Wild Camping & Landscape Photography – Brecon Beacons, South Wales
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Wild Camping & Landscape Photography – Brecon Beacons, South Wales

what an absolute belter of a day unbelievable like 15 degrees or some but
no wind whatsoever so grant and I headed up the mountain to do a spot of wild
camping we were walking about say half an hour just so he doesn’t make
me sound too and fit 15 minutes yeah so yeah we’re heading up to Llyn Y Fan Fach which is a lake I’ve camped before I’ll put a link to the other
video the last time I came here it was miserable as anything you couldn’t see
anything it was foggy with snow it was icy freezing cold couldn’t be any
further from that tonight but we’ll get eaten alive but all these midges as well
so we’re gonna try and get to the top of the mountain as quick as you can
sunsets in about an hour it’s a absolutely clear blue sky so I don’t
think we’re rushing to get any under lighting from the clouds but yeah get
very quick we’ve got that 15 dogs with us as well so a bit like a doggies day
out as well as a wall camp all right I’ll see you in a minute but we were supposed to be making a
frantic effort to get up the mountain quick is possible but seeing these
reflections along the the lake at the bottom of the mountain and wow I had to
run down and grab that absolutely gorgeous so just a couple of photographs one on
the iPhone as a panoramic because I had the 16 to 55 on the Fujifilm XH1 it
wasn’t quite wide enough so I got nice and nice abstract shot lovely really really nice amazing inflections so still right get up that
mountain quick finally set the tent up a light has
gone amazing I was waiting for the Sun to go down looks like we’re
gonna get a bit cooler we wasn’t expecting to get any cloud in the sky
at all it was completely clear but it looks like there’s a bit of haze
appearing on there on the horizon see from my always it’s amazing so
really really nice stripy lines in the sky now so we’re just gonna stick the
the long lenses on give it sort of five minutes before that Sun Goes Down
anything so it’s gonna take so yeah just frantically got over here realise that
I haven’t got the polariser adapter that will take thee ya drop it on the floor
so I got the step-up ring so let me put the polariser on so I’ve just got the XF
50-140 and I’ve got the tele-converter on there as well so it’s giving me 100 to
300 equivalent I’m just going to zoom in and look out for some details on the on
the horizon there it should be really nice like a windmill farm over there we
can’t see that so might be quite a nice gorgeous color yeah it’s gonna get set
up for I think about f/8 and then it’s f11 it is with it
with the teleconverter on that confused me there so yeah go down to a 5.6 will
give me a equivalent to f/8 and pick that out pick up some details should be
nice yesterday’s been amazing got it just in
time for the for the sunset caught some color over there that was really really
nice so just add the the XF 51-140 with a teleconverter on there so it gave me
about three hundred mm so it’s able to zoom in quite nicely into the into
the wind wind farm wind farm fierce what they’re calling that yeah so that was
the colors they look really nice hopefully that will come out well
dog here absolutely spark next to me Callie’s plumb tuckered bless her so
we’re gonna have an early start we’ve had a wonder about taking some a bit of
bit of Astro Astro shots I’ve got the Fujifilm X-H1 with the Samyang 12
mm ready to go it’s already set up just chuck it on the tripod grab boots get out
there turns out the Milky Way’s actually in
the other direction completely to where I thought it was gonna be but we’ll
hopefully get a photo for the Milky Way’s I’ve never done that before
that’ll be amazing so yeah another cyst probably like 12 o’clock now is I’ve
only got about an hour’s Kip and then up again for 6 o’clock for a sunrise so
yeah absolutely knackered but yeah it’s been good so far so if I don’t see you
in a minute and I sure didn’t go out I’ll see you in the morning hopefully
it will good morning
look at that sky got a bit of color absolutely fantastic it’s quite cold
tho isnt it it’s quite cold.. colder I thought was gonna be this morning but it
is about five minutes before sunrise if probably bang on sunrise now I’ve
just been trying to get a get the camera set up on the edge of the cliff here
just just setting the camera just so I can get a panoramic of the whole scene
