Winter Wild Camping Kit,  Glencoe Cloud Inversion & Visit to New Kingshouse Hotel.
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Winter Wild Camping Kit, Glencoe Cloud Inversion & Visit to New Kingshouse Hotel.

So that’s it. I’m out in Glencoe again and I was hoping to do a wild camp, but
the weather forecast was looking a bit iffy because
there’s a bit of a rain– snow front going on early this morning. But then I looked at some of the webcams from the ski center, and
there was a cloud inversion at sunset last night and it was stunning. I missed out on one
hell of an opportunity. So I thought I would come
up this morning anyway, and climb up the mountain here in the back and see what happens for a sunrise. Now I was planning on
doing a camp, so what I did was I put together some footage
of what I was going to take. So whilst I’m getting
ready and hiking up there, I’ll put that bit of film on
just now and let you see it. And then afterward, being
up on this mountain as well, I’ll take you along and show
you new Kingshouse Hotel, which you might find interesting. So I’m gonna get packed
up and ready to go. So a few people have been
asking me what I’m taking for winter, after my last
trip to the Cairngorms and in winter I use a Kestral 68
bag because it’s quite light for what it can carry. And you’ve got that extra
equipment you’re starting to take such as crampons and such
likes, and a slightly heavier sleeping bag. I’m actually getting
everything in that, even with the new camera, with the
D810 tucked in the top. Now, sleeping bag wise,
I have this Mammut Sphere Ultralight, which they
don’t make anymore but it’s a fantastic sleeping bag. And it’s an 850 gram fill down bag. I think the total weight
there is about 1150 grams. A really, really good sleeping bag. So that’s what I take for sleeping in. Sleeping mat wise, I use
Exped SynMat Winterlight, and it’s a long and wide version. Now, it’s not quite as insulated as the down versions you get,
but I use this all year round and to supplement it in the
winter I have my foam mat. Now this is just 3mm
thick and a neoprene foam, which I can use as a sit mat. You know, I could kneel on
it, and as I see I’ll put it underneath this mat, just to give that a little bit more
insulation from the ground. Now, I also have my Montane down booties, which I wouldn’t be without
because I get cold feet. And if you’ve been standing
about, doing photography, or just standing about talking to friends out in the mountains in the winter, then– Yeah, I like to put these booties on. They’re really, really good. Not particularly heavy, quite compact. As they adjust, it just warms your feet up when you’re in your sleeping
bag, and I wouldn’t be without them. If I could get them back in the pouch… Right. I also have my helium pillow from– Or a quechua hellium
pillow from Decathlon. Tremendous pillow. Absolutely love it. And that’s what I always take as well. Now I have my schnozzle pump bag from Exped, which I use to blow up my mat. And it’s ideal for keeping
things that are important– such as your sleeping bag– keeping them a little
bit safer in wet weather. Or protected, should I say. So that and all my other
kind of sleeping kit, and anything else I want to take. I have, yeah, spare socks
and things like that. I’ll put it into this bag. And that just goes straight
into the bottom of the rucksack. Now my tent, the Starlight 2
tent that I used, I actually have this in the bottom of this bag. And it isn’t in its
pouch or its carry pack. I actually just roll up and
stick it straight into where you would normally put your
sleeping bag, and I think it works a treat, actually
being in there like that. It’s handy for just getting
access to it, and it seems to fit in there quite well. And the pole for the tent,
that just goes down the side of inside of the rucksack, in the corner. Now, this foam mat I’ll
put in this section outside this kind of stretched fabric section. I’ll use it to sit on in
the snow, or on a rock, or whatever. I just keep that there. Now, tent pegs, I use four
delta pegs, which are these yellow beasties and they
are absolutely tremendous for windy weather. You’ll see lots of wild campers use them. People like Scots
Wildcamper, and Andy Wordo, and all the other YouTube
wild campers because they’re just tremendous. They’re absolutely… The tent will get torn to
shreds before they ever come out of the ground. But also in that, I carry some alpkit. These are like, 8 inch
long aluminum spikes. I’ll take a selection of those as well. And that’s really all I
use for any of my tents when I’m out and about. So that goes in there as well. A cooking kit. You’ve seen it before. It’s just an Alpkit 600 mug
and I take my Pocket Rocket. This is in the Pocket Rocket 2. Stove, with a lighter
for it, and I also carry a backup lighter as well. And then I have my gas
canister in a plastic bag so that after I’ve used my mug for coffee, and kind of shook out the residue, if you have your gas
canister in that plastic bag it stops it getting all
gunky from your leftover hot chocolate or coffee. And then I just have those
in the top with the lid, and that’s it. A simple cook system. It works for me. You have to watch with the
temperatures this time of year but I’ve not had an issue with it and it’s worked no problem. I also have my head torch. Now, I have to say, this
head torch I got from Amazon, and I don’t think there’s
a particular brand name. What is it called? A Nestling? I think it’s about 16 pounds and it’s absolutely tremendous. It is super powerful. Really, really powerful. And the battery pack on the back of it. I mean, it is quite a heavy head torch, but I’ve walked for hours
and hours with this on, full beam, and it just
lasts for a ridiculously long period of time, and
I really, really rate it. It has a USB recharge port, so if you have a battery backup with you
that you use for your camera, you can also use it to charge this up. Now in the winter I’ll take
either a couple of microspikes, or the Kahtoola microspikes. These are ideal for just icy
paths and things like that, not for serious mountaineering. But I take them with me
