Wild Camping In The Rain Uk Glen Doll Scotland Cairngorms Scottish Highlands Cooking Breakfast
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Wild Camping In The Rain Uk Glen Doll Scotland Cairngorms Scottish Highlands Cooking Breakfast

here we’re going guys I’m off vote
well camping and I’m probably gonna do some bushcraft comfort cooking I’m going
to the kid I’m Guam’s the Scottish Highlands I’m going with Indian Mark we
were supposed to be going to a cook career which is curio station where
that’s an transport movie but hey Mark he’s got a job one of us or yeah he’s a
bit skilled in case we get stranded ugly on sir I’m sure I can go at cutter
another team and there I was made a bit going worth mark coating the wilds bear
mark Custer walk and him how he was barely becoming as well head for the
house but yeah I’m sorry to hear that but your dad met and I hope you’re okay
but yeah hopefully we’ll get a camp yeah something this year so yeah I’m off
to Glen door I think we’re going to Cory fee the first night so from with our
live it’s about a hundred and fifty miles something like that to get to kill
him gloves and then it’s about a hundred and fifty miles back so I said but a 300
mail truck Kuwait I love I love Kieran guam’s
I’ve not been up killing bombs since December 1 to December was I built you I
nearly I think I was your joy nietsreuef mark as well mark and a Colin so yeah
I’ve known I’ve been on for two minutes so what we’re doing up I think we’re
going to Dundee let’s say when I caught me after then I’m just here meeting
Eddie and then I think my boy is Dundee we’re gonna get some lunch so hopefully
we should be we should be at Glenn Dolf or about sex because it takes a good
three hours from here so that should be fun
Tama get lunch because they’re these Watkyn at the moment and he’s just
finishing and about 10 minutes so I’ll catch you up at Dundee guys then the
glendol whatever we end hi guys if you like my video don’t
forget to subscribe and don’t forget to collect the little bail and you’ll get
all the notifications for my latest videos but I’m done d mopped at the
wrong God so this gives t-shirt on that’s the same clothes what should this
feeling is Joey and silver for watchin is well not don’t wanna watch popped up the same foot mark Matt likes
to copy Eddie you know a little mouse like but it’s a coffee cart or something
wasn’t late for 20 minutes every nerve every language in this car yeah I always
get lost that’s what the yeah that’s what the sunlight what was I go again
the girl uncle chops sauce you get two beef but girls let’s go air-cool pork on
it as well that size move made that to a Glen dole
car park that’s what going on that bad boy
so what camping I’m what mark I think I’ve already sure design the restaurant
have enough so and that’s the range of station
we got Eddie over there yeah feels Eddie and there I don’t know if you need P but
it does see a two-pound Parviz it so I’m just gonna appear so I
should and I’m going to post my piece of paper through the ranger station to say
that I won’t be back torture is the afternoon so asserts but already look at
us but I snore this is April April they’re
15 we’ve got a little bit of snow got some buttons up behind it as well but
that one looks pretty bug doesn’t look nice those motors over what is old
motifs but yeah I better go get my bag lesson the car they yeah Eddie’s showed
me is when Jama right and he says that much he’s Eddie he’s built the see
Scott’s wailed camera the camera for the great outdoors and this is course
welcome become awfully griot to us yeah nuts mark so he said do you like
that blah blah blah blah I’ll make some fart noises when they post my letter yeah we’re not posted my laptop to Santa did
you delete that’s just Bart laughing at me yeah
what so look at that how cool does that look
does that look good so I think we should be up there tomorrow yeah that sounds but on my way mark just
checked out yeah he’ll cover the whole of it the Monroes do you the many
Monroe’s you done mark yeah tell me many of you don’t hear their buttons for I think I’ve done I’ve done
to I hate that I hear we mark beats me today we’ll show it a little bit today you took the hey Roger alpha Laura Marconi’s plastic bag alert he’s got the
posh one from Aldi’s how cool does that work very cool so I’ve been down that way looking over
the lodge and to the woods it’s not the spot we’re going the other
