Winter Camping 3 Days with a Canvas Tent and a Woodstove
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Winter Camping 3 Days with a Canvas Tent and a Woodstove

” Salut ! ” hey everyone thanks for tuning in me and
Buddy Claude are gonna go winter camping just an overnighter, we got a brand new
canvas tent to tryout with my wood stove gonna be great we have like so much
gear it could barely fit in the car and yeah we’re gonna be cooking some good food
and it’s awesome we just finished crossing the lake so we’re gonna try to
find a good spot here where there’s not too much wind and there’s a good
resource of firewood and we have a little bit of sunlight coming in so yeah
we’re just looking for a spot right now, and then we’ll set up camp. We found a good spot to camp there’s so
much fallen wood and stuff we have to bring the sled over all this stuff
now we’re pretty much home free not enough snow to get us off the ground and
the fallen trees maybe like six inches There’s a little game trail we can
follow there. the fishing rods are getting stuck made it, going to set up our
tent right here and get rid of some of the snow. There’s like no dangerous trees it’s
nice and open here small some small spruce trees give us a bit of cover try
to find an open spot where it’s drained not too much water is here right we
don’t have much experience hot tenting so we’ll see I guess how it goes… spread it out and put some pegs in we’re
using these ice fishing shelter screws they’re made to go in the ice so they’re
working pretty good on the ground here the ground is slightly frozen once they’ll freeze in place pretty good. five pegs are put in and we got to find
a center pole to put in the middle of the tent. Here’s is our center pole and we’re going to use the branches for for a little bit of bedding I’m just, just sliding the axe slowly My chimney I’ll assemble the chimney.
I made another video on the stove and Kni-co Alaskan stove I did not have the
spark arrestor I do have it now and I added some little stones/bricks in there
well assemble this and then we’ll be ready to go. okay ”that is the end that goes to the top”(in french) ” Claude what are you doing? ” ”I am just adding some tension on the side walls”(in french) Claude’s just adding the last
stakes for the tent and this will put some tension on the the walls we’re
almost all set up I started gathering some firewood the camera having issues with the camera
we have a lot of batteries but we I kind of left the camera cool down so we’re gonna
start the fire right away and warm up all the the camera gear and then after
that I want to go gather some cattails for our extra bedding we do have our
normal camping mats… birch bark small branches what I don’t want to
go too crazy on the small wood. As I’ll burn everything down. it’s already really
hot. I’m gonna gather some cattails for extra bedding here. another Ferro rod fire with birch bark
just finely finely cut birch bark throw some finer sticks match size a little
bit bigger and some bigger stuff we got two ribeye steaks and I brought a grill
this time a newly newly bought grill so we won’t need to do them caveman style
right on the coals even though that’s really good anyways and then yeah we’re
at minus 10 right now for a temperature cooking fires about six feet high now. Claude’s the master of fire. Tent pegs are
well well set up to bring them higher we added another another post to go higher it’s almost 5 feet high
twig bundle type fire fires roaring the grill is heating up we
set up the Mors bush pot with a snare wire and a normal pot hanger ready throw
all the steaks on the grill what’s uh what’s nice about the grill is I can add
or remove coals to adjust the heat of the the heat of my oven I guess but cook
nice there’s no military advice no I’ll let
city near get back in lap inside split log for a plate ” Time to do the dishes ! ” quote from Joe Robinet, a great Channel you can see the frost on Claude’s back
this is like just his blue shirt all the white colour is frost and
that’s why in winter it’s important to stay dry or have a spare set of clothes
or dry yourself by the fire or something. With the tent will be fine we’ll be able
to dry everything out. this meal’s a backpackers pantry pasta the
vegetable parmesan we’re waiting for it to be ready 13 minutes nice fire nice
and warm, we’re down to minus 15 right now. boiling our water from the water from
the lake hanging outside frozen solid quite a little bit ice in
there throw that on a fire mmm
hot chocolate ! We’re at – 20.5 the weather said – 20 for tonight had it in the tree
earlier it was – 19.5 cool let’s go back to the tent. it is it is warm in here this is Claude’s
sleeping system being way too hot We got two mattresses
and some spruce boughs underneath for a little bit added comfortness and I did I
did the same thing but with some cattails so hot my camera’s humid now
here that second mat,sleeping bag probably be way to one so our pile of wood we’ll see we will see how the night goes morning folks
coffee’s ready from the water boiling is kind of fogging up the camera I didn’t
use up that much wood after all I may be stoked to fire three four times every
like three hours or so. oatmeal ! all right we’re ice fishing now I got my
hole there and Claude’s holes over there and I just just caught a nice little
rainbow trout for the supper tonight beauty rainbow trout I’m gonna dispatch him perfect we decided to stay an extra
night so we’ll be staying two nights now. yeah maple syrup and make some maple
taffy. We brought enough for the two days and with the trout will be
good for our supper tonight. by boiling the maple syrup we’ll
evaporate the water and concentrate all the sugars so we can pour it on ice and
then roll it on a stick lots of calories exactly what we need
it’s not too cold now it’s – nine – ten Oh pretty comfortable was too nice out
to leave… Hey got a rolling boil with the maple syrup
probably take half an hour for one can we’ll see then we’ll pour it on the ice Maple taffy on the snow good to go ”it is perfect, the consistency is perfect” in french Butter, should we put some inside ? I don’t know might as well
use it if we brought it. perfect throw that on the grill some
coals. here’s our kitchen cooking setup pretty
