Wilderness Mountain Camping (7 Days) in Olympic | Crossing the Divides
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Wilderness Mountain Camping (7 Days) in Olympic | Crossing the Divides

Alright guys, going on day two now, we’re in mid-day and we decided to take a break,
to do some fishing for bit. *um* you can see how sunny it is out.
we’ve been dealing with the heat in heavy packs, but we’ll just take our time, drink
lots of water and I’m sure we’ll be okay. After get our butt handed to us
with the hill and in the Sun. We decided to make it finally
to the Anderson glacial moraine, to get this
lovely view the summit of Mount Anderson Alright, we go our campsite pitch here in the middle afternoon and this may
well be be the best campsite that I’ve had in a long time. Couldn’t ask for more perfect views. you look now opposite
direction from our campsite mmm, looks good *sound of creek* A little evening view from our campsite,
not too bad of a view hope you guys are having a good night. See you in the
morning. we got the start of day three, here, we’re are just going to take a zero-day and stay another night. Um, and just explore
this area take a few photos and enjoy the the Marmots whistling at us, every few
minutes This is the outfeed of the Anderson glacier Alright guys, we are sitting here on the Anderson Glacier. I just wanted to do a little videos, to remember this moment, later
this winter we can look back and see yeah, we were here. Sweet! Decided to climb up here on a little knoll. So we could look back down to camp, and get a different perspective. After short
scramble here’s a nice view for you guys above camp, looking back
down towards White Creek Basin and then East Fork Quinault River, where the Enchanted Valley is, way down in the backside of the valley, and then way back there is Colonel Bob. going on evening three here camp, you
cannot beat this view. If you guys looked really careful, for you
can see an Olympic Marmot, there playing around
by the water he just looked up us. It’s rascally Marmot. Alright, we’re going on day four here, and we went a few miles down from camp,
and we’re looking back. Actually at the waterfalls that was right near Camp for the last two days, it’s really beautiful. the Suns kicking our butt today, we we’re
going to take a short cut ,but got to sketched out, about 100
feet shy of the crest, is just too steep for me. so we’re
taking the long way around sit here enjoying a late lunch in the
shade. it’s very warm today, and lots of bugs
, and there is a view of the Chimney Peak in the Burke Range. roughly
one year ago today this mountain here humbled me, and I had to get helicopter rescued of it, and I’m here celebrating the
anniversary at that, it forever changed my life that’s for
sure here looking down the Quinault valley, you can see Lake Quinault, and the Pacific
Ocean way out there. here’s what it looks like, not so zoomed in Finally made it to O’neal pass here ,looking into Lacrosse Basin. sure is beautiful! here we are, ending day four watching the Sun going down. not too
shabby Alright, we are up here on the Duckabush – Quinault divide, looking at
Mount Duckabush. It is very hot today. It takes the energy
right out of you, when you’re trying to climb what we are enjoying ourselves and enjoying the view, decided to take a lunch up here. It’s a beautiful day. Great air quality no rain, for the last six days or so, this is a day number five of our trip *sound of swimming* Morning a day six and low and behold, I’m so happy but the clouds are coming back into the
Olympic Mountains so burnt out of being in the Sun for days, it feels good to be cool we’ll see what type of weather pushes are way the next
day or two. *sound of the river* So here we are day six of our trip, tomorrow we reach the trailhead. Got a bit of rain today, but it was a really long day of walking, from the mountains back down here into the Quinault rain forest. and now we just have nine more miles left , to finish out the trip. probably sleep like rock tonight. I’m pretty beat, Im not going to lie. alright, see you tomorrow. *sound of the river* Alright, we’re at the end of day 7, and we are beat! We are back at the trailhead, now it’s just time to find a ride down to the city.


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