one that you seen much are we going to that spot that you spider what so you
can’t looking back at me yeah over going guys I’ve made that here yeah
see there break we went over what that’s the bridge that we crossed a couple of
minutes ago you’ll say these 10 hey this Martin mark he’s away down
there he wants to camp on the trees so but
look at the view that I’ve got and when I wake up to that view in the Marlin see if I can get my 10 and look at that
is that not here awesome so I’m using my nature hike a
clothes peak sorry if I’m shooting but I’m brick next did I say brother so I’m using the cloud peep let’s say I
got it from bang good people keep asking me where I got it from so you can get it
from buying good for 110 or you can buy it from Amazon for 200 so just bear in
mind when I got mains IPP a 15 pound to end Porter so even then it comes to 125
you’re saving like a ET ponens on you so got my gosh can got my a plunk too
little water got spam you can go in without the spam can you I’m rocking
their little a titanium frying pan that’s from a Snow Peak 1400 and my
expensive what that appeared too much for
and I’ve got my ball my snow people yeah the Emma gasps my water so yeah
I’ve got there a foil blanket think what my water so do you
that’s a mask mother coming in mud them so use your waterproof
got my down jacket got my my don’t cheap or sleeping bag I got out for 40 pounds
it’s using this for minus 20 but to be honest I would probably see see this
sleeping bag I would see it said that Maness Maness I would see I wouldn’t go
any lower below my bag yeah oh yeah I’ve got to hit
talks he’s left me late I always bring two just in case one runs though two
stoves I got my little bi – tough to walk again Sonny – up ideal yeah yeah my
Sweeting bike right bill said these 10 that I’m not gonna head of that oh I’m
going to keep that so yeah yeah I got my cell phone you might as well I treated
myself oh yeah I’m using the I’m using my dry bag as Apollo I’ll
sweep that now many of my videos but just for something this year to make
note of that’s my my night here so I’ll keep my night here off sorry but I’ll
put my Nate gear on and I’ll put the stuff on weird and and that bike nothing
my follow and there I’ve got my sleeping bag liner like you call it so I treated
myself to turn new van go to new van Gogh stand up the mats I’ll be sick of
that mat keep Boston every time I go away the thing boss so at least rough
these ones the bust and you’ve still got their they cannot form insulation so I
bought two of them just in case I really don’t need to it’s PI over quell but I
like my alley to be really comfy and then I’ve got one of those a closed-form
Matt fence so just about usual and other people like people ask what I’ll do is
they may go my by gonna blah blah blah so
and all people are probably gonna stare but now how can you sleep what that butt honestly I want to heat up
oh I like it I come to kid I’m gums I come to kill em gloms two years ago when
it was and grew up right next to the de Beauvoir to be honest
I won’t heat up do you hear that Eddie when’s that the he’s early for oxy study label
it is bringing back memories there the party house
that was that was their harvest financially mark even the whales with
swimming wasn’t the other mark was ready bills which it was he dispatched the
help them see I’ve got my stuff ready for unit i sorry mark
so my thoughts just give up I just a pee could you make it get the Fortius button
together – how much you ever see her here ma it’s
over for ya photographer how we come to knock mark next month in the eddies Watkyn but I’m sure
they’re being Markov vote at some point I’m guessing so awesome spot I really
like this I think I’ve said before good luck
that’s the view that’ll be lovely see if there’s more cloves in the moment and
baguette you see the moment lovely so we’re going to bring up there so Eddie’s Finkle again up there I think
maybe marks thing legging horn who knows we’ll find out in Ireland and they’d
just be the gruesome twosome so we wouldn’t see mark and the words I’ll windshield
nobody’s just in case anybody’s asking wants to know no matches there’s mark he’s under trees he says
that we snore it doesn’t like us and he’s won t be
easy long so he’s a nice kid Eve it’s gonna be skipped and unmarked yeah the
yeah he’s gonna get mark we’ll get home fast so much rockin there terranova
