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Here we go! Let‘s go! A lot of things are happening! We don’t need any masks here, right? Actually there’s a possibility to get infected So where do we wanna go? I’ve got no idea, on the ticket is no info too Boooah, never ever But this is better Honestly I’m tired of that No one here But I’m not sure if we need it Just do it this way so no one can cough at you Just on the plane Not so much space And when someone starts coughing comes panic to you Then I do so Yeah Ok, whatever, just do it! Now let’s go! Let’s go, come! A05, we should go there Is this a joke? Really! I’m trembling and sweating all the time! The shower didn’t help So we’ve picked up our tickets and the woman there said us that we will be sitting the whole flight behind each other The whole flight to Miami! 12 hours! And I’m kinda “what?” I pick up my phone, there’re the tickets I reserved for us And she was kinda “you can’t do anything!” And then I just freaked out Sooo everyone’s staring at me cause I was there with my cam Really, I freaked out I payed for it, approximately 200€ Payed for special seating and was just like “I can’t do anything!” And I’m just like whaaat Am I a joke to you Dudes, there were empty seats and now we have the whole row for us only Really cool So First I thought he was a little bit unfriendly But after he noticed the camera he became more friendly Maybe they didn’t pass it on I don’t no, I booked an agency there and they just didn’t pass it on Don’t know Let’s see if we can change our seats on the plane or something like that We’ll manage it! Finally we did it! We’ve got two seats next to each other Aaaand now we have to wait 12 hours So what did you want? I just wanted to show the seats which we could have if we hadn’t change Near to the window Although the seats we have now are actually even better A little water bottle is there TV too Blankets, ooooh, it’s pretty nice here You also need to know that we’ve been awake the whole time So the last night we had no sleep And now it’s already 10 a.m. So we’ve been through Heeey, I want you to zoom mooore Ok, we’re gonna sleep now Bye-bye! So now we came to Alamo We’ve already been here, I think 2 years ago We got our Dodge here And I’m looking forward how it wil be now I have a booking here Aaaand it’s too hot here, oh Buuuut Cross your fingers for us, I hope everything will be alright and we’ll get our car without any problems Hmm, where do we go now? Anyway, looking for Alamo Craaaazy! So he just told us Take any car you like in row 9 So we’re just gonna take a car and gooo Hmm, where’s the key? Already in the car I suppose Hey, look, here it is, her it is! Hey, these are New York numbers Pay your attention, we need to pick up the right vehicle registration plate Yeah, that’s right We’ll explain it later So now need to find the right car Wow, that looks really good Yeah, it’s Dodge But it’s not Grand Caravan, isn’t it? We need the same one we had the last time Otherwise the mattress won’t fit Oh black Test it! Ooh, that looks so nice So fresh Hmm, but looks too new, I don’t know if we should take it I have doubts, yeah What if we take a new car and someone gets envious, you know Yeah, you’re right I’d say we’re gonna choose a car that won’t be so inconspicuous See you later in the car! See you soon! You know, honey, our slogan is “anything but accident” Yep, but waaaait Close the window Oh, not so fast, slooowlyyy It drives well! Really! It feels good I feel like it Byyye! Miami! Do we have fun, babe? Definitely! Thumbs up if you like it too! Anyway it will be a nice trip But we don’t to spoil everything telling you what we’re gonna do next We planed a lot of cool stuff And now… We are in Miami! Beach What a pity! It’s raining But the air Oh dudes It’s so crazy Actually it’s not so bad We’re here for a few days maybe And yeah We booked a camp ground today You’ll see it soon but Let’s see if we can sleep over in the car Cause actually it’s not allowed here That’s why we probably have to buy a tent But anyway it’s so exciting! But first of all We need to prepare our cell phones because of internet and so on Oh my goodness Friends, when you’re sometime in America you have to visit Walmart Such a nice experience, isn’t it, honey? Absolutely! That’s an absolute culture shock when visiting this Especially vegan! Feels like another dimension here! I think fresh food will be a nice thing! This mattress is the must-have for our van to sleep there I’m not sure if we do it today but we’ll see Buuut But we’re definitely gonna buy this one Yeeep For only 5€, that’s a good deal Nearly for free 😀 Should work by electricity To connect it with a car outlet You’re right We shoul pick this So here it is, 2 sleeping bags The mattress What else do we need? Oh god, guys, it’s unbelievable This Walmart It consists of dimensions! Here you can find everything you need! Clothes, camping stuff, wall paints and so on And soon comes the Valentine’s Day You won’t believe it! I’ll just walk through all these rows 12 volt, yep I thought this sleeping bag would be good for you Is it okay? I’d say no way 😀 Maybe a baseball bat For self protection Babe, don’t we need it too? Look, I found something really cool! This one we have at home, could have brought it Watch it! Isn’t it cool? A small light for our tent You look kinda Mmm Whaaat Wooow, weapons This one is hard to find in Germany That’s heavy Are they fake? So: sleeping bag, tent, pump – check Wait, we have no tent Then tent We’re gonna find a tent Sooo the tent and something to eat A bit of water Smoothies and so on So that’s our plan And then we need to go to KOA I mean to the camp ground we rented for today and tomorrow Because they actually close the reception too early And it’s almost half six p.m. Aaaand you also need to know that the KOA we rented today Is actually directly In Miami! I mean it’s pretty cool! Isn’t it? We couldn’t find any hotel cause today is the super bowl But we’ll talk later about it That was so weird We usually fly to Miami every year but this time they have a super bowl And of course it means the hotels are enormously expensive but never mind Hey, look, it’s not so big Probably only for 2 So we’re gonna take this Yep, 34$, nice There’s a lot of crisps So back to