Wildlands: Camping Below Freezing | WKND WNDR #010:  Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park ON
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Wildlands: Camping Below Freezing | WKND WNDR #010: Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park ON

This is Eric’s side trail needless to say
I don’t think we will be crossing here *Music* alright just leaving work early on a
Friday I said it was gonna be my last camping trip a couple of weeks ago but I lied. As you can see I’ve got my big backpack on. I’m going a little early so I’m not one of those people on TTC rush
hour that brings giant bags and stuff I’m gonna meet my friend at Downsview Station and then we’re going to Queen Elizabeth Provincial Park this weekend. It’s going to be the coldest one I’ve been on – 4 or something tonight so hopefully I don’t freeze. I’ve got a new winter sleeping bag and we’ll see how it turns out but, I’m just catching a street car over and then we’ll get this trip on the road got to Downsview Station. Now I’ve got to find Amar and his car and then we’re going to battle traffic I don’t know if he’s here yet though. Nope. I don’t see him. I’ll have to wait. Well that’s not good. There he is! Let’s drop our bags and get going. What’s up dude? How’s it going? Good to see you. No Worries. We just picked up Eric. How’s it going?
Pack it up and then we’re on our way. The most necessary items. They’re going
to get liquor.I’ve already got mine in my mickey. So we parked our car. We’ve arrived at Victoria Falls which is somewhere over there you can hear it there is snow coming down ever
so lightly. Amar how do you feel right now? “I feel good…It’s Cold” Really cold? Or Bearable you think? “Bearable” So we’re just waiting on a GPS signal which is very crucial. There he is. He’s trying to lock it in, so he’s prancing around the parking lot. Because if we don’t have a GPS signal we’re not going anywhere tonight! Here we are. It’s maybe 9:45 almost 10:00 o’clock just locked up the car. Guys
we’re about to do this. It’s the coldest night. “Piece of cake” Are you ready for this? What should we do to get ourselves pumped? A fist bump? A cheer? or what? or is that too cheesy? “Yah, some skin” Let’s go boys Alright so we’re doing a short hike
tonight just a couple kilometers We’re going to stay on the road trying to find a campsite that’s suitable and then we’re going to do our big kilometer jump
tomorrow it may be…how many kilometers tomorrow? Thirteen? “Yup” 13 K tomorrow rocky terrain in the dark right off the
start. We’re just trying to find our markers Gully jumpers bridge. First bridge of the night can’t see much over there. How deep is it? It’s not far down Not much in terms of distance covered but hard visibility. It got cold it was snowing a bit We couldn’t find our markers properly. We had to backtrack. Go forward. Find a junction. And we actually found the closest campsite possible for day one.
Started setting up camp maybe quarter to 11? right now eric’s over here just inflating his sleeping bag. He’s sleeping in this structure which is exposed to the elements. Amar’s next door to him in here. And I am in the corner here so we
got like a little triangle of tents for night one and now we’re just chillin. Enjoying some beverages and some candy. We had some Kit-Kat’s. and hoping to just stay warm for the rest of the night. And make it through. And not get hypothermia. We’ll see how it goes. Time for the Bear Hang. “I don’t even know if the rope’s long enough” We’re going for that tree right there. It’s snowing right now. Here he goes. Yes…Awwww. It’s stuck up there. How are we going to get it down? No! “Just Pull” Drop That? There we go. Here he goes. Yes! Great Success! Last vlog of a night. I’ve got
three layers on. Two layers of that. Three layers on here. Eric’s out there in the cold. Amar’s over there. We just made a remix to the weekend’s “I can’t feel my face” but instead I can’t feel my toes. It’s close to minus 10 right now. Are you guys doing ok out there? Let’s make it through
the night ok just check-in on each other to make sure nobody freeszes. so this could be my last video and I might wake up frozen to
death or something but It’s been an adventure. I’m glad I did this. Test my mettle here. It’s Saturday morning. At our Camp. AKA ‘cold city.’ We all managed to survive. Especially Eric in this exposed shelter lat night. It got a little windy. The hardest part I found for me was around like three or four in the morning the temperature was the coldest. I could barely feel my feet
even with the three layers of socks on and in fact my tent here is on a slope
so I here and keep sliding this way all through the night to end up in this far
corner of the the 10th but gonna cook breakfast now and then and then he’s got
a GPS say not so grateful to find the trail now and ever had on our way to the
main pretty big check 13 14 K but on always
survive this could be the outer limits of what any of us want to camp in the
hills around minus 10 last night that’s probably the limit where I can go dismantle final piece we’re all in
orange 209 shoot us ready to go and there can
be a challenging hiking trail experienced hikers only trail map
essential well Erica GPS works ok right then we should be good rain how telling you the beaver dam would have
been fun however one of us got let that would have eliminated all fine from the
equation don’t dip in it this looks like a shortcut that we’re
supposed to take SK we would go away if we went that way we can slower pace after this one other
guy hits girlfriend the trimmings down but this point all
jails converge going forward or at least the meeting will converge so long to get
here as fast as possible this morning so that we didn’t meet him on the trails we
