YURTS at Pigeon Lake – Comfort camping in Alberta Parks
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YURTS at Pigeon Lake – Comfort camping in Alberta Parks

Man it’s been a long week yeah but we have the rest of the weekend off what do you want to do I could really use like a massage maybe a mani/pedi some good food ice
cream yeah I think we should do that Niccy?! where’d you go (bear bells jingling) Adventure!! (upbeat intro music) hey there Adventure fans if you are looking for that perfect blend between comfort and adventure than I suggest comfort camping for our weekend adventure we chose Pigeon link Provincial Park Pigeon Lake is located an hour and 20 minutes south of Edmonton Alberta and two and a
half hours north of Calgary Alberta parks offers several options for comfort camping and we chose to check out the yurts at Pigeon lake a yurt is a round
domed Mongolian hut that has been modified for today’s comforts there are several size options to choose from and we rented the largest yurt
which sleeps 8 people each yurt isequipped with all your basic needs such as dishware, cutlery, a fridge you will however need to bring your own bedding once settled in we headed out for a quick hike to enjoy some beautiful sunset
lake views there’s a propane barbecue for your
cooking enjoyment and a campfire so you still get to roast your own marshmallows
and smell like smoke The next morning after some camp coffee and breakfast we
decided to seek out some more comfort and adventure and headed into the
village at Pigeon Lake The village was filled with cute little stores quaint eateries a grocery store and a warm rustic resort if you’re looking for even more Zen head over to the spa for manis, pedis or even a
massage after some ice cream we scooted down the road a little further to enjoy more retail therapy in the antique store so I’ve been coming to this antique shop
for years and every time I come I get treated usually with coffee and they have
these sea-cans in the back just filled with antiques all shopped out we returned to the lake and made our way to one of the beach and recreation areas and learned how bad Niccy is at throwing a frisbee so if you’re at Pigeon Lake there’s
three options for bathrooms there is the nice flush toilets that are just off the
yurts there’s the full shower bathroom unit and then there’s also a little out houses That are all very clean and kind of smell like paint at the moment so
that’s always nice I’ll take paint over poop mmhmmm yeah totally I highly recommend if you guys are coming out to Pigeon Lake and if you get a chance rent the yurt You can go online to Alberta parks reserve reserve ahead of time because you’re going to have to they book up fast on the weekends we’re
here during the week the joys of shift work but you know what until next time Go outside find your adventure (upbeat outro music) you


  • Matty Outdoors

    I feel like thats exactly how discussions with Lindsay and I go when she asks me what I want to do on a weekend. Always pick adventure.

    Have never stayed in the huts, but kind of want to now, that looks fun as hell!

  • Alberta Bushcrafter

    I've camped at Pigeon Lake a dozen times over the past 33 years, but my last trip was 15 years ago. Wow! The place has really improved! I like the yurts, although my crowd would call it "glamping" instead of "comfort camping", but that's fine. As long as they've got Foothills Creamery ice cream, then all is well and good. Great video!

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