Southern Cross too there you go it’s quick darken elephant you mean out the ad up there there’s
quite a bogna ah gosh blump still really warm awesome cuz there they have an a cup of tea and Mark prophecy prepper is breaking
the rules I’m going to tell his play Murphy’s drawing when the same second
allowed he’s breaking the rules is a real
breaker finish the compliment John potin Oh II didn’t 100 forgot lighting camera he’s breaking the law I hope I gotta
cover what ah what we see that we felt with Phil tweezer what’s the one for I
was setting out our one and I could tear rule-breaker real breaker what does his
face I’m Willie grassland did it there we go what goes where we are hey wash
them is that so we can break up there monk are we going up the up tomorrow that means no that means Motzkin home
possible it means a I think we should try and what Martin see what that’s like
before the rollout shouldn’t awesome you little above Kim under words I’m shading
in the light mark so it’s more a it’s not as Wendy in here
oh there you go a lot what did you see a but a the yetis and the words look there’s a blue yeah so yeah this is up
right yeah yeah yeah open manger we’re on the event a lot walk there
we then I walk by mr. gimmicky or sofa so
when is all that will come back here when I’m running off to my bed so T
taint I’m gonna get the T on nigga back to you on using the out cut a pot
900 more no photo
on my sugar so it’s a love and I call it guys if we
can see can you see that man yeah so there but there believe me it’s a lovin
he’ll say did he do sneak top Miller we ran a height I’ll try and sleep that
for people in America it was lying on their grand it was laying on the ground
in a job that man and ice cream whatever girl I hate when people do that to me
have you later where’s my tea ready what two tea bags I’m gonna put some air moat
coded on it and some sugar an obvious of the milk cocoa if you just suggested to this you
couldn’t jump out and mark but I thought no he may he may take it the wrong way
and leave mate guys my MA
vanadium I’m unsaved the sweet mic Mahalo I hide myself that little cup of tea and
it was cooked so I’m well people don’t know
goodbye that’s in the moment
I think to model what gone up to cloudy feet that’s a good fight that’s like pathology yeah yeah so uh follow me late night for me usually I’m at the
edge solid care lean o’clock ten o’clock so funding the bet make oil so
it might c’mon let’s say hit the mama did sleep a thus endeth a trouble with Silverlight
was there’s a bag of all that made if you can deal out that’s Tuesday they
talk so fun defense that’s our look rotate that says I’m parking up what I’m Marie
Edie’s furnished for the first time Eddie’s beating me normally it takes out then part if Patti
stops sorry so I just want to just show that slut
but but yeah for anybody that’s new to camp and that
connect point so bring a microfiber towel dry your tailor and then when you park away for tonight
it would be as well I’m sure most people know of it it’s mostly from youth people
so they’re bigger you’ll say they’re coming
it’s been reeling most of them online so that’s right doesn’t do much following
what does the clothes can lay trim awesome there’s an actual mountain at
the back there it goes right are we up to here but you can’t see it because of
there yeah whether you would call the clouds the
climber so
master now fostering your pipe there there that’s
the first time you’ve been part before widely well I mean Matt comes up in yeah he’s always lost honestly I think Eddie’s been fighting since
there’s no half past nine right I think he’s been parking Sensex in the morning
off seven yeah I’ll be others too busy set my boat drinking cups of tea and did
my usual dancin and ready the pot pot
and we’ll have a party that maybe I’ll go away yeah I’ve got some rosin sausage
what fair rules and sauces but the tip of Scott can’t beat that getting it up
and exactly hate rather the debate over he was gonna the guttacore if you see a
distinction and should I show them there number one number one small e-waste doable thing
come he’s got no hundred and somebody’s gonna call they hate me doesn’t work I
see it up hello oh I stood up there what does it watch how shoe ended us but
number one always number one so yeah we’re going to the car fuck guys they’re
welcome to part with Esther my dear I just need put a ten I mean in authority
