World Best Survival Stove!
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World Best Survival Stove!

What’s up guys How you all doing? Today i’m going to put to the test
This amazing camping stove it called “jetboil” It is the most eficient camping stove and also it boils water faster than any other camping stoves So it’s very eficient and very convinient because you don’t wanna sit and wait to boil your water for like five minutes Well.. Let’s see if it actually is going to work And let’s see what it’s all about So this is what it’s looks like out of the package additionally you will have to buy some gas Just like this one So let’s open it out and see what is inside over here Boom! I love that, this is a little stand right here And you can put it on your gas there is diferent sizes so it’ll work for diferent cans Boom! and now look how steady that is lot and here’s our actual store boom look at that that’s so cool you want to open that that’s what we’re going to add just the flow of the the gas and that here this is how we’re going to light it up so it now it turned off let’s put it on top of the gas right here very easy to set it up as you can see woah! look at that cool design ok now we have to open this bottom right here look at that, that supposed to I guess hold the heat and stuff like that to heat it up the water inside over to a lot faster and also i love the koozie right here you see that way you do not doing yourself and also it looks like a cup vs this one said here you see this side of the handoff kinda melted off with a store you see there’s a line at their test marks safe fill so that way if you fill up more they don’t recommend it because when you take it off this whole part you might spill it and burn yourself so that way it did to safest way to use this pay attention to be said here you see just block let’s see what happens when we start heating it up when you put it on you see right here this it slides in here and then you twist it and now it’s all one piece wow this is so steady look at that even though it’s very tall it’s really really steady okay let’s light it up woah! did you see that let me show you what it looks like on the inside side and i guess all this little metal pieces right here keeps the heat all the inside of it so that way all the heat directed into that part so that way the water will boil the fastest way and we’re not losing any heat so we’re not wasting any gas that way it’s very very efficient look at this side here once you see this starting to change colors that means it’s getting hot wow how cool is that you see it can change into our yellow guess what is this color yep it changes to yellow so that means it’s starting to boil and it started to get earlier hot inside of it, I love that featured here you see it how completely turned to yellow that means it’s hot be careful i can already hear it started to boil a little bit hooo! it’s hot and as you can see a couple minutes and it’s boiling wow it’s boiling so much amazing now that it’s hot let’s turn it off and let’s see how hard it is to take it off from this stuff this bottom part is not hot this part probably would be hot so elaborate on the bottom part right here and i got twist it and pull it out Wow look at awesome this thing is still yellow it means it’s hot and you can see steam is coming out heavily not and make coffee in there or can put Ramen noodles in there and make myself soup when you want to put it away you don’t even have to take this apart from the gas you just put it aside just like that and this then you clip it together again and put it inside here and then put the cover in and then put the cover like that boom one thing I gotta say next time i’m going camping overnight few days i’m definitely bringing this one with me very lightweight very cool design keeps all the gas and the stove and the stand in one place and i love that they are featurers that is turning yellow that means it’s hot be careful never seen any camping stove to that kind of stuff that’s pretty much it let me know what you think in the comments below also don’t forget to like this video and follow me on on Instagram with the links in description well thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time


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