Would You Rather…🤔 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
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Would You Rather…🤔 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

– [Deanna] Would you rather
get rid of the-(stutters) (laughs) – [Vinny And Pauly D]
(mimics Deanna stuttering) (laughter) -[Blond Woman] What? – [Deanna] It was a tongue twister. (energetic funky music) – [Pauly D] Play a little
game called would you rather? I’ll start it off. Would you
rather be only able to smash in the smush room for
the rest of your life or only have sex in public
for the rest of your life? – [Deanna] What? – [Vinny] Smush room – [Pauly D] So that’ll
be the smush room for the rest of your life. No where else. – [Deanna] The smush
room. I don’t like to show what’s going on – [Angelina] Even if its dirty I – [Deanna] Ill just put
plastic over the sheets. – [Pauly D] Yeah that smush rooms nasty. – [Vinny] I’m nasty too though so. (laughs) – [Pauly D] Lit. – [Angelina] Pauly would you
never say “yeah buddy” again or have to say “yeah buddy”
every time you orgasm? (laughs) – [Pauly] I would like to say
“yeah buddy” when I orgasm. Yeah buddy! – [Vinny] He already does say
say it every time he orgasms. (laughs) – [Deanna] Would you rather
deep clean the smush room or unclog the toilet after
Ronnie has visited it? – [Vinny] That’s a hard one! – [Pauly D] There’s two rooms
in the world I don’t like to step in: the smush room
and Ronnie’s bathroom. – [Vinny] I would do the f*ing smush room. – In Miami, when he clogged
that toilet, I couldn’t step foot in his bedroom let
alone the bathroom that was connected to it. That smell was insane.
-[Deena] That was disgusting. – I felt like it was still in my nostrils. I can smell it right now. – [Pauly D] Oh this ones for Vinny. – [Angelina] Oh god. – Would you rather make out
with Angelina for an hour or have sex with Pauly D for 30 seconds? – [Angelina] What do you
think his answers gonna be? – [Vinny] Pauly’s D all day! – [Pauly And Vinny] Hey! (romantic music) For an hour- I mean 30 seconds. – [Pauly D] 30 seconds as a joke – [Vinny] As a joke. It’ll be funny. (laugh) – [Blonde Woman] Would you
rather eat pizza every day, or never eat pizza again? – [Vinny] Pizza every day [Pauly D] Every day. – [Blonde Woman] Pizza everyday – [Angelina] Only eat
Mike’s diet or eat Keto? – [All Except Vinny] Mike’s diet – [Pauly D] Yo that keto
is not fun bro. And plus you ever smell this guys keto fart? – [Deena] Oh he’s disgusting. [Pauly D] Yo clear the
room. – [Deena] Terrible. – [Blonde Woman] Never
watch Jersey Shore again or only watch Jersey Shore
for the rest of your life? – [Deena] I’m not gonna watch
it again because I don’t want to have to show my son that.
So I mean he’s gonna see certain things but can
we just delete Italy? (laughs) – [Vinny] Give up your engagement ring, or give up one of your cats? – [Angelina] No my cats are my life, take the engagement ring. – [All] Oh! -[Angelina] Goodbye! – [Angelina] Pauly, would
you rather shave your head or never have access to hair products? – [Pauly D] S-(beep) Holy s-(beep) wait a minute, so rather shave my head – [Vinny] Or you would just look like a- – [Blonde Woman] Go au naturel. – [Vinny] It would just look
like a ‘fro or something. – [Vinny] Shave that s-(beep). – [Deena] But you could wear a hat. – [Pauly D] Yeah Ill
shave it if I wear a hat. – [Vinny] There’s no
hats in this equation. – [Pauly] I’m a shave it. – [Angelina] I can’t picture
him with a shaved head. – [Pauly D] Let’s hope
this day never comes. – [Vinny] Angelin-er! – [Angelina] Leave it
to you to pick my card. – [Vinny] Would you rather
take a body shot off of me or Ronnie? – [Pauly D] Oh my god this is a good one. – [Angelina] I would
rather take it off of you. – [Deena] Really? – [All] Ou! (laughter) – [Pauly D] You’re obsessed with him! – [Angelina] No, Ronnie. I’m
joking. I just wanted to see- – [Deena] No I thought- oh get outta here! – [Angelina] No, no. –
[Pauly D] Get the shot! – [Angelina] I do not want to
touch your stomach right now. – [Deena] Calm down. – [Angelina]
I’ve already seen your… [Pauly D] That was a good one! – [Angelina] Stop. – [Blonde Woman] Vinny. (laughs) Sorry. – [Pauly D] Its gonna
be Angelina up in here. – [Blonde Woman] Would you
rather have to pound out Angelina every day for a year? – [Vinny] Every time, every
time.- [Angelina] Why? – Or never have sex again
for the rest of your life? – [Vinny] Oh f-(beep).
Angelina’s getting pounded out. – [Pauly D] Yeah every day for a year. – [Vinny] All day kid! – [Pauly D] That’s three
hundred and sixty-five days. Of straight pounding
out by the keto Guido. – [Blonde Woman] You
heard it on here first. – [Pauly D] So that would
be technically 366 times, you already smashed once. – [Vinny] Mhm. – [Angelina] (sigh) terrible. – [Deena] She’s like no thanks. – That was so weird. – [Pauly D] All right, would
you rather never go tanning again or never go to the gym again? – Never go tanning- -Never
go to the gym again! – I would never go to the gym again. – You know what I’ll skip both
of them, I don’t go tanning and I don’t go to the gym. – [All] (laugh) – Blonde Woman] She’s like
I’m good the f-(beep). – I do both, I’m torn. – I can’t picture you not orange. – [Pauly D] I know. This one sucks. – [All] (laugh) – But if I had to pick
one I would lose tanning cause I like the gym. It keeps you – [Vinny] Pale Pauly? Pale-y? (laughter) – [Pauly D] Pale-y D. (laughter) – [Vinny] And that was would
you rather with the cast of Jersey Shore. – And Angelina – [Angelina] He had to say that. – You know he’s gotta play
you out – Say my name. – [Angelina] I think you love me. (high tempo dance music) – [Pauly D] You wanna get
your foot off the table? – [Blonde Woman] Seriously.


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