the Valentine’s Day And in America it’s like this Wait a sec Have you seen something like that in Germany? IMHO it’s awesome Sooo many stuff And also lots of fresh things here Just look at all these things The only thing you need to take into account is the place for cooking That’s the point And it’s our actual problem cause we’ve no kitchen in our van Perhaps we’ll just pick up a couple of ready salads and that’s it That’s awesome Vegan kitchen I’ve never thought they have it here We should definitely grill it, would be nice What’s this? I thought you took non-vegan crisps Nooope Does it belong to us? I don’t think so Wait, it’s a gluten free bread Ok, it’s for you Hmm, I thought you put it secretly here No, I didn’t 😀 So what about waffles? Not mine either The chips are from us but not this sauce Our guacamole You and your smartphone, pff That’s not bad but neither from us My cell phone is ringing the whole time I want it Oh what do we have here We were looking for drinks and And we let shopping cart stay here alone 7 minutes later we came back and saw That we forgot our cam here The shopping cart was here all the time with the cam and nothing happened to it I was shocked No one stole it, ufff I can’t open it Did you press the right button? Now you’re talking That would not surprise me Look, it’s so reeed What do you think, first loading the car or customizing the seats? Don’t forget, in 30 min we have to be at the camp ground Yeeeees but how long do we need to drive? Maybe one hour? Me thinks Do you think we won’t be to late? Omg omg omgggg Hmm, west palm beach or what Yeppp Sooo this is how it looks like Perfect place for our new mattress Welcome to the speed oil! What did you buy today, young lady? Gluten free bread Ok Also one palette of pure veggie Ok Vegan cheese Ok Tasty salt chips Nice Theeen guacamole 5x pack Nice 2x ginger shot Orange juice Guacamole with tortilla chips for dipping Ok Ginger shot again Wait, I’ll try it faster Smash ice 6x mini beer For today’s evening Red wine What else do we have here? It’s actually not everything for today’s evening It was planed for a long time Exactly Then napkins for special cases Hairbrush Cause I forgot mine at home as usually Wait wait Also a little package with cutlery Unfortunately we couldn’t find a smaller one But we’re gonna use every single day so it won’t be a problem Red cups And wet wipes It’s always a good decision when you’re ob vacation or a road trip My personal advice 😀 On what…? On a road trip omggg Ummm lol what A road trip! I thought you said a red trip, ok It’s road trippp Aaaand I’ve already wanted to mention that Umm I think it’s a total shit – all these plastic bags and something like that My heart literally bleeds when I see this I can’t stand it Ok, that’s it, actually Ciao! Byeee! You’re doing it the wrong way 😀 Whateeeeever Ok let’s gooo What’s up? 2 hours Oh no, seriously? Noooo waaaay As if it would last 2 hours Shit shit, we’re gonna be late, about 10 p.m. You have to call and ask them if it’s ok Oh no, wtf Wonderful Let’s go, friends! Ok, I’ll check the navigation and then we can go How could it happen to us Though Although Here it is! No way Right now we’re on the way to the KAO We were here 2 years ago And we remember this camp as no good for us Cause we met here 3 freaks We rented a campground here And there were 3 weird guys, junkies I suppose And they stalked us at the pool It was there! Yeah! Yeah, here it is! And they literally bothered us They were so high They looked like vikings Yes Kinda vikings’ ship So weird 2 men and one woman, totally strange They looked like movie characters And at that night we were afraid We didn’t want to sleep there Omg omg, I thought we will die 😀 So we decided to change the campground Secretly In the dead of night But now First of all we need to get a map Here supposed to be someone Yeah She said till 10 p.m. By the way, it’s 10:17 p.m. now 😀 Oh nooo It’s Saturday night And they just make a disco here How could it be better? Jet lag of the death Let’s go and see How long have we been awake actually? Ummm, I’ve got no clue 😀 40 hours? Anyway we are the whole time on the road We slept only on the plane My legs tremble sometimes, I think they’ll fall asleep soon Too less sleep And one more good thing We bought something to eat Ok, let’s be honest I’m actually totally against BK and McDonalds buuut Because What’s up with the window Can you please listen to me Well Because I wanna avoid gluten buuut But it’s not so easy as I thought So now we’re gonna tasty an impossible burger I came to the following conclusion When you’re in America you have to say “plant based” Because I said veggie instead of plant based And they didn’t understand me Yes, but could also be vegetarian That’s the point That’s why – plant based So this is a plant based burger Hey, stop filming now! I can’t no more Let’s go So American fries for you Thank you So there’s a problem, isn’t it? We have a reservation, everything is gonna be alright Wow Is it tasty? Take a look how big it is Probably you can change this bread with a gluten free one Ok, I’ll do that Ok, a bit too many sauces Fries taste good I need to check my dentition first Typical American fries I think it’s ok Really Should I change the bread or what do you think? Yeah? To change the bottom would be easy Boah, it’s so giant Noooo Thank god you have a paper underneath Come on! Eat finally! Hey, it’s my alarm clock Ok, my new trick Changing the normal burger bread with a gluten free one 3 2 1 Mmm Oh, it’s soooo delicious No joke, it tastes so good Even better than that fat bread in Germany Here it is so thin A bit burnt but who cares So the burgers in America are much bigger than in Germany Biiigger But the meatball is thicker here, I definitely like it Oh nooo We bought the wrong size Unbelievable I think It will be narrow but with a lot of hugs 😀 The music here Oh yeah Throw the sleeping bag over it Today we’ll take these Let’s see if we can change them tomorrow I’d say it’s time to end our first vlog So we’ll make it comfortable here and start tomorrow cutting videos Our battery has only 3% left And a day after tomorrow it’ll be online I wish you a good night and see you in our next vlog! Bye bye, guys!


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