don’t know what time he’s driving up separately we know what time he get here
and make it so I gotta feeling a little bit challenging the hell yeah I took my
2004 water is so cold that it feels like ice water in hearing now and my clip has
frozen desserts like chillin jerky trying to get my key through it but the waters a bit murky water filter it
gonna drink and we don’t get sick from it fast-moving water not that up appetizing when you’re
drinking yellowish murky water beggars can’t be choosers well not nearly as murky as I thought
that would be a really good job on this but full jug of water but the remaining
11 K that makes me a little more happy you’re able to cope cuz I was getting
worried there is my last drops of water as they use my full job this morning to
boil water for coffee and oatmeal in the morning yeah we cross our first Beaver Dam of
the day although that’s a big one but I feel and look smart patted down and now
some easy part we hit the ATV trail which makes it go a little bit faster
than or it goes a lot faster than I just stumbled across yes well so that they
don’t got through it i dont wanna get run over by a drunkard on the CTV chawri
now I hope the hunters are hunting so far too saying no problem piece of cake walk in
the park is my new look around the neck thing keeps the ball but left the heat I
got a little too overheated just how I like bandana around that area
image 1 of the last camp States hikers as you could see full summary he’s a
just left about 15 mins ago and then shower then they stayed here last night
he threw her finding out possibly using and our house located here but as you
can see it’s nine tip-top shape right now so thankfully I had a little emerged
there and I had to use my own little make the outhouse we just set up camp Mr
is gonna stay behind and man the fire here get everything ready we are going
to be an aircard gonna hike on an extra four climbers see if I can find our
friends then if he’s already at the new campsite we doubt he is so i cant he
won’t be but if not we’re just gonna see how fast you can do the spark a full
pack for wait to see how we can go I’ve dropped all my gear and I’m when the
super late lunch so be interesting like got headband headwrap just in case we
hope to be back here two to three hours max right godspeed let’s do this this is gonna be
the wedding yet today help matters they’re shocked I’m going
off in the background of hunters now unfortunately we have reached a
point of no return more difficult even as this being our
fifth this one looks and passable and the fact that could do it now may be
taken off our shoes going through a barefoot but common hour an hour and a
half its gonna be no sunlight left and we’re gonna have to that in the dark and
not see your footing going over Beaver Dam in the dark idea so this is the point of no return
my friend 13.6 skated a pretty good pretty good considering we had a late
start at 10:30 so we’re gonna venture on back and just lounge around the campsite
I didn’t quite make it all the way back yet mandatory stop for Swedish berries and
then we noticed how bad the snow is coming down I hope not freezing and I
can be as cold as last night but you see the snow coming down a bit thicker it
they’re coming out pretty heavy well not happy but big flakes well my sunset we barely got back to
camp in time to see the sunset it started to snow campfire a little wet wood but we’re
hoping to get something going to keep us warm up hopefully not as cold as the
forecast has been messed up but all in all a good day well we have to do you want it but we
didn’t quite get to where exactly wanted but it leads us closer tomorrow to
getting out a little bit faster getting home which were on a bit easier dinner time for campfire just had a
lovely meal courtesy of our tomatoes bred vegetarian dish it’s it’s a weird
combo in the fact that so-called I don’t know if it’s a spice is causing quite a
stir and cold I think it’s the smoke ya gotta get this thing going through right
now on par with yesterday right now to finish our camera meant I’m pretty down
called we SAT by the fire I stayed warm my battery’s about to die so I’m coming
I’m going to be able to get in tonight just trying to stay warm many uses and a
wrap it around my face to face rose last night and hopefully that makes things
better two layers of socks 3 night hope that I
don’t get hypothermia and my feet don’t get frostbite or anything like that but
fingers crossed polars last night get some footage in tomorrow morning it’s
not it’s been a good trip so far alright this is how we had to get a coat
over the bridge on assets but we will find a way we have first of year on the
trail I will leave this walking stick you see her when we take off our boots


  • Kevin Fraser

    Great trip video! Sounds like you could use a life straw to get past the water anxiety. Even if you never need it, its peace of mind knowing that you never are more than a few sips away from clean water. Just makes sure to blow out all the water after each use so it does not freeze.

  • Louise L.

    I have backpacked in here a few times. Water purification highly recommended! Lots of beaver ponds, risk of Giardia high. Maps also recommended, GPS can fail. I am glad you had fun.

  • wagonman01

    I'm headed out there this weekend. I'm only familiar with the Devil's Lake side of the trail, do you have any tips for the Victoria Falls side?

  • Michael Doyle

    hey man, I think I saw you in the Yonge and St. Clair area, on Delisle, with that pack a few yrs back. Planning to travel to QEPP in July or August, 2017 for some interior canoeing. Hopefully black flies gone. Amazing such a huge trac of wilderness relatively close to the GTA. Great video. Ah, the joys of winter camping. No bugs though.

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