WORLDSIGN | President Trump acquitted, CIA spy sentenced, a homeless shelter at Vatican palace

[Alessio]: The US Senate
last Wednesday voted to acquit US President Donald
Trump on two articles of impeachment, abuse of
power and obstruction of congressional investigations. On abuse of power, 52
senators voted not guilty and 48 senators voted guilty. On obstruction of US
Congress, 53 senators voted not guilty and 47 voted guilty. President Trump has become
the third president to be acquitted by the US
Senate in history. Last December 2019,
President Donald Trump was impeached by the US
House of Representatives. He was accused of
withholding about 400 million USD of Ukraine
military aid to seek foreign interference to
help him beat one of his presidential election
rivals, Joe Biden and win the re-election
this November 2020. [Alessio]: Iran’s Supreme
Court last week sentenced Amir Rahimpour, an Iranian,
to death for spying for the CIA and announced that
the execution would take place soon. Rahimpour was accused of
accepting money from the United States to share
sensitive information with the CIA about Iran’s
nuclear program. Prior to his sentencing,
Rahimpour has been held in Evin Prison since
last fall 2019. Iran has also announced
that they arrested 17 Iranians who are also
accused of spying for the US. US President Trump
dismissed Iran’s accusations, calling
them lies and propaganda. In 2016, Shahram Amiri,
another Iranian, was executed by hanging in Iran
after he was convicted of spying for the US. [Alessio]: In Vatican City,
Pope Francis has turned a Vatican palace, built in
the 1800s, into a shelter for the homeless. It had been previously
suggested that the palace be turned into a luxury
hotel but Pope Francis had a different idea. He ordered the property
to become a sanctuary for homeless and poor
people so that they can sleep, eat, and learn. The palace, which is
dubbed, “A Palace for the Poor,” was blessed by
the Pope last week before opening its space to as
many as 50 homeless men and women. In 2016, he held a
special mass for homeless people and criticized
the world’s treatment of poor people. [Alessio]: The United
Kingdom announced last week that they would ban the
sale of new gas, diesel, and hybrid cars by
2035 instead of 2040. They are stepping up
efforts to reduce air pollution and fossil fuel
emissions, and combat climate change. The new ban would, if
in effect, make a direct impact on oil production
and auto industry, and it would mean people will only
be able to buy electric cars. The ban is part of
the UK’s pledge to cut its greenhouse gas emissions
to net-zero by 2050. Other countries in Europe
are taking similar actions. -Thank you for watching
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