Willie Nelson’s Fourth of July picnic in Austin in 1979
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Willie Nelson’s Fourth of July picnic in Austin in 1979

thousands of music lovers are still in the hills to the west of Austin tonight enjoying the annual Willie Nelson fourth of July picnic they’ve been there since early this morning David lot has a report Willie Nelson’s version of a 4th of July picnic was played out in a new location the Texas hills west of Austin Nelson himself opened the event on a country club he purchased for a quarter of a million dollars [Music] tasted 30,000 were packed beneath the stage on what was once fairway sand traps and greens music lovers crowded the small country roads into the site once inside they were literally elbow-to-elbow with temperatures in the 90s they cooled off under water from tank trucks or devised their own methods to stay out of the Sun a team of 150 first aid volunteers treated hundreds for heat prostration and drug overdoses some will argue that the crowd this year was not as big because of the gas crunch and it may have had a bearing on the turnout but those who attended didn’t seem to care one way or the other got a little car I get good gas mileage I’m not worried about it I don’t think anybody else worried at all about the gasoline near Austin David watt Eyewitness News [Music]

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