Shiva with their microfiber towel and all majority of people know about that
but it’s not people have done so that sounds about all practical the
clothes starting to come over for that note
yeah then mark stands on my spot I was gonna show you what it was or here let’s
see there that’s been my tent was can you see it
about known D my eyes doesn’t but those no pocket bags last just showing because
sometimes I get accused of leaving like been bags people tongue up and there’s
been bags left and then they say that would have been that Scottie wonder who
can’t be are two years ago so no bags worth there we go off we go love my little spot I’ll enjoy they here
so I think to be with off2kali be more camping lovely I would like to come back
young something but yeah that’s too many places and Scotland food wasn’t but here
we go but look at how poco Bazaar look very cool so that was really real ass
night but all that he learned it yeah so we’re good not pass for other words back
to the carpark you hey mr. parson today you get another
deal with see when we came up here last night there was like tons and tons of
frogs yep roll over the path over there I think he’s getting a bad deal because
that’s really come to a fair Sinclair Derek Julie was it Julie Joe I keep
getting it – Mike stop them there yeah sometimes sometimes it’s like that
see when you watch the videos I’m watching their the Eddie’s watching me
I’m watching mark Mark’s watching Eddie oh yeah I forgot you see mark caught
1,000 sauce labels and he’s bought the earth tomorrow so happy birthday for
tomorrow mark I was going to get my cake and sang happy bought there but you know
what I’m like I forget plates and spoons and forks and cakes and so sorry mark
Tate as well but Tate as well Matt Lazar I’ve really made this shoe up
nursing the kids up own then I went that’s too expensive now I’m always sure
I don’t forget honestly but yeah it’s good that mark cut the one key one put one gear before these posture yeah we
said that and that remember like cooking video we went to might wonder we hope
that you got till one key so thanks to everybody who went over on subscribe to
mark see he’s really happy hot won’t care
do you see the enthusiasm in these Pfister but yeah we’re going that way
I’ve been talking too much bigger frog doesn’t yeah yeah I know the difference
between cane toads and frogs but here I don’t know the ones in Australia Outback
massive things you know what cane toad looks like is anybody loves in Australia
you did do the cane toad race and you gotta let the pub and and the race the
king towards but payment out I don’t really get many frogs so but I’m sure
that was a frog there was tons of them last night but if
I go that’s where we went last night we went that way it to the west
it was pitch black kill us USA so that’s to beg for its don’t you for their for
everybody at Westar not there that’s to keep the deal on what is us whenever just come under as a privateer doesn’t
think so like the Queen she’s gonna stay up your summer but happen all the other
boats as she’s probably a few estates I’m a bit Prince Charles he’s assess it
or something see what that’s the moments does that look a little picture of that lovely here we go that’s it begs Rock
there it looked a lot bag out at neat day when I was looking it’s not that big is that the plot or whether you are
talking a big company all right habla just shun their bones tops like so
but to the car park right we just phoned a lot when you it
see abolished I’ve never seen one of them know I’ve seen them in Austria and
they call them little throws over the bottom I seen one in here
Scotland it’s lost our leg but I want sort of but Nickelback them brain bread
that means they’re dead but said these cockney line
cockney rhyming slang for brain bread Uncle Fred but I do a job here that says
you can’t beat us can you know can’t beat us can do not mock nice yeah
see for people that are watching and I’ve never been a up here they should
come up and try uh part of the Halen’s bumper I’m not really I went up mountains
that’s more Eddie’s can I extreme that’s put anybody that what she’s a deal or no
Bali that’s more Bally’s can happen I’ll leave that to Bali and Eddie that says what bike that’s the ranger
station that what yesterday and I think was I’ve registered my cars
over there some are gonna have breakfast and the car park that’s why I’m having the long sausage
