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I would like to bestow the honor
of opening this episode to Gary Hilbert. No way. Yeah. Dude. I don’t even know
what to do right now. Welcome, guys. What do you typically say? You had one chance and
that’s what you went with. Yeah. [MUSIC – OVERTIME THEME SONG] Tall guy, beard,
twins, purple hoser. Dude Perfects in Overtime. Tall guy, beard,
twins, purple hoser. Now we’re heading
on to Overtime. Welcome to Overtime 11. We’ve got a great show
for you guys today. Starting off with a
little Cool Not Cool, followed by a brand new segment
that you’ve never seen before. Then into some Absurd
Recurds, and to finish it up, everybody’s favorite,
Wheel Unfortunate. But for now, let’s
head to Cool Not Cool. Recently, I decided that I
needed to take charge, OK. No. For at least one episode, we
will enforce the budget rule, so this is Budget Episode
Cool Not Cool, $25 or less. I’m talking to one
man, in particular. I mean, it’s Coby. No. No. I definitely smell
something burning. You absolutely do. Let me introduce to you guys
my item, the hot dog toaster. Here’s what we got. I broke some off, just so
you guys can just taste. That is going to be the best
hot dog you’ve ever had. Oh my goodness gracious. Dude. I’ll vote first. Yes. The wiener cooker itself, it’s
pretty standard, but the bun toaster, next level. If it cooked anything beside
hot dogs, I would be in. I’m eliminating it to one
of my least favorite items. I really thought that was going
to be my first super cool. You guys know me. You bring a food
item and I’m in. From now on, I’m only
bringing food items. And I was skeptical at
first, but that puppy was cooked to perfection. Gar, I’m so proud of you. And how much are we
talking there, Gar? $17.97. That is how you do
Budget Cool Not Cool. I can follow that up nicely. A lot of negativity in
the world today, and that is why I want to
take this moment to pass out just a little
bit of positive energy. Is that the Bob
Ross energy drink? That is a Bob Ross energy drink. Wash your dogs down with some
positive Bob Ross energy. Is it wrong that I want to
check the ingredients label real quick on this
really random item? Don’t even look. No such thing as mistakes,
just happy accidents. Toss it back. That is the best energy
drink I’ve ever tasted. Holy cow, there’s a lot
of sugar in that thing. It’s got 80% of your
pantothenic acid. And for that reason, I’m out. I don’t know what that is. Congratulations to
the Bob Ross family who carried on his legacy. This stuff’s good. Yeah. I’m a green too. I would love to tie in
my item really quickly. Strange way to bring up
an item I’ve ever seen. All right, pretend you’re
ready for a job interview. You got your tie on. You’re feeling good. You got the cold sweats
because you’re nervous. And you pull out
your necktie fan. Oh, that’s nice. I’m sorry, what? Mid-August in
Texas, you’re going to want one of these suckers. Does it come in any
different colors? I don’t believe so. OK. Before you do that, Ty, I
feel like it’s unfair, dude. You just took a Bob Ross
positive energy drink, and all of a sudden you’re
publicly shaming the Guy? Messed up. Gar, you’re right. You know, I should be
full of positive energy. I mean, come on. And for that reason. Thank you, Coby. For that reason. We’re on our way, folks. That’s two. What just happened? Is it plugged in all the time? All of the time. I like how you were
trying to hide that. I’m sorry, Bob. I gave it all I had,
but I got to go back. I will say, I hate
wearing a tie, and on the off chance
that this makes it better, I’ll hit green. Wow. I just need a different color. I’m sorry. Sorry. The fact that it’s pre-tied
is a reason enough for me. You’re just in it
for pre-tied band? Yes. 100%, dude. Wow. It’s a good item. Ladies and gentlemen, do you
remember my unspillable coffee mug? Yeah, that was nice. For today’s
budget-friendly episode, I would like to introduce to
you the unspillable coffee mug carrier. Now we’ve got our
positive energy. Does everyone agree that
