Will Ronnie Invite Jen? | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
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Will Ronnie Invite Jen? | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

– [Ron] Oh my God, stop. Oh. – [Mike] Yo, what is he doing? – Bro, he’s a mess, he is a mess. He’s on his phone the whole time. He’s fighting with Jen, you can tell. – He is?
– Mm-hmm. – Aww, I hate that. This situation with Ron and Jen, obviously a buzzkill. But it doesn’t surprise me at all because it happens everywhere we go. I just hope that that particular energy doesn’t get seeped into our weekend. (phone dinging) (phone dinging) – [Deena] Jenni, if you have a headache, what do you take while you’re pregnant? (phone dinging) – So, I did a lot of like
all natural stuff, um. (phone dinging) (suspenseful music) (phone dinging) Well. – Can I get everyone’s
attention for a second? So, obviously, there’s a lot of stuff that’s been going on with me and Jen. And she is in town and she’s here. And I would love for her
to be with us this weekend. Do you guys mind if she would come to Pauly’s gig tomorrow, and just hang out? (creepy music)
– What the (beep) Ron? Like you didn’t go to seaside because you were dragged by a car. And now you’re like,
yeah be cool with her. Like I don’t know where to go with this. This is like next level, like mind (beep). – We’re all family.
– I don’t know her so. – I wanna put it out there,
and like I don’t wanna, you know, make people feel uncomfortable. – As long as she’s nice to
you, you know what I mean? Like.
– No tit for tat (beep). – No, its ended. It’s been, we’ve actually been good. Recently, like it was just I
needed (beep) to be aired out. – Okay.
– It was, and I’m good. – Ron is telling us that the fighting with Jen has ended, uh it’s like him saying that the
fighting with Sam has ended. Which we all know, its never ended. – [Jenni] Does anyone object? Speak now. – Or forever hold your, – [Angelina] About what? – [Jenni] Jen coming tomorrow. – No, its fine. – Obviously, we’re all
just like terrified. He’s gonna do what he wants anyway, so there’s not much we can do. – I mean she can come. I’ve always wanted to be on TMZ. (everyone laughing) – I’m gonna sit over here. – This weekend is gonna be savage as (beep).


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