Williamsburg – Episode 1: Happy Camper Bucket List
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Williamsburg – Episode 1: Happy Camper Bucket List

– [Dan] Shortly after our marriage, we realized we wanted a life of freedom, a life of travel and adventure. – [Lindsay] We’ve camped
at some of the country’s most pristine campgrounds. – [Dan] And explored the best
attractions and excursions across the USA. – [Lindsay] Now we’re gonna share our favorite spots with you. Each episode we’ll be
staying a night in a new RV. – [Dan] And we’ll be sharing
some of our favorite features with you, we’re going to introduce you to some of our favorite campgrounds and take you to some of America’s
best travel destinations. I’m Dan. – [Lindsay] And I’m Lindsay. – And you’re watching – The Happy Camper Bucket List
– The Happy Camper Bucket List – [Lindsay] In this episode,
we’re stepping back in time here in the colonial
communities of Williamsburg, Yorktown and and Jamestown. All in the Virginia Peninsula. – This Historic Triangle is known as one of the world’s largest
18th living history museum, making it a favorite vacation
destination for millions of campers. – [Lindsay] And what better way to celebrate America’s heritage
than stepping back in time? – [Dan] While you’re in Jamestown, don’t miss the opportunity to some and see current excavations of the original Jamestown
settlement of 1607. Today we’re actually with
Dr. Kelso who discovered the once thought lost Fort Jamestown. – Dr. Kelso, will you tell
us about your discovery and why it’s so special? – Well, the fort site 1607 and 1620, built by ultimately Captain John Smith, was thought as to have
washed into the James river. I felt that it could be rediscovered. And it has been rediscovered. – And it worked. You can even stand in the very spot where legendary Pocahontas
married John Rolfe. – Yeah and you’re John
Rolfe and you’re Pocahontas. – This is great. – And congratulations. – Thank you. – I started digging here and
found this piece of pottery. That was the first artifact of 2 million. And we found armor and helmets and coins, from, you know, early
enough to James Fort. – So this is where it all began? – Exactly it, yeah. – Dr. Kelso, thank you so
much for showing us around, we really appreciate it. – It has been really great to
get to learn about all this history and to see the fort and thank you so much for
showing us around, appreciate it. – Okay, alright, really
good to meet you guys. – [Lindsay] Once you’ve
checked out the grounds and archeological sites
of historic Jamestown, be sure to check out the archaearium. – [Dan] Some of the most interesting and important artifacts
are on display here. Let’s go check it out. It’s amazing to think that
just a few steps behind us, was where some of the first
settlers to America landed and lived. Cheers to that. – [Lindsay] Cheers. If you’re looking for a great
place to stay in the area, we highly recommend camping
at the KOA in Williamsburg. – [Dan] We love that they
have all the amenities that you could need,
it’s a big spacious park. – It truly is a beautiful
place to come back to after a long day and hang out
and have the comforts of home. On this vacation, we’re staying
in an Atlas travel trailer and it’s so big and luxurious. I love that we can step
right outside the front door and have a fire and just enjoy each other. I also love that the power compartment folds into the counter. It makes it really nice to
keep the counters clutter-free when you’re not using it. – [Dan] Having a home cooked
meal is another big reason we love RV vacations. – [Lindsay] This is such a
great unit for any family. We’ve made it to the American
Revolution Museum at Yorktown. – And today we’re here wit Lee-Ann. Lee-Ann, can you go ahead and
tell us what makes this museum so special and such a
great place to visit? – Absolutely, so welcome to
the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown. While you’re here, you can visit our state
of the art gallery. You’ll feel the rumble of the cannons, you’ll see the flash of the cannons and you’ll see our kitchen,
where they’re preparing a lot of food that we’re
growing here in our garden and see history come to life. – [Host] This is a reproduction
of a British 6-pounder. All the way back as far as it’ll go, run it up against the bridge, turn it clockwise several times. Next start the sponge in the So the whole trick is to do
this whole loading of the cannon in 15 seconds, how we doing so far? – Eh, terribly. – Okay, you’re right about that. – [Host] Fire. – [Dan] We enjoyed our
amazing vacation here in the Historic Triangle. – And we’re finishing up at the ships at Jamestown Settlement. – We’re here with Don
and he’s gonna tell us all about this amazing ships. – Hey guys, so you’re
onboard Susan Constant. This is our flagship, the
biggest one of our fleet. Just a regular cargo ship that
happened on her second voyage to be rented by the Virginia
Company to help move everybody over here to start this home. So I mean history is everywhere. – [Lindsay] These amazing
ships are a must see for any visit to Historic Jamestown. – Thanks for joining us in
America’s Historic Triangle. – We’ll see you down the road next time on The Happy Camper Bucket List.


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