Winter Camping | Arctic Blast Solo Backpacking
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Winter Camping | Arctic Blast Solo Backpacking

How you doing guys! We’re out here doing
a quick winter camping trip, as you can see the Sun is out, it’s snowed almost
all night last night here in the forest, and today is forecasted for blue skies,
but chilly windchill and then tonight supposed to be down to the 20s, with the
windchill in the teens, so I brought the hot tent out and see how it goes. I think
the key to this trip is going to be making sure I’m out of the wind with a
windchill like that, so I’ve got to have a little buffer, so I got to find a good
campsite so let’s keep truck it on and I’ll check in with you guys in a bit. Coming along here and I think I’ve found a
spot that I like, it’s got a good mix between water, protection from the wind.
Barely little berm here from the trees. I don’t know if you can see that, and then
to my back you got some driftwood, that will break
some wind. When the Sun goes down it’s supposed to get really cold, so we’ll see.
All right, time to get the tent set up. I’ll show you what I got going. Got the
Minipeak Pyramid Tent fitted with a stove jack, got the 3w titanium stove,
then solo inner, blown up my sleeping pad yet, but I brought that insulated Luxe
sleeping pad, not made by us, but another company, but as you can see the sleeping
pad will fill up that whole inner tent with the bed. It’s not very good for long
trips, but these short trips one-nighters, I bring it, and then I got our Tyvek
Floor underneath, to give me a little insulation from when it gets really cold.
Alright, let’s get this stove fired up. I gotta go gather some wood over here,
and process it, some of this wood and get ready for the night. It’s about 30 minutes before dark here,
Sun slowly going down, got a bit of wood for the night process, and now it’s time
to watch the temperature gauge drop, and really see how cold it gets tonight, be
interesting to see. All right well, better gather there a little bit more wood
while I still have daylight and then make dinner. When you’re out here in the rain
forest, lots of wet wood, but you can find stuff if you hunt that’s dead, and it
should break easy, look at the center and it’s not all soggy,
that’s a good sign, that means it’ll burn. We’re saying goodbye to the Sun. I
already feel the temperature dropping fast,
windchill dropping fast. BRR. Anyways, I’m glad to have a nice coal
base in my stove, just gotta keep feeding it. It’s gonna be dark soon,
and then it’s dinner time cuz I’m hungry, gathering wood burns a little bit of
calories, oh yeah. Just before sunrise,
making some coffee, it was about 20 last night according the thermometer, with
light wind, but luckily the wind died, because it would be really cold wind
chill if there was some wind, so luckily the weather gods were with me. After I eat
breakfast, it’s time to break camp and head out of here. Packed up ready to head out of here. You
can see where I was sleeping last night, ice melted underneath me, and all around
was frozen, BRR. Anyways, got the backpack loaded ready to hike you out of here. I
want to thank you guys for coming along on another adventure, and later on this
week there’s more snow in the forecast, so we’ll see if it aligns for me to get
out again, cuz I’m itching for some fresh snow camping. We’ll see. Alright thanks
again for watching!



    Warm Bone broth that has a lot of gelatin is great for the body during the winter . Make some at home . Take it with you next time camping .Reheat the broth , drink it or add it to rice , soup etc . Great video by the way …

  • Caleb

    I am curious how your hot tents would fair up in Canada? You definitely wouldn’t be hiking anywhere in sandles here. We are due to get more snow (25cm) here tonight then you have got all winter by the looks of it. I have done lots of winter camping with both hot tents (that are very heavy) and more often then not just a tarp and my old military sleeping bag and survived quite comfortably but as I get older I am looking for lighter and warmer. Maybe you can do a trip up here to Northern Ontario where it’s -30 Celsius and we can see how good this stuff really works…if it’s good I bet you could sell lots up here.

  • Mike Taylor

    I like to fire up my titanium wood stove first thing in the morning to cut the morning chill… get back in the sleeping bag while my coffee brews. Hooyah!!

  • unbdld42

    nice set up….I had the same stove…only complaint is that i had to be totally vigilant on feeding the fire with more wood. It was constant and got old quick! Will say that, the stove did keep me very nice and toasty….

  • John Norris

    Dude, wind chill in the teens is very mild. Give it a try when the WC is down to -20° and I will start to be impressed 😂😂😂

  • Heartland Outdoor Living

    Another great video my friends. I love it. Looks like a great trip. I had not seen this smaller one. I like the size of this for a solo camping trip me and the dog might both fit it in. It is very affordable as well. Thanks again for sharing guys and have a blessed weekend.

  • Roguish

    Curious why you used the inner bug tent? For warmth? I know you're not getting bugs in that temp. You had the stove going all night, or did I assume wrong? Oh, and great video and footage.

  • James Fish Fish

    I just bot that same tent and next month I'm going to buy me a little
    Stove just for my mountain experience to do some get AWAY
    Time for my soul thanks James fish

  • JB Outdoors And More

    Amazing job on the video. Loved it.
    What backpack did you use on this trip i have over 13 I’m in love with backpacks lol. ?
    And that tent is so awesome.

    Great job on the video my friend. Thanks for sharing.

    ATB Joe 😎👊🏻

  • Lord Marshall

    Nice inner tent wish we learned more about it. Glass door is nice, my stove doesn’t have one. Must provide a soft light inside tent at night

  • Louis Mecka

    Love the videos! You look super cold and maybe might be time to consider better jacket options. I’m planning a thru hike on the AT and I am seriously looking at taking a Luxe TeePee since I’m 6’5” my tent options are slim.

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