Winter Camping for the Huskies!
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Winter Camping for the Huskies!

(Huskies howling)
“Aroooooo!” So those of you that know us from last year, we had bought a camper last year. This year we decided to upgrade it,
so we can go camping in the winter time. And now, the girls are gonna get
to experience the camper for the first time. Let’s go! (Jamie) – Here we go! Let’s go outside! (Jess) – Yeah (Jess) – They’re like, “Whoa!”
(Jamie) – Oh my God! (Jess) – Let’s check this out.
(Jamie to the dogs) – What is that huh? What is that? (Jess) – Memphis has never seen one of these before. Shelby’s like,
“I gotta check this out!” (Jamie) – Look!
(Jess) – What you think? I got all the lights on inside.
I’ll go inside and see if they come in. Got that door open… Shelby’s like,
“OK. Are we going? Here we go!” (Jamie) – There goes one! There goes two… (Jamie) – …There goes Oakley!
(Jess) – Whoa! All right! Sweet! Check this out! What’s all this? It’s your new camper! What you think?
Where’s my Oakley girl? (Jess) – Come on, Oakley girl!
(Jamie) – Come on! (Jamie) – Come on Oakley! (Jess) – Shelby’s like… (Jamie to Oakley) – Here she comes!
Come over here! Oakley, come on…
Let’s go inside! (Jess to Oakley) – Come on, baby!
Just like last time! (Jamie) – Yes! (Jess) – Come on honey!
You can do it! (Jamie) – Come here honey!
(Jess) – You can do it! (Jamie) Oakley! Come here!
(Jess) – Come on! We’re all in here! (Jamie) – Come here honey! (Jess) – What do you girls think? Memphis is like,
“Whew! I got this!” So this is our new travel trailer. We bought this… So that when we go camping,
whenever we go to the
sled dog races in the winter, we always have to leave
the girls at home because… (to Memphis) – Don’t even jump on the stove! (laughter) We always leave the girls
at home in the winter,
because they… You know, it’s hard to find someplace for them
to stay and we can’t leave them
in a motel room by themselves. So now we’ll all be able to go! What you think of that? Come on Oakley!
You gotta do it!
You gotta check it out! (Jamie) – Come out Oakley! Come here! (Jamie) Come here! (barks) (Jess) – The other two are like,
“Wait a minute…” (Jamie) – Come here Oakley!
(whistle sound) Come here! Come here honey! Yeah! Good girl! (Jess) – You did it! Yay! Oakley’s like,
“Nope!” (Jamie) – Oakley! Come here!
(Jess) – Come here, honey. (Jamie) – Good girl!
(Jess) – Check it out! You get a new camper!
Whoa! That’s a Big Jump for Oakley! (laughter) (Jamie) – You wanna get the table
out of there? (Jess) – Yeah! You all get your own couch,
just like before. (Jess and Jamie) – WHOA! (Jess) – There! That’ll make it a little bit easier
for you to get up and down. That’s it. Then… That’s what I said… I’m like.
“We just store the table
right there for Shelby!” Let’s put Shelby, up there! (Jamie) – I don’t know if she likes it! (laughter) (table noises) Memphis is like,
“I can be up here!” Put her, up there! There you go! (Jess) – What you think?
(Jamie) – Hi baby! (Jamie) – Are you bunking it? Ha? (Jess, like Memphis)
– “Sweet! I get In the top bunk! I called it!” “I called it!” (Jess) – She’s gonna jump on you!
(Jamie) – Hi baby! (Jess) – She’s like, “I want down!” “Ok daddy! I want down!” “Daddy? Can you help me down daddy?” (Jamie) – She’s like, “I’ll jump on Shelby!” (Jess) – What do you think Oakley? And even check this out you guys.
It’s even got a bathroom with a shower. How cool is that? And an outside shower,
so when you girls get muddy,
we can wash you off outside! It’s got a real sink.
It’s got hot water heaters.
It’s got a microwave… Happy birthday Jamie!
(Jamie) – Hey! Thanks! (Jess) – They probably won’t see this,
till after your birthday. (Jamie) – That’s alright! It’s my birthday today! (Jess) – But today, is Jamie’s birthday.
This is what you got! A camper! Yay! (Jamie) – We’ll go camping in the winter time! (Jess) – Heck yeah!
(Jamie) – Woo hoo! (Jess) – Oakley’s like,
“I can get to like in this!” (Jamie) – Look at that fur! Look it right there… (Jess) – Stay right there, to take your picture… (Jamie) – Oops! Sorry, honey! So there you go!
There’s the new camper for the girls! Our old one was for sale if anybody wants to buy it. I’m pretty sure somebody’s
coming to buy it on Tuesday… (to Jamie) – Did you liked your birthday present? Everybody’s gonna go,
“Why did you get a new one?” Because we can winter camp in this! You can’t winter camp in a pop-up.
Well you can, but not very easily… ♪ Ta daaa! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Turn around and roll over, Snow Dog! ♪ ♪ Sing a song with your sweet voice ♪ ♪ I know, You’ve been a good little girl ♪ ♪ Good Girl! Good Girl! ♪ ♪ Come and join us for a new adventure! ♪ ♪ Lots of fun, lots of walks, won’t you come ♪ ♪ into our Siberian world! ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪ ♪ Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪
♪ Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪
♪ Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪


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