Zempire Monstalite Single Air Mattress Review

– Hey, guys. It’s Oliva from Tentworld, Brown Plains. And today I’ll be showing you the Zempire Monstalite Single Mat. So I’ll give you a quick
rundown of its features. It’s a great size at 195 long, 66 wide, and a comfortable eight and
a half centimetres thick. It’s got a 3D contoured surface, which makes for a comfier sleep. And at weighing in at
just over a kilogramme, it’s perfect for hikers and adventurers. So the best thing about this mat is that the carry bag
actually doubles as the pump. So what you do is to inflate it, I’ll show you just how
quick and easy it is. Place the end of the cap
on the bag onto the mat. Push it in until you hear the click. Open up the bag and let some air in. Close it up, and start rolling. And the air will be forced into the mat. (air hisses) Repeat this process again by opening it up. Let some air in. (air hisses) And by now, the mat
should be nice and firm. Deflation is as simple
as pulling the cap off and placing your finger down on the valve to let the air out. After inflation, you can put this on the
floor of your swag or tent. Or you can pop it on a
stretcher for added comfort. So there you have it, the overview of the Zempire
MonstaLite Single Mat. If you’d like to purchase this product, head into your local Tentworld store or shop online at

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