and I’ve got the the still got the 12 mm Samyang on from last night and the
polarizer that’s pretty much it just at F11 and focusing about a meter in
front of the camera and just got a bracket just the three stop bracket just
to give me some nice dynamic range to play with I think when the light comes
up it’s gonna light all this all really really nicely so it should be really
nice and if I had time I’d run him we’re gonna get the kettle on I think we have
got time really before the Sun comes up over there probably got at least 20
minutes before we need to worry about the Sun coming up over that way yeah I
might get the kettle on then absolutely gasping! but yeah the cameras all set up ready
I’ve got me filters and everything here just in case as well but I don’t think
I’m gonna need that yeah how gorgeous is that the Sun is up and
it’s light in everything up absolutely gorgeous so I’m just keeping an eye on
the coffee we’ve got that boiling. Dont want to set the place on
fire Oh blow up another Jetboil yes so upped the aperture not to f11 because it started to light up a
little bit more and I hope it to give it a starburst
so maybe my even goes for f-16 is that quite windy i cant see haha yeah it’s
absolutely gorgeous so give it a couple of minutes and perhaps we should get
some nice detail on all these lines here on the front of this rock
it’s absolutely amazing so yeah panoramic that it’s work times being
like quite quite a big panoramic it’s about six six six vertical images three
stops each one for the polarizer on that’s pretty much all it was to be
honest there’s like one cloud in the middle of the sky you see that and the
light is catching the side of that crowd absolutely gorgeous as well I scrapped
another one of them all that lights on there now that’s fantastic
got grant on the coffee happy days couldn’t go any better gorgeous morning
the Sun is booming through there absolutely amazing so getting a nice
starburst there my f-16 just trying to still bracket in I still got me pano
going and then it started to catch if you look over there
they started to catch the side of the mountains now as well so is that a
mountain that’s more of a hill I guess is that a mountain? its more of a
hill I’m bigging it up a little bit haha I was just thinking how could it would
be if we could fly over I’ll be amazing let’s get it goin! get the drone going see
when crashing to the lake I’m absolutely appalling with this thing
so apologies if this doesn’t look very cinematic and amazing yet got me Mavic Air – let’s get going what a stunning snowy morning we are
both struggling with no real reason to rush for once I’m gonna burst haven’t
gonna rush off to work this morning so grant still killing in the turn there
and a dog does not look like she’s in any rush to go I’ve got this the the
sun’s gone quite high now so it’s cast in a shadow down are you probably not
this is it’s so harsh down the side of the mountain it’s created this really
really nice sort of diagonal lines across the mount it’s really difficult
to photograph so I’ve tried a few things bracketing just in case although I’m
hoping to get it in one shot just get really really nice contrast image so not
looking for dynamic range but just like the really really dark foreground here
and just to emphasize their lines that are coming out I bet you can’t say oh
you can just about see it yeah there it is yeah so it’s absolutely fantastic so
you’re looking to pick out a square basically I think I’m going to do it I
try a wide shot as well but I think the best shot is gonna be the sort of
isolated square part of that it’s absolutely gorgeous it’s quite hazy now
though but it’s really warm it’s coat off in a minute yeah amazing I grabbed this
shot might even have another coffee then I get the breakfast going very sad to leave this place this
morning I think grants got a tear in his eye it’s unbelievable
so we’ve packed up and we’re gonna head back down towards the car it’s quite
nice to have a relaxing morning but we do need to head back at some point I
suppose so yeah I’m gonna wander down thanks so much for watching the video I
hope you enjoyed it it’s what we can take is about 40 minutes to go back to
Cars so ill end it now before I look complete wreck please hit the subscribe button hope you
enjoyed it and the like button drop me a comment down there be good to the good
hear from you and I look forward to seeing you again
take care


