleek in, you better put some more dry grass of moses to seal the gaps to shield the wind away from entering your hut….a piece of plastic sheet or a tarp would be a good suggestion for your next camping ( if you will return to this site again ) !

  • Marc Count

    It seem you didn't have enough preparation for your fire ! Next time, try to cut some bigger wood logs to keep the fire burning through the long cold winter night which will keep your warm and away from unexpected animals !

  • Clive Greenall

    Thanks for sharing the knowledge.
    I'm enjoying your videos, now that I found them.
    Rgds from S Africa

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