Wild Camping with Scottish Beavers | Wildlife Photography | Nikon Z7 | DJI Osmo Pocket

Holy crap!
That was awesome, that beaver came about two meters away Hi there. This is a very special bit of
woodland because it’s the site of the Scottish Beaver Trial which was a
reintroduction trial a few years ago and so in these ponds in amongst the woods
here there are beavers and I’ve seen beavers
in this location last year and so in this video what I thought I’d do is
combine two of my favorite things to do outdoors which is of course wildlife
photography and camping I didn’t really have time to sort of talk you
through setting up the camp but basically I’ve just got a hammock strung
between two trees and a tarp over the top of it and it’s just about an hour to
sunset so I’m going to get down to the edge of the water and set up my camera
and I’m just gonna sit there until it gets dark and see if I see any beavers Right so I’m set up down by the water
I’ve got the tripod sitting in the water I’ve got my ridiculous wool-lined Finnish wellies
on because I’m gonna be sitting with my feet in the water for quite a long time so
thay’ll keep my feet warm and yeah equipment wise I’ve got a 300mm f/2.8 lens on the Z7 and I’ve got 1.4x teleconverter on it. This is a new lens
to me I got it a few weeks ago but then I was away traveling so I haven’t had a chance to test it and the reason for getting it is for low-light photography and we’re gonna be in Finland in the summer and we’re gonna be going to the east of Finland near the Russian border hoping to see bears, wolves, wolverines and things like that
in the night there so I wanted a a good lens for low-light and the 300
seems like that the way forward I’ll be doing a head-to-head test video at some
point soon between this and the 200-500mm f/5.6 In terms of settings I’ve got it at f/4 so that’s wide open with the teleconverter on and yes I’m also using the silent shutter Oh the midges are very fierce
already it’s only the middle of May it’s gonna be a very midgy year it’s been a mild winter so I suppose that was to be
expected but still you can always hope! Oh, none of this gassing to camera, there’s a beaver over there! Ooh, holy crap! That was awesome That beaver came about two metres away the closest just then it was nearly at minimum focusing distance for the lens I hope I got some video
because yeah it’s probably a bit dark I tried to take some stills as well but the ISO
was probably just so high theye’ll be grainy as but oh wow what a moment
I was just about to a piece to camera saying that I just run back to the hammock
and my rucksack to get some midge repellent and as I looked up
just before I turned the Osmo pocket on I realized that the beaver was coming
straight across the pond straight towards me that’s absolutely brilliant
well I’m gonna keep watching for a bit longer and see if it comes back but then
realistically is getting quite dark and I should go back to camp and make dinner
but oh yeah there we go that was the kind of moment
that makes these trips worthwhile I stayed for a little bit longer
watching the beavers and there was that little snippet I’ll have just shown you
now where there were two of them interacting on the other side of
the pond that was kind of cool and I’m quite impressed that I was able to actually
film anything at all considering how low the light was at that point
this guy the 300mm lens is really doing pretty well I’m quite impressed
this is a bit of a mental test for it testing it really kind of dusk low light
but it’s done all right something that happened since I published the mountain
goats video is that I’ve actually past a hundred subscribers so thank you very
very much everyone who subscribed that is really awesome so as part of this
video I obviously wanted to do camping in the woods as well as wildlife photography
but in celebration I’ve also cooked myself a steak dinner
and because I’ve just been to the Caucus mountains in Georgia I’ve seasoned my
steak with Svanetian salt which is a thing there it’s a kind of mixture of
salt and other spices so that ought to be pretty tasty um so yeah I’ve got my
steak dinner I’ve got a can of beer and yeah thank you very much for everyone
who subscribed that’s really awesome Cheers
so the plan now is to tidy up a bit here and finish my beer and yeah get up nice
and early and go back down to the pond and see if I can see some beavers in the
morning so we’ll continue the video then goodnight well it’s been a pretty damp morning I
was awakened at 5:00 a.m. by the sound of a crow on my phone is an alarm an
idea flagrantly stolen from Morten Hilmer from one of his videos actually a
very smart move having a natural sound as your alarm that’s quite neat
yeah came a sat by the pond in the rain and didn’t see any beavers
Beavers are sort of a crepuscular and nocturnal so they come out in the
evening and then they’re active through the night and I find that watching them
in the evening is far more productive because during the day they’ve been
asleep and they’re probably hungry they want to get out of their lodge and so in the evening they’re definitely going to come out by the
morning they’ve had all night to do whatever beavering business they have
and of course there’s a good chance that they’ll stay in bed something which I
might have been quite tempted to do given the weather having said that it’s
actually been very pleasant sitting in the rain I’ve got my water proofs and my hat on I’m not getting too wet the equipment’s reasonably well
weather sealed and yeah it’s been nice there’s been rolls of mist going
across the lake and there’s been birds singing it’s been good it’s starting to rain a bit
harder now so I think it’s probably time to head back to camp
and go and have a cup of coffee and then actually pack up because I’m
only here for last night and this morning and got to be on my merry way in a few
hours so it’s only been a whistle-stop tour but it’s very nice here and I
suspect I’ll be back later on in the summer and the beavers are certainly
very active here there were a lot more trees here a year ago so the chances are
if I come back I’ll probably see them again so I come for longer I can spend
more time waiting so yes if you enjoy these videos and you like what I’m doing
with this YouTube channel please consider subscribing and thank you very
much to those of you that already have as I said last night over a hundred
subscribers now so that’s pretty awesome and yeah thanks for watching and I will
see you on the next one, goodbye

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