is to the tippy top? That’s pretty full. Normally, if were
carrying this cup– That is unbelievable. –it is spilling everywhere. What? No way. What a performance. No way. We need to invent
this to where they have this hanging
from the car ceiling so, you know, you’re always
spilling it and yeah I’m in! Like what an item. Yeah, absolutely a green. You did use partial of my item. Which is kind of
like a compliment. It is, but you Not
Cooled my item. But I did drink a lot of
positive energy, so hey, all right. The fact that you have to keep
this in your office drawer. I agree. I’m so on your page right now. The whole time? I just can’t get on board. This is a piece of junk. I totally understand you there. If I may say so myself, I’ve
had some legendary performances on Cool Not Cool. And legendary prices. Before I present my item
to you, my only request would be before you vote,
you must try it yourself. I proudly present to
you the ostrich pillow. We’ve all been there. You’re on an airplane and you
just can’t get comfortable. Pull your tray table out and
just set your face down on it. Oh my goodness, your arms
are just in a primo position. Your arms are in the
other people’s seats. Yeah, that’s true. I need you guys to try it
before you cast your vote. OK, this is how it goes? More or less. Before I cast any votes,
I want to be clear-headed. That’s not how you
get clear-headed. There it is. There it is. I’m green all day. Looks unbelievable. Oh, that’s nice. I told you, dude. The forehead comfort
is phenomenal. I have a horrible time
sleeping on planes. That is flat out. Unbelievable. Super cool. Yes. Guys, real quick, I know that
today was a budget episode, and I know this may
be hard to believe, but the ostrich pillow
is actually $99. Are you kidding me? Are you serious? What is wrong with you? I’m making an
executive decision. One game suspension. Next time, Cool Not Cool. No buttons, no mic. You say a word, you’re
spinning the wheel. Give me the pillow. No. Give me the pillow. I’d pay a million dollars
to sleep on an airplane. Pillow’s broke. There’s fuzz coming out. No. Yeah. End the segment. No. Somebody. Welcome to the newest
segment here on Overtime. Here at DP, we have arguments,
just like everybody else. It’s common in the workplace to
have disputes, disagreements, and sometimes those
are left unresolved. We decided to appoint one
person to resolve our arguments, and there is only
one place to do that, and that is in the
courtroom of Judge Dudy. You are about to enter the
courtroom of Judge Dudy. Tensions are high. Dudes may cry. But the rulings are final. This is Judge Dudy. 12 years ago, Garrett
Hilbert accidentally broke Coby Cotton’s desk. Today, Garrett is suing
Coby for violating bro code and forcing him to
pay for the desk. Rise up. Judge, hey. Please be seated. Case number 432. Hilbert versus Cotton. Thank you, Officer. How are we doing today? Good. Did you get your
coffee this morning? I did and you took it. Ah. It’s fine, though. Mr. Hilbert versus Mr. Cotton. Mr. Hilbert, you are
countersuing suing Mr. Cotton because he forced you
to pay $90 for a desk that you originally broke. Now you want your
money back because you feel Mr. Cotton broke bro code. Am I understanding that
correct, Mr. Hilbert? Yes, sir, and also countersuing
for emotional damages on the friendship over
the last 12 years. What is the total
amount, Mr. Hilbert, that you’re countersuing for? $450. $450. $450? Mr. Cotton, it is not your turn. Please wait. Mr. Hilbert, were you
invited to the house? Yes, Your Honor,
we were just having a good, friendly discussion. I leaned against a piece
of garbage, unstable desk. It cracked. I was very apologetic. Then he proceeded to
send me a bill for $90. Thank you, Mr. Hilbert. Mr. Cotton. Yes, Your Honor. What was the date of the
incident, Mr. Cotton? April 2nd, 2007, Your Honor. Where was the house
that you lived in? I was off campus, sir,
in the historic district. Historic district. You must have a lot
