• nucleargator nucleargator

    great instructions and specs. could you post an ebay link for the thermos. i speak english only, sorry. thanks

  • Harley Shade

    lol, THE SELLERS WILL not SEND TO MANY COUNTRIES … sorry man , your Video has become "USELESS" because of a seller of the item YOU made popular 🙁 [ it is SAD TOO because you had an innovative idea as well that could have done very well world over]

  • Bevin Chu

    Clever solution.
    Like the fact that no welding or cutting is involved.
    Except for the "X" support on top, which should be easy because it's a flat sheet of metal.

  • James Fergason

    The drill would cut faster, and the bit will last longer if you dipped the tip of the bit in cutting oil before each hole.

  • Si Cleaver

    Hi, thanks for posting – great idea and execution. Do you think this could be scaled up? I am thinking of using two gas bottles, one smaller than the other to build a larger version.

  • Ricarda Schaeg

    If i want a flame that burns longer than 60mins, do i go wider and flat or narrow and tall? I have built a stove with 240x90mm burning chamber, but it only burns the top third (60mins) and then dies out! I see that you know what you are doing, so would apreciate your professional advice!! Thanks in advance!

  • Ricarda Schaeg

    Hi Uwe, thanks for coming back to me! Actually my name is Bert and am from Namibia. Ricarda is my wife's email. The stove i made is still very basic, so i will improve it with your suggetions and come back to you. What do you think of the burning quality of pellets that are pressed from leaves? Will it burn as good as woodpellets?

  • Diego De la Torre

    Great vid! Really enjoyed the video, the dim audio made me pay attention more clearly. I have hit the wall that everybody has run into; for this I wanted to build my own container and then treat it like you did. For this I was wondering if you could help me with some measurements. I saw the test and it was beautiful. So I need the measurements of the base diameter. The top ring diameter. The height from the bottom to where the upper ring starts and finally the height of the upper ring. I understand if you can provide the information, and thank you in advance for this wonderful video!

  • fundude53

    what what what cant hear a word you saying what a co,pleat waist of would have been a good video. do better next time

  • allgoo19

    You can buy a complete wood gasfier stove for from around $12.- (free shipping) at aliexpress.
    No welding, no cut – no drill….

    Just open the box and use it.





  • Dave Sutton

    EXCELLENT IDEA and calculations. I will build this for my camping / adventure riding.
    Thank you for your time, ideas and postings.

  • Hollis Greene

    If I could read lips, I guess I'd watch the video…since I can't read lips or hear you speak…I'll be going now…..I was being a smart butt, lol… . It looks like a great project made of substantial materials rather that tin cans that rust out after a few uses…. I would love to see it and HEAR it, lol… Would you consider reading the video or Dubbing your voice over it and ewaplain the item used, size hole etc?

  • Alan S Tan

    I cant hear what you are saying but thank you for posting. Most of the designs do not have external holes at the top to the stove. If you want that closed, you can simply use a hose clip .. the type with a flat metal band to cover those holes, which will force the vents to draw heated air into the top of the burn chamber.
    Is there a reason you are doing it like this?

  • Alan S Tan

    I made a few, and i realized that there is an optimal size as far as how small you can go before too much heat is lost. I also used double walled containers and double boilers. I found that if you go lower than 3 inches, it sucks.

  • Fatih Araz

    The holes on the top-outside? isnt the idea to heat up the air which comes from the bottom? Heated air will move up and make a pressure effect? Have you tried it with closing the holes on the top outer side?

  • Dr Christoph Schäfer

    Ich habe mich durch eine Menge Videos zum Thema "Holzvergaser" gewühlt, und deins ist vom Standpunkt der Kosten-Nutzen-Aufwand-Effizienz bei weitem das Beste. Vielen Dank! Den Behälter gibt es übrigens im Kaufland für 12€.

  • Kube Dog

    Holes at top outside are WRONG. Probably at bottom too, but can't see. Anyway, exterior top holes mess up the airflow. It probably burns wood okay, but it's not a gasifier and so you don't have the benefits of a gasifier. Shame to tear up that nice container. Like in real estate, seek the best use of your property. Keep the container intact and make a gasifier PROPERLY with tin cans, paint can and progresso, old buckets, etc.

  • Wienerwaldwanderungen mit Herbert

    i made loads of woodgas stoves in all dimensions,but all of them with various cans of all sizes. Where did you get this wide short bottle? please some reference no. , to drill the upper row of holes from the outside, was new for me, but it looks like,it worked congatulation. you are an experienced craftsman…..

  • Mirriulah Water Dog

    Just finished my first attempt at your style of woodgas stove. Fired it up with some wood chips (gardening mulch) and very pleased with the results. Thanks for your guidance mate, I'd been looking for a system that didnt need too many tools etc and yours works great. I was lucky enough to get a flask at the charity shop (St Vinnies) for $1 and burnt one drill bit out so total cost about $8. Thanks again mate.

  • lettersquash

    Great stuff – I think there might be a tool in the youtube editor to re-record the audio. You could just talk over this again. It's mostly self-explanatory, but would be good to get more of the details.

  • Frank Giaquinto

    Can you make one using this? Please make it and test it for us. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Stanley-Mountain-Vacuum-Food-System-Stainless-Steel-20oz-/122727288562?epid=2254483221&hash=item1c931dcef2:g:f44AAOSw2FxZvIUh

  • Craig R

    Thanks for sharing. I like the idea of using an insulated container so you can have single piece construction. Plugging the exterior holes at the top may improve it. I'm not sure why some people are actually offended by this post. I guess some people will always find something not to like!

  • jerry roebuck

    No audible commentary.No text..No dimensions.No burn demonstration. But aside from that, a real waste of time. Mille grazia.

  • Jim Greenwood

    Thanks. I have made a few of these and they work superbly. They burn more efficiently with a cleaner flame and produce much less blackening of utensils. I have done a lot of testing with tin can wood stoves and with this type of stove. The super heated air rises up and into the center through the top holes , it pulls some fresh air in from the outside through the top holes. This is then mixed with the wood gas and burns with a cleaner flame that is less yellow. The tin can stoves have a very yellow flame and coat the utensils with heavy soot. These are both indicates of incomplete burning. All you have to do is look at the flame to see the difference.

  • bmcclure0561dad

    You do need to baby steps first, like how to properly cut or drill stainless, it will make it much faster, easier and increase the lifetime of your cutting tools "Bits, saw blades…etc"! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMzIHl1HMXc

  • Tomo Polic

    You're doing it on purpose.. that sound mice thing.. you're whispering and hitting that table with steel and tools like a moron.

  • Tim Watson

    This is great. Thanks for the video. I’m going to make one. A quick question: the holes at the bottom on the outside, do they go all the way through both walls or just through the outside wall?

  • Ranzy Campbell

    Why bother making crappy videos with tons of noise and terrible vocals. Worthless video. How in the world does this video get suggested and how the hell did you get 250K views.

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