Winter Camping and Ice Fishing Trip
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Winter Camping and Ice Fishing Trip

[Music] everybody thanks for watching I am back with another winter camping video you just found a good spot here to camp with my father-in-law so we’re gonna set up the tent right here we got a beautiful view on the big lake over here well we’re gonna do some ice fishing and yeah have a good time spend the night and then get back out tomorrow so yeah stay tuned [Applause] bought a brand new camera hopefully everything’s looking good it’s my first time actually using it for a actual video on my channel just been flowing around with it a little bit around the house but I brought all my ice fishing gear hopefully I’ll catch some some Pike later on or maybe some burbot you got my fishing rods and we’re all set up the tents set up so and a little try my luck gotta get down that hill right here here’s some holes and catch some fish clothes doing all that hard work grabbing all the firewood while I’m going fishing [Laughter] right [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] well it’s five o’clock no lock been fishing for about an hour so I’ll go prepare supper and then later on tonight head out or look at some more fishing [Applause] [Music] I bought a new cooking set up a new griddle so we’re gonna try it tonight Ryan ooh it’s got so it’s got two sides so tomorrow morning we’ll do some eggs and bacon on the flat side and then on this side we’ll probably do our steaks or maybe we’ll do them onto smaller grill but a cast-iron solid it’s pretty heavy to carry it round but you can cook for a couple people it’s not more potatoes green beans facility I’m on Twitter multiple media no that’s not really sorry no response Creepshow why isn’t that perfect perfect mmm the beans pull that stick and look at it beans beans yeah steak’s ready beans are ready some potatoes after they ask the player or to threaten baby look at this view guys amazing no sound complete silence now we’re campus just over there see the smoke take number two on the lobster tails those look perfect yeah oh nice and red this is really good but it’s not the greatest and bear country because it’s smells a lot so try to clean everything best we can that supper was really good I’ll do one of the best suppers we did camping I’m back on the lake right now I’m gonna try my look at some bourbon fishing it’s about nine o’clock and Bourbons a bit more nocturnal here at all kind of chose the spot for fishing on the link here what stuff lake to fish not much luck guys I go to fish fish Sean good one it’s a good one oh nice lake trout guys nice lake trout too small to keep but oh maybe not actually it’s a decent one my my line line snapped right at the hole I don’t know if you seen that I have to type jumped in grab them get the the hook off of them quick measure beauty beauty fish guys holy moly look at this guy [Music] out here they have to be over 75 centimeters he’s like 60 63 65 put him back in the water there he goes oh fish oh I didn’t know what I was I should have waited longer for him to get tired but my first lake trout pretty much ever that was awesome I should have waited longer to get him tired but I kind of got impatient that I really wanted to bring him in and the line snapped kind of when he hit the ice and then I could see him so I went in there freaking grabbed him went really cool got it pretty much all on camera I’m pretty sure friggin awesome and yeah my hands are wet I’m cold now let’s all go back to the there at the camp warm-up I was awesome and will fish some more tomorrow yeah they have to be 75 centimeters here to keep him this guy was a nice nice fish nice and fat nice and healthy yeah he’s definitely gone match to get the hook off of him nice so nice to have the the fire already going to warm up so so cool nice fish that I caught really happy with how it ended – I got that the hook out of it smells as if it would have got away then it would have had the hook and then its survival chances would have been a lot lower but uh yeah it was a nice release – it went in no problem at all really fun trip so far awesome oh yeah my arm here is kind of wet so I’ll have to take that off that’s what’s nice about the hot tent compared to just a shelter or even a cold tent if you’re wet you need clothes to be able to change out I didn’t bring any extra clothes clothing on this trip but I’ll be able to hang it on top of the tents and then with the wood stove we’ll be able to dry everything out I’m just grabbing my bedtime beer for any brewing co basecamp west coast pale really good beer it is minus three right now and it’s ten o’clock time for bed I’ll show you guys the setup inside the tent still have to unroll my mattress sleeping bag firewood right here should be good it’s not too full oh hey guys see you guys tomorrow have a good night [Music] breakfast of champions [Music] hey guys we’re ready to go got the tent packed up about the everything on the sled hope you guys enjoyed the video another great trip highlights this trip tour definitely the tent and my new griddle worked super well and yeah we’re gonna awesome trip we had a beautiful spot great landscape and first time using my new camera so hopefully everything looks good should have some good time lapses of the morning and then packing up the tent too so yeah cheers guys thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon on another video [Applause] [Applause]


  • Nature Boréale

    Superbe vidéo! Cette nouvelle camera est fantastique! Prises de vues exceptionnelles, moments inoubliables avec la prise de cette truite grise, les cris de cette meute de coyotes, bouffe succulente, bref, un camping d'hiver impeccable!

  • Teacher SBD

    Les couleurs sont superbes et les images très nettes, c'est quoi ta caméra? Super grid, but not for hiking! Another video to make me feel jealous of the opportunities you have, great experience!

  • Haggard Wilderness

    What an amazing trip and i love this edit! Definitely some of your best work. This gets me stoked for my winter backpacking trip tomorrow. Food looks amazing. Do yal get spade l steak spice up there? Absolutely the best. If not let me know and I will send you some. Great fishing too! Keep them coming!

  • mushercdn

    Sad to see that you guys nearly starved and roughed it! You Scramble O better than Scramble O. I nearly spat out my coffee laughing. Claude is a handy guy to camp with as he is a wood cutting machine. The camera works well but the person filming and editing is a huge factor in that. Thanks for the video. I really enjoyed it.

  • Bo Nilsson

    Just wonder, do you live in Quebec or in Alberta ? You make really nice videos and you are so lucky to have a father in law that enjoy joining you on some of your trips, he seems really hardy and cold resistant, but of course you are Canadians… I am from Sweden but sadly from the very south end, I used to go hiking in Lapland way back, almost every summer an mostly for two to three weeks at a time and mostly off the trails. Swedish Lapland is similar to northern Canada so its really nice to see your videos. We never used hot tent but I am experimenting with it now, with a tentipi tent.
    Bo Nilsson Sweden

  • Freecamp Caywood

    Great video my friend really enjoyed watching it. Looks like you have a little snow still. Snowing here now. I’m ready for spring. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day. All the best. Rod

  • ScottishWildcamper * My Self-Reliance *

    Fantastic Adventure as usual, with the hot tent making it the cream le creme 🙂

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