WINTER CAMPING 2017,  in Lincoln, NH | Hancock Campground | White Mountain National Forest
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WINTER CAMPING 2017, in Lincoln, NH | Hancock Campground | White Mountain National Forest

So, here we are in Lincoln, New Hampshire. In , Looking for a campsite. I think we’ll have some company here. So, this is gonna be our campsite. Its a nice place beside this stream of water. So. The plan is to..
stay here for a day, set up a tent, gather some firewood, just warm ourselves up, cook
some food and….. yeah, that’ll be about it. The temperature is -7 degrees… And the grill is full of snow. Setting up our tent now… So, it took us about an hour. Huh, looks so clumsy. So as I said, this is the first time setting
up a tent. Yeah,…. this what we got. This is the inside. We’re pretty happy and proud of our first
tent setup. Let’s go start with the fire now. Yeah. Phani!! What are we doing? We are collecting firewood for our fire today. This is just the start for now. Pretty much more for a fire. I think we should do about 10 times this size
by the end of today. Just taking some dried twigs. It is pretty slippery here. ooooohh hoooo!!! This should be enough for like… 20 minutes. Fire’s almost ready. FIRE!! FIRE!! in “Cast Away”. Are you Tom Hanks now? Just trying to maintain the fire… while
the other two are scouting for more firewood. There’s more firewood coming. That should last for another 2 minutes. Laughs.. Good Job Phani !! Awesome dude!! Panting.. I think this should be enough for our cooking. I’ve never used an axe before! The fire’s become big now. The snowfall too.. Snowfall is starting to increase. Cooking some eggs in the coals. We cooked some chicken for lunch. We’re having our lunch at 4pm. Come on Bhanu!! Enjoy!! Everybody’s asleep! Quick update! We were stuck in the tent for 3 hours.. because
of the snow storm. So, the tent reached a point where it would
collapse. So just came back to the car. There’s no going back if the snow storm is
gonna continue. We’ll have to wait and figure it out. So the tent survived the brutal night. It’s time to pack up and leave. Its 9’o clock in the morning and we are up
for some breakfast. Grilling up some vegetables here. And some chicken breasts over the grill. The best part of Camping!! That’s it. This is the end of the trip. Everything’s packed up and we’re ready to


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