of money, Mr. Cotton. No, sir, it was a rental, sir. Where were you working
at the time, Mr. Cotton? I was waiting tables at
Red Lobster, Your Honor. Red Lobster. You like lobster? Actually, no, sir but I did
like the cheese bread, sir. You like the cheese bread,
but not the lobster. How much money were
you making an hour at Red Lobster, Mr. Cotton? $8 an hour plus tips, sir. $8. So you were in a bit
of a financial pickle, you might, say Mr. Lobster. Mr. Lobster. I’m going to call
you Mr. Lobster from now on, Mr. Cotton. Mr. Lobster, how did
you acquire the desk? I bought it, sir. You bought the desk
with lobster money? Sure. Yes, sir. Yeah. What was your major in college? Communication. Communication what? Communication. That was the name of the– You didn’t study hard
enough because you’re having a hard time communicating
with me, Mr. Lobster. Mr. Hilbert, what
was your major? Irrelevant, sir. This isn’t college, sir. Mr. Cotton, I’m not
talking to you right now. Officer Trooper,
stay over there. If he talks again, I
want you to cuff him. Mr. Hilbert, you’re
a pretty bright guy. Mr. Hilbert, talk to me, please. Where was the desk
from, Mr. Hilbert? IKEA, I believe, sir. Did you know the desk
was from IDEA at the time or did you find this out
after the fact, Mr. Hilbert? Looks can be deceiving, sir. I did not know it was from IKEA. Your Honor, it was obvious
it was IKEA furniture. Mr. Cotton, when I
talk to you, then you can talk back to me, Mr.
Communication Lobster. It was a terrible
desk, Your Honor. It was very obvious. Put the cuffs on him. Officer Trooper,
next outburst, you have my authority to bust
him with your nightstick if he does anything else. Mr. Cotton, how
long have you lived in the house prior to
Mr. Hilbert coming over? About six months, Your Honor. Would you say you
had adequate time to set up the house
appropriately? Yes, sir. How many seats were in the
room when the desk was broken? I had one desk
chair, Your Honor. One desk chair. And how many people were
in the room, Mr. Cotton? I recall three or four people. Three or four people and we’ve
got one desk chair in the room. Do you see the problem
here, Mr. Lobster? It was my bedroom, sir. Mr. Lobster, do you
regret breaking bro code? I did not break bro
code, Your Honor. You didn’t feel
bad that you then took your friend, Mr. Hilbert– he accidentally broke your
desk, and then you said, you owe me $90. The broken bro code,
Your Honor, was him not offering to pay
for the desk, Your Honor. $90. Everything would
have been forgiven. Was there anything else
on the desk at the time? Just a couple of textbooks,
sir, and my Bible. The Bible. WWJD, what– do you
think Jesus would’ve made Peter to pay for
the table if he broke it? You make a good
point, Your Honor. So are you agreeing
to pay the full amount of $450, Mr. Lobster? Absolutely not. That’s outrageous. Mr. Lobster. Sir, if he had said $100,000,
would you have said yes? Mr. Lobster, that’s enough. Thank you. Due to inflation,
emotional side effects, and a complete waste
of time on my behalf, I agree with Mr. Hilbert. You owe him $450 and
a free lobster meal. Thank you very much. Yes. Thank you, sir. Officer Trooper,
I’m finished here. Thank you very much. Got to be honest. Really happy with the ruling
that Judge Dudy gave me today. I stepped in this courtroom,
thought I was going to like Judge Dudy. The guy’s a joke. Should have done this years ago. What kind of a friend
sits on his friend’s desk, breaks it, then charges 1,000%
interest 10 years later? Probably should have
asked for more, now that I’m thinking
about it, but hey, I’m going to take my $450
and live a happy life. I’m going to go over
to Garrett’s house to see if I can
break some things. Maybe I’ll make a few million. I think that that is one
of the best decisions that we have ever had, to bring
in the judge and a courtroom into this office. I think that’s going to
solve a lot of problems. OK, well, it is time to move on. We had Michael in
town a few weeks ago and we decided to break
yet another Absurd Recurd. Let’s take a look. It is a beautiful day to
