WOW! Istanbul Turkey’s Vacation Islands – Cars are BANNED! (Büyükada)
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WOW! Istanbul Turkey’s Vacation Islands – Cars are BANNED! (Büyükada)

[Music] [Applause] we are pulling into ricotta Island right now now if you look at a map of Turkey I think zoomed out map you’ve got the Mediterranean Sea and then the Black Sea above it but if you zoom in even further there is the Aegean Sea and then the farmer I see which is what touches assemble and there’s the Bosphorus Strait that goes from the marmer IV into the Black Sea we are in the marmar I see right now for the princes island is a group of five islands here in the marmar I see and we’re on the large stores Evans we ekkada so the price per ticket was like 7 TL which is around zero dollars each for an hour and a half very right and you can actually get off in different places a few of the other islands are much smaller but the beaches look really nice and there were so many tools coming but we are actually going to meet one of our wife am that we met at our Meetup and she actually lived on this island what better way to see the island then with a local I’m really fungible we just arrived to violence at lunch and now we’re here with our friend a brew and pecans that we met at our meetup and they’re going to show us around this island there she on holiday actually so we’re going to do some special things that you’re supposed to so the island team is buek I got right you guys do for those big island very descriptive I’ve been saying it wrong so far I love it I was saying boo yukata again you see that ha ha ha uh shoes we don’t exercise can rap if you know turkey you know that Turkey is known for its bazaars which is essentially just a shopping area it can be a mall or it can be the old style where their stalls and people Hawking their wares I’m excited to see what this Bazaar is like we’re going to go there first to them later we’re going to take a horse-drawn carriage much differently one of my favorite things about prince islands is that it’s only an hour and a half here to the big island from Istanbul you can literally see the whole city on the other side of the water which is incredible an hour a half later you can leave the big city and come to a beautiful little island okay I’ll go find stuff all right we just got some icecream and it was very interesting the guy cut it and then put it on top of the cone whereas in the u.s. we do scoop you can probably see it easier with Josh’s gear here little slices on top I got ice cream sandwich on top of a cone yes but it’s very delicious I got orange and strawberry it was hard to make a decision because there are so many flavors [Music] siren they don’t really have cars or anything please here just to get around – Leslie – choice thing at this point yeah and originally it was the way to get around so you can also rent like they’re pretty much everywhere and you can ride around the island we just do the lazy person shout out today [Music] right I came to a church on a hill for your information that the horse wide search was about 40 lira actually is 35 I think so split between four people that’s not that at all if you want to rent a bike you can do it for 25 lira for the whole day however again we’re just lazy and we didn’t want to write back let’s check out this is like the highest point of the island one good thing about bikes though is that you can ride all the way to the top but the horses stop here and it’s still another kilometer to the very 50 top at the top of the hill just next to the church is a great cafe with a fantastic view [Music] so for me we spend uh invited to tea and coffee I’m so excited this is their house what they’re living home this other other one’s name is frail that special it’s drink research yeah family think you had do you want some tea or coffee and then we have all these pastries and then 650k brew has made this traditional I stood you didn’t make a fungi this color mother it’s called um kids we’re just done yet all my facts wrong here’s I have something to try it what is the matter what is his neck it’s a little bit like fruit leather oh yeah it’s like a fruit leather carrot but here’s the character okay so there’s carrot in it probably does yes we carrot juice make this carrot oh that’s so cool alright we’ve been given a dessert called Airmech it’s like sugar butter flour north of snow and some kind of nuts in here but it smells and sounds like cookie dough pretty much without the egg i guess and not cooks like it smells like a peanut butter cookie mm-hmm tastes like it like the texture is totally crema bleah oh yeah the flavors ooh you know the flavors a little sweeter and more peanut buttery it’s really nice [Music] [Music] [Music] all right we are back in our Airbnb here thank you so much to a Bruin Harkin that was such an amazing day on Prince’s Island lecture you know what was the name of the one that we were on Oh God but every is the bigeye line actually does its name in Turkish is Big Island so there you go so much mom for her hospitality energy the hospitality in every word of the house she had tea she had pastries she was prepared and ready for us and that I love that hospitality it warms my heart and we just had such a good time even though she doesn’t speak English she practice a little bit we had a great we had a great conversation and speaking of hospitality this Airbnb has been amazing and not just because it’s a great space again if you want to stay here check the link in the description app but our Airbnb host helped us order food in yesterday and it took like two hours because they wouldn’t accept our us number so we used her number and then they it was whole big mix-up but she went out of her way to help us order food because we were too lazy to walk up the street so thank you again to our Airbnb our sisters have been amazing yeah we are so sad to leave tomorrow yeah so we came I hope we encourage you to get there and travel today this place has been amazing princes Allen was amazing and I hold true to it it’s involving one of my favorite cities ever I just keep saying to Josh I love it here there you go we’ll see you next video peggeleh good luck man [Music] you [Music]


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