Winter Camping 3 Days in the Québec Wilderness
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Winter Camping 3 Days in the Québec Wilderness

hey guys thanks for joining me on this adventure! Me and my buddy are going to be winter camping three days and two nights in Jacques Cartier National park. it’s going to be a great trip we had the chance to see a nice little red fox coming in had a chance to film it a little bit and yeah we got a ton of gear i’m going to be carrying a sleigh and my buddy Claude is going to be carrying a big backpack we’re going to try these little skis out we have a ton of food for our three days out so we’re going to do a lot of outdoor cooking and having some fun in the snow. so yeah let’s go. We’re going to the campsite there’s a nice moose right the trail nice little buck oh, moving nice ok we got 5 kilometers of skiing / hiking to do to make it to make it to our campsite we’re at two kilometers, so three kilometers to go. We already saw a moose in the park that was crazy. it’s going to be a nice trip. Alright just made to our campsite now. We got 1 hour of daylight left to set up everything set up the tents sleeping bags and then we’ll make a tarp shelter even if it is dark, with our headlights. Gear’s all nice and dry Claude is tapping the area for our tent. Our tent is set up now, starting to be dark already. We knocked off all the snow that was hanging over the tent so it don’t fall on us and break our tent, I got some wood here where we camp, we just buy some wood and we bring it in with the sleigh. so now we’re going to set up a tarp here and do like an eating spot. got some wood I dug a hole here in the snow where we’re going to have our fire and we’re just setting up a tarp there hey guys we got our steaks here cooking we got a little lean-to tarp shelter set up so we arrived here around three o’clock and now it’s six and starting our supper we’ve got some water to boil for a hot chocolate. Now we’re going to go show you the tent and the weather but we gotta use our flashlight because it’s so dark so this is the tent what temperature it’s a here we go so we got minus fifteen Celsius perfect here’s our set up inside the tent we got to our two sleeping bags and sleeping pads alright so we’re going to go back to the shelter close this up. got a good bed of coals we’re losing our filet mignon here ! almost ready steak is done see the other one perfect mm-hmm ”c’est bon” we’re preparing a chaga tea and the bush buddy the chaga , balsam fir Chaga gave it a brown color already. Chaga tea time ! Good morning guys there’s a lot of humidity in the tent you’re going to see kind of weird in the camera but I wanted to show you guys inside the tent. Here’s the big minus thirty down sleeping bag really comfy and our set up for mats got like 2-3 foams the yellow one’s really thick. these are going to be the shoes, down shoes that I’m going to put on it’s been snowing all night so I’m gonna get out go check it out. Here’s our attempt in the morning snowed all night so all the snow creates some isolation for us so that’s good a bit warmer with the snow skis, tarp, tarp shelter full of snow our wood too, start our fire here. ”not to bad this morning it stopped snowing.” ” yeah yeah” ”Snowed all night but stopped now” ”yeah just enough snow for a nice video”. Can’t get more bushcraft ! ”coffee and chocolate or just coffee ?” (In french) ”both would be good ” a bitta ‘ hot chocolate Hahahaha wow Man it’s snowing ! ok and the snow is amazing look at the snow is just falling like crazy look how beautiful the spruce trees are get that guy snowing so much we have to adjust the depth of our bench so that our tarp covers our heads more nice pot of oatmeal on the busch buddy first time I do bacon like this takes a long time if you don’t have that much coals a bit of maple syrup in the oatmeal that’s Canadian pride mmm throw throw some in mine too keep some for tomorrow our Bacon’s ready it took an hour and a half to cook it maybe two hours it’s going to be a bit crispy on the ends and not so cooked on top but anyways atleast we tried it. Gonna eat this and be good. I’m just constantly melting snow throwing some split pieces of wood in my little Bush buddy and I got fresh snow from that fir tree over there. Since we’ve been here it’s been about 24 hours we’re camping and it’s been snowing like non-stop height here yesterday arrived around three snowing went to bed around ten-thirty and all night all night it was snowing you could hear it just falling on the tent we slept from 10:30 to, 9:30 so we slept a total of eleven hours just really tired walked five kilometers with all the gear and already 12 now just getting ready to go for a hike with our ski Hoks. we started going down with our skis from our campsite look at this view and the snow is beautiful we’re coming back to our camp and you can see the wind just picked up we had nice weather today minus five and and should go down to minus 20 tonight better when but were sheltered where we are so our tent we got a nice sunset coming in we gotta get up start the fire started fire boil some snow, melt some snow then boil water and then chill out make some food and eat some popcorn. we put a reflective blanket at the the back wall of the shelter reflect a bit of heat what we’re going to eat so i’m eating some sausage pasta with some Québec cheese curds and he’s eating a northern casserole pasta and Polock No steaks tonight. Drying our gear that’s the first time since we came out that it’s not snowing see if this one almost boiling ” There you go ! As simple as that” ok the other one nordic casserole looks good after 15 minutes the noodles absorb all the water we set up a transparent sheet in front of our lean-to so it’s kind of like a super shelter comfortable. ”Very comfortable” ok go outside we’ve got minus 10 Celsius i’ll bring it in the super shelter and we’ll see what temperature we have in there we’re at plus ten in our super shelter Plus 10 celsius so that’s 20, 20 degrees Celsius difference from outside. yeah okay ready popcorns ready ! morning guys cameras back frozen solid this morning just started the fire so I have to warm it up by the fire really really frisky this morning we don’t have any we don’t have any clouds clear blue sky last night you could see the stars it’s always colder this is frost here and the mylar space blanket super shelter. let’s go see let’s go to the thermometer. we’re at minus 30 this morning where at the bottom of the thermometer minus – 30 degrees. The camera is completely frozen i had to warm up the battery and try to charge it with my charger so this is day three so all we have to do now is make some food some coffee pack up and leave bacon in the popcorn pan little trick to put your boots on… IF you don’t fall in the fire, warm up your sock and then that makes it like a warm warm pad and just throw it right in there then you do that a few times both boots and your boots are not frozen afterwards. minus 30 is kinda cold. ok laces are, laces are frozen will be skiing out of here we got 5 kilometers of ski to do to hike get back to the vehicle and then we’ll have to pack up the whole tent and everything so I hope you guys liked the video i hope you guys learned something maybe and you guys can comment video you can subscribe for more winter camping more bushcraft type videos. Thanks for watching have a good one, bye.


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