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oh oh hey what’s going against Papa take
your friend to epiphany and I’m about to go down to zipline Oh guys that let’s see what I got –
brand new video that was one way to start a vlog yeah hey look blog is back
we got him back from the monster but yeah guys we’re here hanging out at the
shares house and there is a ton of crazy stuff going on right now there’s Chad
wild clay here’s Steven chair of course be enough Carl and ginger and everyone’s
going down the world’s biggest water slide so I thought Logan
since we are the Box we’re kings we would show everyone how amazing we can
build a box fort that he go down the world’s biggest water slide okay so kind
of like we did that toboggan back in the winter exactly dude but before we do that guys
I mean I can’t just see it awesome waterslide like that and not want to go
down it so why don’t we grab some floaties head up have a little bit of
fun let’s do this guys check this out look how crazy this
is look at this massive massive ball we should try going down the slide on this
Jake let’s play game of cats with this ball guys there is so much fun and cool
stuff here if you have any suggestions let it go in the comments but also don’t
forget to smack that like button down below if you guys are having an amazing
day we’re about to have so much fun on this waterslide so let’s go grab some
floaties and hit it up here yo guys it’s time to go down the world’s biggest slip
and slide guys I was so crazy this is definitely
the world’s biggest waterslide so I think we’re looking soon to be
going up on it next let’s see what he does let’s see if we can make it as far
yeah I think I made it pretty far but definitely could adjust my tactics a
little bit I wants to fight wakeboard across the whole thing also guys check
this out how cool is this they have an entire thing here just threw ice cream
so you know once you’re done going down the world’s biggest waterslide you come
on over here look at what we got in here we got giant vanilla ice cream sandwich
ready bro I think after this guys me and Logan will both go down on one together they are doing backflips in the water
at the bottom of the world’s large waterslide so maybe if we get something
we travel down there together and then Logan you can do a backflip because I’m
not I’m not doing that okay guys I’ve never done a backflip but it I’m gonna
do a backflip it’s gonna be at the Cher’s house all right well let’s pick
our vehicle slash mode of transportation to get down here and let’s go down okay
all right guys I’m gonna try going down on the peacock this is gonna be
interesting it’s key to go really cool or really bad but doing a backflip alright guys so now
that we learn how to backflip I think it’s time that we go ahead and build
this epic Fox sport but I heard something I heard a rumor I heard that
Stephen chair is making his own box fort to go down the world’s biggest
waterslide and we need to beat them guys all right after we build this thing
we’re gonna go confront it and I think we should have a good old fashioned box
fort race down the waterslide to see who’s the best box for builder it’s our
box fort but it’s not just the box for it it’s our box fort that’s gonna be
going down the world’s largest waterslide we’ve equipped this with
everything ok now you might be taking off the bat Jake is it a boat is it a
box port is it a house or is it a plane well it’s all about guys because we have
to have every single ounce of box for technology packed into this so that we
can beat everyone else cuz it’s got some information guys okay guys I heard that
Carl and ginger are doing their very own box fort they’re gonna be competing
against both us and Stephen chairs so we’ve got to win this thing
I mean Logan we might go so fast that this thing might just take off because
these wings I think if this thing floats and doesn’t sink it will be a success
yeah we got the aerodynamics down pat dude all right well I say we bring it on
over to the top of the waterslide and get set up for this challenge all right
guys so we just got up here and looks like Stephen Shear has made his
own box yeah mine looks pretty good too I mean it doesn’t have wings the ours
might just fly guys and look at this thing all right we’ve got a bottom just
usually have a 40 bottom claw ours is universal you can select any bottom you
want but only that guys we also have to go up against Carl and ginger like I
painted the flames on in the correct direction even though I put them on
backwards but that’s in case we spin around backwards then it’s super fast
either way Jake we don’t have a flag we don’t have a flag Logan but the flames
are backwards it means it’s gonna go the opposite direction so that’s good for us
all right well I guess it’s time to set these all up guys and see who wins this
race guys comment down below who you thinks gonna win the race this is gonna
be Steven cher yeah it’s gonna be Papa Jake or is gonna be Carl and ginger put
a hashtag down below guys alright guys so it looks like first up is gonna be
Carl and ginger they’re going on well unicorn box for it so again guys
remember you have to decide in the comments who actually wins this thing
all of us are gonna go down here and you have to vote who was the fastest but
also who was the coolest so let’s see how the run goes completely tiptoeing nasal that was
really funny yes comment below what you thought about that that was pretty cool
alright guys it looks like we’re up next in our amazing box for it so we’re gonna
set it up on the world’s biggest slip and slide and see what happens here so
ready alright guys we’re getting in here set it up oh yeah guys check this out
you can see through the front so I think Logan’s gonna kind of give it like a run
and then he’s gonna jump in behind us and we’re just gonna fly down this thing


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