Wild camp & Landscape Photography, Glyder Fach Snowdonia

slide that down Oh looking good
Oh oh wow this is an unbelievable effort I’m
exhausted I’m not feeling this at all really really nice morning no air!
absolutely still at anything that’s crazy crazy I’m just gonna wander over
towards the sunrise direction try not to fall over these rocks it is better pink
in the sky from the vapor trails really a lot of low-level cloud so
Oh of the rock so they’ve had a place
somewhere see I set the tripod up in get quick snap that’s probably gonna be
straight back to bed I’m absolutely ZAPPED you’re gonna be in a vlog this is
amazing WHAT a morning for the morning waiting
for the sun I aint woke up yeah this is not gonna make much sense waiting for
the Sun to poke its head over them clouds there because it has risen time is
it anyway no it is 4:50 so yeah the
Soon has risen yeah we just got on top of looking down at over tripping with this
is bristly Reggie so yeah bristly Ridge yeah nice foreground I’m struggling to
stand anyway then no way to put your feet or a tripod good
so yeah just wait for that soon nice bright pink Sun it’s gonna come above
them clouds any minute gorgeous morning there’s actually an
inversion over the other side look over the other side yeah that’s a shame
always what you’re not is now yeah so I’m just I’m still got the the Sam young
lens on from last night I’m just a f11 I believe or was anyway yeah I’m just
waiting for the for the Sun to come over the register and it’ll be really really
nice and I can get back to the tent and go back to sleep and then appreciate
this in the morning what I’ve actually woke up oh good grief but it might make
a nice pan oh as well the mist over the mountains there so we’ll see we’ll see
things you do for landscape photography yeah looks like he’s hanging off the
edge of the you actually standing on his like you just floating on the edge it
realized the only way to stand on their so met a new one why shouldn’t be yeah
Jamie says Jamie bumped into him this morning as well so he’s in the vlog
where they likes it or not I look it up you absolutely epic absolutely happy
what a place so if its shame it wasn’t over there cuz it’s nice cloud over
there no cloud in the direction we want never in the right spot now yeah so
we’ll wait for this Sun it starts a peak above now you can actually see it
peaking above it’s gonna be really really nice gonna
be another hot day and yeah but until then but instead for breakfast right decide it it’s Haley’s idea to run
and plop myself on the end of that Ridge so I’ve got the camera set on inside
ometer and I’ve got a minute to try and get down to the ridge
now Sun is coming up so hopefully that isn’t gonna work just my exposure too
much but this will be really really cool selfie if we manage to get there any
time so no longer is going to shoot constant mixer no problem now water
morning I don’t fall and break my neck I think I’m good look forward to these
pictures does not make sense giant film thats enough for that
and it’ll die else!! wow what a fail to a morning managed to
get a nice panoramic iof Castell y Gwynt as well and yeah a bunch of fly the
drone around a little bit absolutely gorgeous morning it’s a nice clouds
forming now and it’s really quite annoying there wasn’t many there’s no
clouds this morning clouds forming now so
hopefully we’ll be able to get some really really nice photographs for the
rest of the day what a spot I’m so so tough to be here today can’t
wait to have a look at the photo especially the Astro photographs from
last night we’re going to get down and get some breakfast now
so yeah just just they’re not quick panoramic sweeping across you got the
Snowden horse show in the background there crib Goch and Snowdon over there
so just noise f11 and panoramic well there was f9 actually f9 and 16mm just
planning across there absolutely gorgeous can’t wait to see these what a view the tents got hey that’s
fantastic that’s noted range over there as well Matt Snowden absolutely gorgeous
gorgeous so where yam actually get a few nice shots this morning I think myself
as well really rich off guys is just sitting out of coffee getting that going
the other guys we met here have been really really cool as well so we’re it’s
been an awesome trip it’s it’s still it’s gonna be another warm day so
getting down the mountain in a minute it’s gonna be absolute side but yeah
we’re just gonna chill out of a coffee my Camp Fuji batchest have died so that
might be me for photographs until we get to the bottom anyway and let’s find out
let’s find out I’ve got a spare battery and that what you didn’t know about but
yeah it’s been a freaking fantastic morning so yeah I’ve seen a bit get
coffee coffee coffee coffee is all I’m thinking it so do that I’m all guess
we’ll go out we’ll make a plan from there have no idea I can’t believe I’m doing this
absolutely buggered! I’m completely wiped out we’ve been for
breakfast now it’s probably the worst thing I could have done so I’m going to
take a quick ship it’s quick snap of a lake that I visited before well I think
the last time I came it snowed only actually but because the wind was there
wasn’t it there was no wind at all no air movement whatsoever I thought I’d
come down to this lake before I go back and get a quick snap because I didn’t
get one last time because it was so windy but I’ve got Danny and the wind
has picked up a little bit so where I thought there would be nice sort of
smooth water there is actually a slight ripple so I guess the only option is to
do aid sort of slow shot a long exposure sort of thing sort of 10 or 20 seconds
