Yugioh: Ants at a Picnic – Part 1
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Yugioh: Ants at a Picnic – Part 1

Yo homies, today’s the day we begin our mission. Our mission to take out Onomatopoeia’s team, and become the number one team in Yu-Gi-Oh! Aww yeah, bro! Let’s do it! Rocking! Scorching! Jamming! Hot! Hey buddies. Who are you? I’m your new best friend, Xteven. Woah! We’re an elite Yu-Gi-Oh team. Only special people can hang with us, bro. How good are you? Soon we’ll be the best. See those girls over there? If we can just beat Onomatopoeia, we’ll be number one. Is she good? She’s the best. No one can beat Onomatopoeia. What? Everyone loses sometimes. Not her. Well if anyone can defeat her, it’s me. Step aside. What’s up, ladies? Hey Ryan. Like, hello. Yo Onomatopoeia. What do you want? How about a duel? I’ve got this urge to pwn someone. You’re not ready to face our team. Oh… uh, sure we are. We’re the best. I want to see you two duel each other. Oh, he’s not one of us. Sure I am, buddy. See, he’s got the right idea. Show me what you got. Alright, let’s duel this! Draw First, I’ll use Allure of Darkness. Draw 2. Then I’ll Summon Inzektor Centipede and equip Hornet. And Inzektor Sword Zektkaliber. Hornet’s effect destroys Zektkaliber. Now, Zektkaliber’s effect will get back Hornet, and Centipede’s effect fetches Dragonfly and a second Zektkaliber. Inzektors? Uh-oh… Next, I’ll equip Inzektor Giga-Mantis to Centipede. Your move. Draw First, I’ll use Pot of Duality. I’ll choose One-Shot Wand. I’ll activate Madolche Chateau. Then I’ll Summon Madolche Magileine and use its effect to fetch Madolche Messengelato. I’ll activate One-Shot Wand to boost Magileine’s ATK Then, I’ll attack! Now, I’ll destroy One-Shot Wand, to draw a card. Next, I’ll use Gold Sarcophagus and banish Instant Fusion. 2 turns, baby. I’ll Set a card and it’s your move. Draw I’ll Summon Inzektor Dragonfly. I’ll use my Set card, Forbidden Dress. Don’t target Dragonfly with anything. Dragonfly’s effect equips Inzektor Hornet. Hornet’s effect pops Chateau. Dragonfly Summons Inzektor Centipede. Equip Hornet. And pop Magileine. And fetch Inzektor Ladybug. Next, I’ll attack! I’ll Set a card, and it’s your move. Draw First, I’ll activate Madolche Ticket. Then I’ll Summon Madolche Mewfeuille and use its effect to Summon Madolche Messengelato. Then for its effect fetching Madolche Chateau. And I’ll activate it. Mewfeuille attacks Dragonfly. Chateau returns Mewfeuille to my hand. And Ticket’s effect will fetch Madolche Hootcake. Messengelato attacks. I’ll Set one card face-down, and end my turn. During the End Phase, I’ll use Call of the Haunted to bring back Dragonfly. Draw Dragonfly’s effect equips Hornet. And I’ll use my Trap, Breakthrough Skill. Dragonfly’s negated. How about this? Magic Planter. Sending Call to the grave to draw 2 cards. Next, Heavy Storm. I’ll Summon Inzektor Hopper. And equip Hornet. And pop Messengelato. Attack! I’ll Set one card. And it’s your move.


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