and it was late my share for today as Mark prophecy
trapper I think that that when shields maybe are
back to on ice so mastering the cookin what you’re
cooking for this did a mock sausage smoked bacon and eggs love who you hover
what’s the rules and I’ll get my breakfast park thing up there my
sausages well sir I was going to it mala Oh frame fun I’ll put on my lot less snow people look
good the marts detainee so we’re just going to use marksman but I just kind of sweater over there you can always head this out folks that’s a bit too high and special sons I got a copy
speaking about can some enough what Mike just you the like I spaced those hands I
just got it touching the hot see I used to work in our I what turn I slide
hosting of what then key will fight to see yes yes fingers go okay now hard so
flip that’s with us let me I’ve just get my enhance and marks get a lot we’ll get
Ally hands well he’s got off his fingers what but I slick can get somebody wasn’t but under love you want
in 50’s stuff so here we go my breakfast is ready
Mufasa let up there we go Eddie’s just said
he’s never had that potatoes gone on a roll and it says you speak Alaska yeah and then mark was just seeing these
never had spun before props if their fossil we’re gonna get to spam on don’t feel which Technovation on-month the spa one
will head to the coffee or you come up with
right masked marvel jinn anymore it was a spam
button up until ten minutes ago they’re eating the year so we’re cooking the
spam right so when you cook the spam at such a dashing and Scotland by the sky
wonder that you’ve got to the spam dance right he’s great but dance to the spam
dance dance dance dance smart doesn’t do how times film right
did you know I like the mothers tiger – spam cook yet mom eat enough let me get over but my spot hey there we go the low spam last boss we’ll forget a dance mom you tell mark um hello mop or shall be a
bit straight nice with but here after being
cooked it doesn’t like you thought was it like he’s a spam here I thought
that’s like I just went in the hostel love it
there’s a spam here at the betrayal these are here so we just seen that smart yeah we love
it down here that’s part of killem lumps right
yeah I’ve come to you what Tamil I can’t the off was that
November come to a rough mark mark out in the whales and they I’ve been up here
see sorry sorry forget no I’m gonna forget how could I forget number one
number one there’s the sorry up again cuz and anything to spawn dance with me
sorry Eddie he’s reminded me so finding a lot Tamil
we went to Glenn fishy I’ve been into – thing that was snuggling to be all that
buff it was the one big effect stock and mark this there as well
so what don’t hear of and I’ve also been to a lakh Tom I’ve been there worth mark
even the whales and Eddie he booster yeah that was way blue went
I’ve been there I went near on November that’s real that Buffy was we walked on
so you walk all the way in from there to here
that was a good for us and there that’s the live I got her
I’ve been up the ladder gonna I’ve got off ideal what I was up I wasn’t really
on and we got to be here I mean mark was it Glenn more think we
can’t deal I’ve been there I was there what Colin and Mark so I’ve done the
wins but look what cope I guess so the other builds the Queen that’s because
the Queen’s I stay as Balmoral iced it then you get Barrymore here a lot of
locks and lock tote it was locked deep what guy like Marv
spinning that one mark open the whales but awesome table I’m Vinnie balmoral
you accountant that was ask Eddie city’s been a Luger really Eddie’s not been yet
but Midmark what’s in that can you imagine going to Balmoral when the
Queen’s on residence you won’t get anyone the other place but then see the
fact that mean mark come up and give us that say did a while ago with them but I
wanted to do the ladder girl as I show us do not want endure so I don’t always
say do you go up I think it may be the saint
what say did you go up it did that’s eight did you got I do won’t do it but
it’s just there famed in the time wasn’t but I’ll get run to something hopefully
she don’t worry Eddie number one and marked a few wants to come so we’ve left
there the bags and the car we’re off to quarry few Berlin khadafy this is
biblical end though I think at our Lodge have a think us I hopes may have been a
ho Co Luger but notice how a collage


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