so I’m going to wander around the lake look for a composition grab that shot
I’m gonna hit the road and head back home I’m absolutely wiped thrown off
hours after about two hours sleep I’m not even that last night I’m not looking
forward to this at all it’s gonna be tough but look at this this is as
snowden and the certain horseshoe over that’s what we can’t last night I pretty
much just up there ah it’s just absolutely stunning so yeah it’s not
ideal to be taking landscape photography images when the when the lights this
bright really but we’ll see we’ll see what don’t want to fall in that I am
flipping glad that Ivor top-top me smidge spray the mosquitoes on midges or
whatever they are everywhere around it not a lot of deals of fact it’s probably
too bad it is too bad they’re everywhere around here this is horrible like I’m
eating alive so I was looking for a really really nice simple composition
just one of these rocks in the in the water to I smooth out the water random
because there’s a nice reflection of the clouds now and this part is a bit Ripley
over there but it’s quite smooth and in the foreground so right I’m going to
wander out I’m going to get away from these midges this is ridiculous this
would be a nice photograph but I’m not getting alive for it yes what I’m
looking for it’s just to smooth out the water and
just have one Rock there’s another one just there I’ll use that one and how
that one rock was me focal point and then you have the Snowden Horseshoe then
in the background crib Goch and all that that’ll be lovely
well I have to say that’s the first that’s ever happened I had the camera
all set up ready to take me nice low shutter as about very about 10 second
exposure to make sure there was no ripples at all and then all of a sudden
a swimmer just just that cruise that he threw in the middle of the frame so yeah
I’ve got no still water it’s a hole now every time I visit this location
something happens so that I do not get still water here
I hope you’ve ever seen photos to this location I’ll put a link there now
Mumbai or something it’s cooked but there substernal in photographs with
Snowden and the Horseshoe there I’m just using these rocks as foreground but when
the one I mean in its snow and ice and stuff like this it’s absolutely
phenomenal but when you’ve got nice perfectly still water in the reflections
in the water it’s just breathtaking place yet
I’ll give it five minutes I’ll take the shot but second setting is white wise
I’ve got the sixteen or 55 at 23 mm I’m an f-16 just so I’ll get the most out of
the filters I’m using filters wise I’m using the format high-tech 0.9 grad
darker to balance down the the sky his sky is extremely bright really flipping
bright and then I’ve got the six top format high-tech fire crest filter on
there as well just allow me to our fly as long as long as I did try the super
stopper but it was just four minutes and at least I’d get my smooth water but no
think I think give it a couple of minutes now after the waters gone down
I’ll take my shot she’ll be nice well finally the waters sort of started to
smooth and out little bit for me I’m not really we’re getting the reflections
that I wanted for the mountains or the clouds that they are reflecting here but
I’ve decided to zoom in and crop the zoom in so that just obviously like
these two rocks here I thought these rocks here were a bit bit distracting if
you can see them yeah so I’ve lowered the camera a little bit so what I’m
starting to do it’s a bit of a sort of challenge for myself is to take more
time to look at the photographs I’m taking and you know look at it in detail
thing how can you improve that photograph was
water here was opposed to getting back to Lightroom or whatever and thinking uh
you know what we’ve gone a bit lower we gonna been higher
so yeah I’m not actually make a conscious effort to where to look at the
photograph as I’ve taken it I think what needs to be better and what I didn’t
like when the camera was higher up I had too much of a gap from the headland
there from that the bottom that land to this rock there was a massive gap in the
water so by lowering the camera down I’ve actually sort of closed that gap
quite a lot and because it hasn’t got a nice reflection it’s just a lot of
moving water I figured there was no point sort of having that in the in the
image so much so yeah there is a nice reflection in front of this rock I don’t
think I’m going to be able to pick it up as well as though as I may be oh well
how did I don’t have a look but yeah I’m not gonna grab this shot now and head
off but yeah it’s been an absolutely
incredible two days in Snowdonia I want to say
thanks to grant a Leo and gas for the company oh my first time camping up that
mountain and good to fuck absolutely stunning I’m really really
Trotter managed to get a milky way photograph you haven’t seen that video
I’ll put a link just there scene click on that I really really I never forget
that night one of them won an sob experiences you just look at the photo
sheet every takes the photo I’ve seen it was sometimes photographs that just got
some meaning to it and they to that thought Milky Way focus Peschel with all
of us standing on there that was that was absolute incredible nice a really
really good experience but thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed the
video and if you haven’t already please hit the subscribe button I really
appreciate it and I’m the like button as well and drop a comment let me know what
you think of the videos we’re going to prove them in anyway and hopefully I’ll
see you again soon thanks for watching take care

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