when it’s kind of just icy. When it gets really quite
cold with the deep snow, and that’s when my ice
axe and proper crampons all been there, as well. Just to be on the safe
side, I take a balaclava. Now I use this when I’m walking if it’s really windy and cold. I can wear this with my
ski goggles I’ll take. Especially if you’re getting
spindrift up and, yeah, nothing worse than trying
to see in a blizzard. It’s also handy to wear in
the tent when it’s cold. I’ll have that on just to keep me a little bit warmer at night. My waterproof trousers. I also have my waterproof jacket– down jacket. And really, that’s about
as much as I’ll take when I go out on a winter camp. I try to take the absolute
bare minimum to be safe. And, yeah, that’s what
I’ll kinda carry for an overnight camp. So, other than water and food– and I’ll just take the
minimum of water as well, because obviously you’ve
got snow that you can melt. Yeah, good to go. So, I’m gonna get this all packed up and ready to go for tomorrow. Cretins, trying my glove on. Right. I’m not sure with– I bought these lights. I’m not sure if you’ll see me. I’m totally flipped like to the moon here. Lights on all over the shop. I’m just in front of the
Buachallie Etive Mor, and there’s actually a
cloud inversion down below. But there’s cloud above coming
down as well, from the west, which was the reading that was
forecast, or possibly snow. Now, you’ve kind of got
a section of the mountain that’s just right in the
middle and over behind my– or, to the camera’s left,
there’s a gap in the clouds and you can see a sunset
over there to the east. So I’m gonna hang about
here until the sun gets to a point where, I’m hoping,
it’s gonna stream through that gap, and hopefully it
lights up the mountain here. And hopefully it’s going to coincide with the cloud inversion. We’ll see what we can get. But it’s very, very cold. And it was a bit hairy, scary
coming up, to be honest. Really, really icy. So, yeah, fingers crossed. Let’s see what we can get. (peaceful melody) (camera shutter) So that’s it. It’s kind of clouding
over and there’s some quite heavy snowshoers coming through now, So I’m gonna head down the mountain pass. Really cold. And I’m gonna head to– probably head to the ski
center for something to eat. But after that, I’ll take
you over to the Kingshouse. I’ll show you the new Kingshouse hotel. They should just wait. There I’m going again. I’m ready to walk off,
and it’s kind of clearing (sighs) Deary me. Decisions, decisions. Nah, I’m heading down. If it gets washed then it’ll
just be an absolute mear. And it’s quite treacherous and
that, so I’m gonna head down. But a beautiful morning,
and what an experience. Absolutely incredible. So I’m nearly back down. There you go. Look at that for a cloud inversion. Absolutely amazing. Not often you see that. If I turn the camera
the other way, behind– that’s Devil’s Staircase behind us. And the other side of that hill is where I done my walk on New Year,
along to the reservoir, which is just literally
over the back of the hill. It’s just immense. I’ve just got this fear
coming down here that I’m gonna miss one hell of an
opportunity photography-wise. But the forecast is grim,
so, you know, I think this is just the lull before the storm. It’s just breathtaking. Absolutely breathtaking. I hope the GoPro is doing this justice, or I’m gonna be ‘ill! ‘ill if it’s not. Now in the first day, plan and
permission come out for it, and there was a bit of an outcry, but I think it actually looks quite good. Yeah, nice. Don’t know how much it
is to stay here a night, but I could imagine
it’ll be quite expensive. It might be worth a little treat. I know that at the end of
the building, over there, overlooking the– you see the Buachaille and
the road towards Glencoe– there’s some really fancy balcony rooms. Bet they’re real expensive. Yeah, it looks quite good. So I’ll take a walk around
to the bossy bar and see what that’s all about. That’s been done up. So this the old bar here. I’ve had a few nights, a few drinks. So over the back here is
where you can camp for free. Camped here three times. And then obviously going
to the building here for a drink or two. I’ll be curious to see what it’s like once it’s done up; what it’s like inside. Might have to come later in the
year and have a little look. But they certainly spent a
lot of money on the place. So that’s it, all. That was on the ninth
of February at 3:00 p.m. And you can go online to obviously book. So you can maybe have a
lot to look if you fancy staying here, see what the
damage is gonna cost you. I don’t think it’s gonna be cheap. But, it’s quite an
interesting looking building. As I said, when it was
originally proposed, there was a bit of an outcry. I think it’s not too bad. Somewhere different. So, hopefully some images I’ve taken this morning are okay. I’m gonna process them and
we’ll see what they’re like. But I think that’s it from Glencoe. The rain’s on and it’s freezing cold, so I’m gonna head for
home and get warmed up. Now, as always, thank you
very much for watching, and until next time, take care :).


  • Renegade Scot

    My initial plan was to do my first wild camp of the year and some winter landscape photography from one of the summits in Glencoe. Had a few issues with editing in 60fps so film as a few glitches which I am sorry about but hope you enjoy all the same. Atb

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  • Wye Explorer

    A very helpful video Ray. I took some notes. Many thanks! I enjoyed it up top – that was a good photo although you may say different. Decisions? The mountain keeps calling you back for one more go. I've only been at the Kings House once in 2017. I enjoyed a brew etc. That swanky place wasn't there then. Looks pretty cool. Good going. All the best. Mark

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    Lovely video Ray , I'm the same and have my tent booties for my cold feet .. Think I could afford the bunkhouse rates just lol , it looks pretty nice with those views . Cloud inversion was just special, atb Dave..

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