  • Renegade Scot

    Good stuff Gareth and at least you got a better wild camp than I have recently. Some lovely scenery. Have the Samyang 12mm myself and seems really good so far Atb

  • Mark Jagger

    Grate vlog and images as always Gareth. Really enjoyable, good to see you did not blow the cooker up this time 😂

  • Sian Pearce Gordon

    Keep up the great work – you're selling Wales well (athough don't give away how good we've got it around these parts 😉 )

  • John Formstone

    Great stuff as always Gareth! I always look forward to the next episode and it never disappoints. Keep up the good work.

  • Tom Duncan

    Nice little sleep over with the kids. Love the morning shots. Panoramic shots worked well. And well done with the drone, and still in one piece.

  • Paul Messner

    Quality video Gareth. Llyn Y Fan Fach is high on my wish list. Some great footage. How are you finding the Mavic Air? Also…mind sharing where you parked the car for this trip? Cheers…Paul

  • tudor west

    Hi thanks Gareth,really enjoyed where you were great photos,dogs were great as well,👍😄🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  • CirrusRC

    Nice job. Does the x-h1 have the same patterened sun flare issue as the x-t2? Also is it me or are the Fuji images a little dark (less bright ) compared to say an D810?

  • Graeme Somerville

    Amazing! You got some stunning images. Nice job Gareth. Hey…just wondering what that last image with the diagonal lines might look like in black and white? Cheers.

  • Andy Poole

    Ah mate, looks like you chose the perfect weekend for it, awesome weather makes all the difference for a wild campers mood , ha ha. Great vlog as ever. Quick question, I’ve always wondered, when you wild camp, are there toilet and shower facilities near by or do you take portables with you? 🤣

  • Hugo Bertie Pickles

    Lovely episode! Can I ask, how are finding the x-h1 to use … functions, portability, features, etc? Keep clicking, keep inspiring & be well x ta

  • Adam Cichy

    Another cracking Vlog Mr G; Great images and stunning landscape. Also like the guitar background music; who is it playing? Regards Adam

  • Julian Baird Photography

    Great video mate….loved the story of your adventure and the photos. I'm thinking some wild camping might be in order…. you're gradually talking me into it!

  • Brian Jones

    Another great episode Gareth with stunning location and weather. Really appreciate you using the drone this time gives the location a whole different view point. Keep up the great work and Thomas Heaton better watch out. When are you going to start some workshops mate 🙂

  • Tim Scanlan

    Hi Gareth. Love it !! One of my favourite places in the Beacons. No need to make excuses for being short of breath – it's a bit of a pull from the car park to Llyn Y Fan Fach until you get your second wind. You couldn't have picked a better evening for a wild camp – so jealous ! You've captured some stunning images – can't decide whether I like the astro selfie or the sunrise over the Llyn. Both corkers !! The drone B roll makes a huge difference to the video and you got some fantastic footage there. Massive thanks for another cracking video Gareth.

  • Chris Sale

    What a beautiful evening/morning Gareth. I think I am gently warming to the idea of wild camping. Obviously some great images as well, I like the shot with the wind farm.

  • Jamie Overland

    Bear Grills with a Fuji! Some superb images there – loved the pano at 9:39. Looked a tad warmer than your last camp

  • David Pearce

    Gareth what state were the approach road like ? They we're dodgy last year. Nice video mate, you'll have to give grant a speaking part haha

  • stukelful

    Very nice! Nothing better than camping and being there in the wee early hours. Can't take my dogs with me where I live, they'd get eaten by something. But taking my son up with me into the mountains this coming weekend in South Africa, and your video's inspired me that little much more.

  • michael kerrigan

    Very nice Gareth, the selfie with Callie just great. Pano was epic too. Looking forward to a great year and getting out meself. You ain’t that bad with the drony thing.

  • Carlos

    Awesome video Gareth! I'm going on a camping trip in 2 weeks and I'm planning on taking milky way photos if all works out. You need some Puerto Rican coffee! Very strong 😉

  • Rob Outen Photography

    Brilliant vlog Gareth. Amazing mornings photography, the colours where superb. I enjoyed the drone footage, looking forward to more. Thanks for sharing and great work.

  • Chewbokeh L

    Another great video Gareth. Your down to earth manner/style, calming music , great shots are really relaxing to watch and give a feeling of being there. Really like your selfie shots of the stars and the sunrise. Looking forward to your next adventure,cheers, Steve.

  • Sylvia Slavin ARPS

    Great vlog, amazing photos and scenery. My dad wrote his thesis for his doctorate on the flora of the Brecon Beacons and this was one of those favourite areas. I hope to be heading there this summer for the first time as an adult to spread his ashes, so your vlog has made me feel a bit emotional.

  • Mark Pritchard

    Wow!!! Wonderful vlog Gareth absolutely beautiful photos. Starting to get through your videos now, looking forward to more. Many Thanks, keep up the great work!👍🏻

  • carlb-photography

    I nearly fainted at the start of this video, it's the first time i have seen you without 300 down jackets on and still complaining you are cold. 😀 😀 😀

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    Brilliant video and great shots. I’ve just subscribed! Keep it up. How long did it take you to walk from the car park to the top?

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