break an Absurd Recurd. Today, we are down
in the kitchen with everybody’s favorite,
Guinness World Record adjudicator, Michael. Hey. Hi, everyone. How are you? Michael, glad to have you here. Why don’t you tell
the folks at home what Coby will be attempting today. Today, Coby will be attempting
to break the Guinness World Records title for tallest stack
of donuts in one minute while blindfolded. Oh, wow. That’s absurd. Yes. So it’s exactly
what it sounds like. Blindfold, stack of donuts. The tower must remain
standing for five seconds at the end of the one minute. I hope that doesn’t
come into play. That’s a good note. And let’s not forget about
the thickness of the donut. What was this thickness
that they have to be? They have to be six
centimeters thick. For our American-speaking
friends, basically, they need to
be pretty thick donuts. OK, Cobes, how are you feeling? I don’t have a blindfold,
but I feel great. Oh, there we go. Now we have a blindfold. OK, you ready? I’m ready, guys. Coby, please wave
at the donut cam. Somewhere over here. Correct. That was a direct
wave to the donut cam. Hey. Hey. For the record, 3, 2, 1, go. It’s a good first one. It’s like he’s
not fighting time. It’s more just the architecture. Move your top one
closer to you a little. OK. OK. How about you start stacking? Just stack them and
see what happens. Towards you. Coby, towards you. There you go. There you go. No, no. It’s done. Done. done. Done. Tower’s gone. What happened? All right, reset. Bring it back this way a little. No, no, no, no. To your left. To your left. Time. Put that one dead center. Oh, you had it. You had it. Let go. Let go. Coby, are you ready? I’m ready, Michael. For the record, go. A good stack right there. Only two more left. The last two will
decide everything. Holy cow. Toward you. Towards you. Towards you, the top two. This one needs to
be all towards Ty. All towards Ty. Top two towards me and you. We got time. OK, hold on. Top one away from you. A little bit more. OK, hands off. Stop. 2, 3, 4, 5. You went from zero to
hero at the last second. Wow. That, honestly, might last as
long as the Egyptian pyramid. Donut cam. Coby, the existing
record was seven. You have tied the existing
Guinness World Records title. Congratulations. You are officially amazing. Great job. Thanks, sir. Eat some donuts, guys. Oh, it tastes like
a world record. It does. Oh, man. I will say, Cobes, much
harder than it looked. Well done, though. Thank you. Great job. Another plaque on the wall. Can’t complain. When you hoist it high
and you feel the feels, you know it’s real. It’s true. What a saying. What a saying. That doesn’t happen often
for me, but when it does, it feels good. Ladies and gentlemen,
for everyone’s favorite and final segment of
this episode of Overtime, I would like to throw it
over to Garrett Hilbert. Oh, are you serious? I would like to do that. Guys, if I’m on the bench, it’s
my favorite game show to watch. This is Wheel Unfortunate. Much better. Much better than the first one. Yes. As always, I have a new
hat for us to pick out of. I am using a pizza hat today. Yeah, the hats just don’t
do it for me, you know. You guys, I was
under the impression that you guys were
looking forward to seeing what new hat I
bring out every episode. No, not really. I’m curious what kind of a
reaction you were expecting. No. Oh my. Oh wow. There’s toppings on top. Oh. That is actually what he wanted. You know what? All right. I have the hat. I would say, I would like
Cory to pick out of the hat. All in favor of Cory? I. Yes. This usually goes well for me. Cory, do your worst. There’s at least a 72%
chance you land on Own a Cat. They’re all the same. It feels like a 72% chance. Do you have it in your hand? No, it’s not in his hand. He has the name in
his hand right now. Hey, here’s what I want you
to do because this always gets me excited. Does it start with a C? Yeah, that’s what