cool we got a medium temperature or a low and then a high now it’s on the high
because it’s low possible and when you bring it up here the other limb of the
tree raises the height of the pot so it’s a low low heat and right now it’s
it was boiling but since we brought it up it’s not boiling anymore
trout’s cooking on the grill here there was a big fallen tree so we put the
sleigh upside down the pulk sled and we put a sleeping mat and it’s comfortable
seat a little bit of wood, tent’s not too far right here and we just check the
temperature it’s minus 13 degrees Celsius it’s about (what time is it) 5 o’clock ? 6 minus 20 so 20 to 6 all right
we’ll see you guys when the trout is ready. ready ? you’ve got minus thirteen point five
right now it’s 7:30 p.m. and yeah we’re our pastas marinara this is ready fires over there rest of the supper is ready we’re back in the tent we’re starting to
heat up the wood stove it’s already 10 o’clock so we’re gonna head to bed real
quick and yeah it’s day 2 so we start we decided to stay a little bit longer yeah
just a nice to have everything set up and stay for an extra day I don’t know
what else to say but yeah I’ll see you guys tomorrow and then tomorrow we’re
gonna pack up and hopefully we have enough batteries to film a little bit
all right. nice Heat well good night folks we’ll see you in
the morning. got minus 8 on that thermometer this morning it’s a 7
o’clock just leave it hanging Sun starting slowly to get up some o’clock
go back into the tent try to sleep a bit more make some breakfast alright see you guys later 8:30 now it’s
minus 7 outside put some wood in at 7 so close the trap good coals in there I cut up we cut up
like way too much wood and we didn’t split it small enough some of the bigger
stuff I can’t really bargain cuz you need a good Bennett coals to burn that
bigger log and it’s just too hot in here to really get a nice nice bed of coals
like you have to burn lots of wood and then you die of heat we’re just emptying the coals here well
clothe is I’m not emptying the coals from the stove and then it’ll cool down
can pack up I’ll go through all my gear for people who are interested in gear
little pillow NeoAir mat with a yellow foam mat is my Thor wind stopper MEC
sleeping bag – 30 Claude has the same one that’s just the carrying bag got some
down like shoes we didn’t really use them because what the stove we can dry
out our socks and everything some warmer pants a bit of extra clothes my big my
big saber Karimor SF pack nomadic woodsman patch warm down coat that’s
Claude’s and then mittens extra gloves he had just a blue foam mat reflective with
the yellow foam mat the sled ten-by-ten Atuk Kanguk
it’s a 10 ounce cotton is the thicker cotton Alaskan wood stove from knico
ok so all the rest of the gears pretty much all set up here
start with the interesting stuff the cutting tools
that’s wetterling’s hudson bay axe for the 150 years of canada Kent of
Inglewood had something going on where they made 150 of these axes this is 128
and about the 1867 with the maple leaves on there say wider axe I’m getting used
to it it’s awesome at splitting but for chopping and cutting it’s a little
it’s a little wide for that for putting in 10 pegs it’s really good the
handle is awesome it’s nice and small I like small smaller
handles a Stanley bow saw bahco saw my Andal Canadian Forest knife with the
Ferro rod and the sharpening stone sharpening stone it’s an awesome knife
I get lots of questions on it. alright that’s about it
my warmest shoes gloves mittens I only used the gloves, usually I use the mittens
when it’s really cold like minus 30 you need the mittens.
with the small wool gloves it’s shoes to walk on ice so we don’t
slip around clothes that’s mine my bigger down coat
these are awesome they’re from from MEC and they can pack down really small you
don’t use them much during the day when it’s really cold at night
you’re not moving around it’s really nice to pop on. smaller to warmer pants
extra socks darn cuff my fjall Raven backpack I have a baja seal line that’s
what I had all my food in and now it’s just like trash and there you seen what
we ate anyways the Tent carrying bag a first-aid kit
headlight bigger light some filming equipment be a small action cam tripod I
got my bigger tripod there and then this is all like cooking stuff so Grill
spatula Mors bush pot two thermoses this one this one a tea pot bush buddy
didn’t use the bush buddy with the stove I’m titanium MSR pot from MEC some jerky
and this is all fishing gear so my bait used mealworms yesterday worked
really well some gulp. lots of hooks in there and stuff. the ice auger and auger
8-inches brought these there just like a little fishing stands to hold your rod
not really necessary and then two fishing rods we could have went more
minimal brought less gear or we could have brought more gear but we wanted to
ice fish on this one and try out the tent yeah you can if you’re going to
winter camping this is just some basic stuff that we use so you can add or
some stuff or yeah bring less stuff depending on weather and what you want
to do. fire spot from yesterday this where we hung our pot add some water here
later from the lake and I think that’s about it now let’s take down this tent. I was just finished rolling up the tent
this is what’s left of our spot still was right here one bed the other red
tent went around like this little pegs left last thing we have to do before we
leave we’re gonna grab some water in the lake fill this seal line bag and put it
on our fire to make sure it’s out important to put the fire out pretty
good. I can feel a bit of heat still. then I can stir everything to make sure
the water goes in and then we’re good to go By stirring I’m making sure the water goes
in and everything send some mud on my cameraman. I think that’s pretty good
all right everyone we’re out of here so I hope you guys enjoyed the video and
hopefully we’ll see you guys on the next one you guys can please leave a comment
if you have any questions let me know, I’ll do my best to answer. yeah you can subscribe if you want more
winter camping videos or similar type videos and have a good one ! Cheers.


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