Young Man Chooses LIVING in a TESLA with FREE ENERGY over High Rent Prices
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Young Man Chooses LIVING in a TESLA with FREE ENERGY over High Rent Prices

My name is Nico and this is my Tesla
Model X I saw documentary on electric vehicles when I was in junior high
fast-forward graduate from college Apply to Tesla. Fastforward again
four years later I quit Tesla I absolutely loved working for Tesla I was
21 years old. That gave me a lot of power and responsibility and I ate it up I was
hungry and I killed it and totally grew my career in the company the Sprinter
idea really came about because I loved the idea of no overhead and combining
your mortgage or rent with your car payment months go by months go by months
go by and a colleague of mine made me privy to this little program that was
going on I have to get my hands on this car I don’t care what it takes I could
live in this i reworked the entire idea what it would be to live in a car what
it would be to live in a Tesla my biggest concern was not being able to
stand up I made that a requirement when I was first thinking about living in a
car but the beautiful thing is these doors make it feel like I can stand up
and still be inside of my “domicile” so this is a Tesla Model X 75 kilowatt
hour battery dual motor all-wheel-drive so you’ve got two motors one in the
front one in the rear this can go a 0 to 60 in 4.8 seconds
wheels are 22 inch black onyx low-profile Pirelli tires not the most
ideal for going off-roading but I’ve done some serious serious driving over
rocks like Boulder type of rocks and I’ve made it out all Model X’s come
equipped with air suspension as well so I can raise and lower my car which is
extremely useful when going through terrain that is less than ideal it does
have a front trunk this is where I store all of my kitchenware. You’ve got a
pressurized shower container that you just hook up to any water faucet and it
retains the pressure that is put into this container it’s amazing so I
use it for dishes mainly but if I’m in a bind I can use it for a shower as well
this is an ice bag I had the hard shell one first but I realized that when
living in such a small place you want as many things that are malleable that can
be kind of folded and crunched instead of something that’s stiff because it’s
just such a waste of space if you’re not utilizing it all the time we’ll move on
to the driver’s door and the amazing thing about this car everything is
automated so it really takes away the feeling that I’m living in a car. You push this button and it welcomes me in it’s my own little
chauffeur so we can start at the door panel just the necessities water bottle
foot stuff just to make sure I keep my car from not smelling bad as much as
possible because that’s something I learned as well small spaces and B-O
don’t really go along very well the black Alcantara which is just the entire
ceiling is covered with it it makes it so warm and cozy and the touchscreen
it’s a 15 inch touchscreen and this has basically the control center of this car
navigation it has internet but I don’t use it I have unlimited data on my phone
dash cluster here this they’re taking away on the new models and I love it so much
it’s just very helpful we have some compartments everywhere but of course I
have done my absolute best to maximize all of the little cubbies that exist you
have the door panels here like I said necessities you might be wondering what
this aluminum foil is for and no it’s not for cooking this is how I lock
myself into my car at night my keys are actually a Bluetooth signal to the car
so when I get up to the car the car knows that the key is around so it
unlocks it for me but when I’m inside and I have my keys the car stays
unlocked I actually had someone tried to break into my car once and that was
shortly after I actually figured out how to lock my car
so you wrap the keys with the aluminum foil this car is equipped with autopilot
and it makes driving so much easier because I’m not even driving so I just
get to sit back relax enjoy the view most of the time. Enough of the
instruments and driving, we’l move on to a bit more of the Cubbies the center
console obviously right here it is gets very scratched up and dirty but this is
another essentials floss, snacks deodorant, hand sanitizer and peanut
butter just a jar of peanut butter constantly be munching on so this is
just the snack Center as I like to call it and then we have
a candle because my Lyft passengers and any dates that I go on appreciate me
making the car not smell like me so a PROTIP get a candle in your car if
you’re living it now to my bed it’s not too crazy I actually just dealt with
a tempur-pedic topper for the first six months but realize that my hip since I’m
a side sleeper who it’s just jamming into the bottom flooring of the
back trunk I added another mattress pad so I’m doubled up here double and these second row seats actually fold up so I have a full second row with
three seats I like to keep that seat up so I can kind of get changed or just sit
down and put my laptop here and get some work done as well so office space and
the bedroom space. I just store a few things down below and little cubbies just
total miscellaneous stuff from Pee Bottle to the clothes to random
equipment. I don’t like anything on top of here and the reason being is when I
am Lyft driving people need to put their luggage in my trunk so I can’t
have it completely full I take people to the airport so it needs to be
relatively spacious so I just fold my mattress up tri-fold it up and here is
what is underneath I have a yoga mat for when I’m cooking and when I’m on rocks I
have a grill I have a mechanical keyboard a chessboard
my lederhosen from Oktoberfest my charging cables I can actually plug into
a normal 110 volt outlet which means I could plug into anything it doesn’t
charge the car very fast but that is a last resort if I’m absolutely
stuck you may be wondering why I have a Taser right here well this is my home
protection device so when I’m sleeping if I am starting to get a little
uncomfortable if someone’s coming up to my car it’s happened one time before or
someone tried to break into my car while I was sleeping in it luckily I had my
taser at the time so I was ready for anything and the other cubby over here
can’t forget the bear that I’ve had since I was born there’s actually an
image of me and the bear and the bear is bigger than me so it’s come a long way. I had to hold on to it. People always ask me “Where do you sleep?”
I sleep in very rich neighborhoods Tesla superchargers are what make this
practical for me I have unlimited free supercharging that’s been grandfathered
in. I lift Drive for money I don’t have to pay for gas I don’t have any overhead
when it comes to moving people around and not working a nine-to-five allows
you to kind of dabble in these interests and really bulk up your character and
your being better because the nine-to-five it’s just draining what do
you do when you get home from a nine-to-five you don’t want to do
anything you want to sit down go on the computer watch TV do a lot of mindless
things but I knew that if I didn’t get out of the nine-to-five if I didn’t get
out of a very comfortable place then I wouldn’t be able to push myself forward.
You have to go through is it actually worth it for you? What do you want to be
doing in your life? Can you get by doing? It’s gonna reveal itself
to you. It may not be a Sprinter van it may not be an RV it may not be an electric
vehicle but it could be something be open to what could come your way and
what opportunities this seriously fell in my lap and I couldn’t pass it up and
it was everything that I tried to live by so I would just say to try to live by
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