I want to know. Yeah. It does not. Yes. Yes. Yes. No cat for us! I love the pizza hat. Muah. Ah, sí. I’m ready to just show it. OK. Wait, hold on. Hold on. Hey, what are you
going to name your cat? It’s me and I’m owning a cat. Ladies and gentlemen, the
person that might own a cat is Garrett. Yes. Welcome to the greatest
game show in all the land. This is Wheel Unfortunate. Well, folks, I’m Ned
Forrester checking in. A little bit of a downer
more so than usual, I guess. You could say we’ve
been on the road. Boys are finishing up the tour. They asked old Ned to
go along with them, and tour life is not for Ned. Aw. It’s taking a toll on me,
vocally, mentally, spiritually, physically. Just about every type of -ly
you could possibly imagine, I feel it. Too many fans just screaming
Ned, just cheering me on to dance, or taking
every Golden Boy I had. I’ve got no Golden Boys left
to throw out for you guys. Just bring them on. Come on up, Gar. Man, I gotta say, I cannot
believe I have more energy than Ned. That is insane. Well, you know, looks like
spirits are already pretty low, and I don’t want
to make them lower, so I guess I don’t
need to spin the wheel. So hey, you good
seeing you, ol’ bud. Yeah, you don’t need to
spin the wheel because I’m going to do it for you. Spin that wheel. OK. Here we are. Is this a joke? And let’s see what we
are going to land on… No. Dude, it says stand in
lines at a theme park and not ride any rides. And that is exactly what
you’re going to be doing, Gar. Thank you very much. I’m Ned Forrester. Old Ned came here and he
decided, hey, let’s just make this a quick one. Gar walks out, I spin it. That’s what you’re doing. That’s how the ball game goes. That’s not how the game works. I’m supposed to spin
the wheel and you guys are supposed to be,
spin that wheel! Signing off for now. Say it with me,
that’s unfortunate. Ladies and gentlemen, we
are here at Six Flags. Today is all about finding the
longest line we possibly can, and four of the
five of us having the best day of our lives. Who’s ready to have fun? Me. Here we go. Dude, I’m totally
going no hands. Oh, no doubt. Will you do no hands? Nope. Nope. Hey, keep it moving. Keep it moving. Hey, Gar. The coaster brothers, yeah. Bye, Gar. See you. See you, Gar. There’s Gar. This ride is notorious for
a three-hour line wait. Good news is we have
fast passes, boys. Yeah. Gar, enjoy it. I’ll hold that
water for you, Gar. I got it. That’s brutal. I’m a changed man. For the unicorn. 1, 2. Get it. Nice. Yeah. What’s Garrett doing? Garrett, he’s probably
still standing in line. It’s literally over
100 degrees right now. Hey, boys! Hey, I’d like some
water, at least. Oh. Oh, man. That was a perfectly good– That’s so messed up. Honestly, the carnival is the
best part of the whole place. Stop touching me. Want to give him a kiss? No. I hope he gets soaked. High-five buddy. High-five. Hold on, Buckey. Hey, good news. I say we don’t make Garrett
stand in line for this one, mainly because we need you to
hold these while we go ride it. Are you serious? Yeah. Hold that. Thank you. All right, we’ll be back. Yeah, that looks
like a lot of fun. It has been a long
day, but a fun day, one of the best
of Dude Perfect’s. I agree. Say it with me, folks. That’s unfortunate. Sorry about that, Gar. Yeah, that hurt. That one hurt me more
than it hurt you. What did you guys do with
your stuffed animals? Kept him at home. Yeah, mine’s on my bed at home. It’s awesome. Special shout out
to 140,000 of you that came out to our very
first ever live show, the Pound it, Noggin’ tour. We had a blast in your cities. Thank you so much. Thanks for watching, guys. If you’re not already you
Dude Perfect subscriber, click down here so you don’t
miss out on any new videos. Also, shout out to the
guys holding down the fort while we were gone. Editor Edition 2 is live. If you haven’t seen
it, check it out. Signing off for now. Mics are fake. Coby went over budget, shocker. See you next time. He doesn’t have
button’s next episode. Oh, yeah. I forgot. I suspended him. That’s nice.

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