YumeTwins Kawaii Monthly Subscription Box | With Love From Japan | Totoro Picnic

hi look what arrived in the mail all the
way from Japan it’s a YumeTwins monthly kawaii subscription box each
kawaii monthly box includes five high quality items we are so excited to open
this box and see what’s inside let’s open it look the first thing that came
out is a YumiTwins tutorial picnic it shows what is in the box I got my
neighbor totoro bamboo chopsticks I can eat my lunch the Japanese way with
these chopsticks the next thing here is my neighbor Totoro lunch box set there’s not just one but two adorable totoro lunchboxes in here you can see they are very spacious too
I’m looking forward to packing my lunch in these the next thing here is to my
neighbor totoro cup let’s get it out this cup is plastic so
it’s very sturdy it has this cute picture on it and it matches the
lunchbox perfectly the next thing I’m gonna take out is the My Neighbor
totoro mini towel set here is a kawaii carry case and here’s the handy hand towel oh here it is and it matches the cup here we have it and the last thing in
the Box is the My Neighbor totoro picnic sheet you can see it’s design
from the picture here and it matches all the other picnic accessories perfectly here are all the items from the kawaii
monthly subscription box if you would like to get your own monthly
subscription box there’s a link in our description so that you can get one thank you YumeTwins
for sending this to us if you enjoyed our video please leave a
like hit that big red subscribe button and we’ll see you all next time
good bye

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