Yung Baby Tate “CAMP” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified
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Yung Baby Tate “CAMP” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

– I feel like men are really, they’re just not secure enough to be around a secure woman
sometimes, who’s like, fully herself and is not going to, like, damp herself down, dampen
herself down for him. I’ve heard that a lot from guys, like, You be doing the most, like you be.. like I fuck with you, but
you be doing the most. And I’m just like… This is me. Maybe you’re not doing enough. Maybe you’re used to people
that don’t do enough, and that’s why I threaten you
and make you feel like that. But, I’m still gonna be doing me at the end of the day,
’cause that’s just how I am. – When I saw the Met Gala
theme this year was camp, I was immediately enthralled,
like whoa, what is that? Essentially it’s just
being whoever and whatever you want to be and like, free to do that. I am camp. Camp is me. I am it. It is I. And I knew that I wanted
to take that essence and put it into a song.
And so that’s kinda where camp came from, just really
an ode to the aesthetic of camp, and then also mixing
in regular summer camp. I’m the worst packer, ever. So for this to be the
opening line of the song, I don’t know, I feel like
I am a bit of a liar. Like I just throw shit in
there, so maybe that’s where that came from, just like
pack, pack, pack (laughs) I feel like for me, that’s
what really what makes you like, a queen, as a woman,
building up and bringing up other women with you. I’m
coming with queens with me, like I’m not just coming
by myself and that’s why you can’t overthrow me cause my legacy and my dynasty and my kingdom, queendom is gonna be so strong cause
we’re all standing here together like, what’s good? My crown is two things:
number one it’s my hair, because your hair is your crown. So that means I got inches
all the way down to my toes, that’s like 60 inches,
that’s expensive, money, that’s what that looks like. And then also I am just a crown,
so my crown is head to toe. You see me, I’m just a queen,
head to toe at all times. This is a Washington Post
reference, because look: These hoes are getting washed, all right? Like, they’re not doing enough. They’re getting washed,
because I’m doing it all. And I wash them by the ton,
like so many of them are getting washed at one
time. Just like the post. Washington Post, which is
why I said “extra, extra.” You know what I’m saying? I’m extra, washing you hoes
by the ton – like the Post. Read all about it. Literally, I don’t think
I’ve ever been to camp. Because I used to get in trouble a lot. And I wasn’t a bad kid, I used to just maybe not do my homework, so my mom would be like: Well, now you can’t go to Rock Eagle. And that was like the big thing
for fifth graders to go to, where they would take this trip
and they would go to cabins. And if I would’ve gone to camp
it would’ve been a camp-camp and we would’ve all been
extra, and having fun. The other day, I flew into LAX. My manager was like, you know you should probably brush your hair or something because we’re at LAX, you never know who could see you. And in my head I’m like,
what? Nobody knows me, I’m not about to get seen by anybody. So I get off the plane,
my hair’s like fucked up, I’m texting my friends like “oh my gosh, Quinn said the funniest thing to me, like you should brush your hair, ha ha ha ha, isn’t that funny?” And then literally, as
soon as I pressed send, I hear “Young baby T!” And I’m like whoa what the fuck? I look over and it’s literally TMZ, and I look crazy as fuck, and I’m just like, wow… wow… wow. So, always pop out fly, guys. I am a Ludacris fan, you
know I’m from Atlanta. This is going to sound bad because I was definitely too young
to be listening to this song when it was out. ♪ I wanna lick lick lick you
from your head to your toes ♪ ♪ And I wanna move from
the bed down to the flo’ ♪ ♪ And I wanna ah ah ah ♪ That’s my shit! I love that song. – [Interviewer] What are you wearing, and where did you get it? – Don’t worry about it, cause
you can’t fit it! (laughs) I’m honestly not going to tell you, because they didn’t pay me to wear this. I bought this, so…cut a check next time, maybe you can get some free promo. I am actually five one, and a half. The half is very important. And I feel honestly… about ten feet… And a half. I definitely feel ten feet
tall when I walk into a room. Everyone looks at me like
I am, so, it must be. I sing, I write, I rap, I produce, I am cute. I am thicc. I feel like the average person can’t say that they do what I do. I feel like a lot of people don’t feel comfortable being themselves,
’cause they fear judgment. So I think it’s important
to surround yourself with places and people that
make you feel comfortable to be yourself. When you’re not being
yourself it just hurts you, in the long run and in the short term. Whenever I’m in space and I feel like, this is not where I’m supposed to be, these are not my people,
this is not my tribe, I always feel like mmmmm I
don’t know what’s going on.


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